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The first thing I need to do is to clarify that a Go Bag may also be known as a Bug Out Bag, Get Home Bag, 72 Hour Bag, GOOD Bag (Get Out Of Dodge) and about a dozen other names. Like most Americans, I have alway kept a couple common emergency items in the trunk of my vehicle like road flares, jumper cables, and a flashlight. I recall early in my career, in 1988, driving up Interstate 81 though rural Pennsylvania, rounding a bend on the Interstate when suddenly the traffic came to a complete stop.
While sitting and waiting for the road to reopen, I began writing down on some scrap paper a list of items I wish I would have put in the trunk of the car. These were some simple items which would have made my time waiting in the cold car more comfortable.
This is The PrepReady™ 24 HOUR Get Home Bag from Seven2 which is the Go Bag that I keep in my vehicle.
When I finally got home that night I grabbed a plastic box, which I used for Christmas decorations, emptied it and began putting the items from my list in the box and I put it in the trunk of my car.
Bug Out Bags (BOB) are also called: Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD Bag), 72 Hour Kit, Jerk And Run Kit, Grab-N-Go bag, Survival Kit, Emergency Kit and many other terms. A couple items we felt it necessary to included in all our emergency bags are sun, wind & dust goggles, N95 disposable dust respirators and ear plugs. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Being in Sales for the past 26+ years I have put well over a half a million miles on my vehicles driving up and down the East Coast from Canada to Florida.

At that point I vowed (to myself of course) I would never be stranded like this again being so unprepared.
We feel that protecting your eyesight, lungs and hearing in an emergency situation is very important. Devotes continuously to the pioneer for the leisure military goods profession, for the army, the police, deeply loves the movement and the traveling public figure provides the backpack and the correlation synthesis product and the service. Traffic was stopped in both direction due to a tractor trailer colliding with a couple cars and then crossing the median. When the traffic began to move I took the very next exit and stopped at the first restaurant for dinner. Over the years and as situations have come up, I have added new items to my “Car Emergency Kit”, which is what I called it back then.  And now my Go Bag is equipped with medical supplies, MRE’s, 2400 Calorie Compressed Concentrated Food Bars, Datrex Emergency Water Packets, Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier, 550 Paracord, multiple ways to start a fire and many other items. With growth in international reputation, MAXGEAR has become even more self-demanding: Pursuing the most user-friendly designs, using the highest quality materials and meticulous workmanship, and upholding our strong philosophy of constant self-improvement. Our Go-Bag was designed for Helicopter crews and Humvee personnel, so that in the event of a crisis, they could grab the bag on the way out of the vehicle. We cannot guarantee that items will be in stock due to lag times in our inventory and due to simultaneous ordering of the same item.
It fits perfectly in the spaces that exist in a Helicopter or Humvee, which are too small for a ruck, but could be a great storage site for an E & E bag. This is an everyday assault packs for anyone, from student to LE and military to security units.

We will notify you immediately upon this discovery to determine the best means to resolve this.
The Medics fit a roll-up stretcher in it, the Spec Op shooters use it for E & E kits, and when you're not shooting and moving, it's a great Bail-Out-Bag for your car, home or gym.
Concealed Carry Device BagThe tubular design gives a civilian look and masks large devices. It was late winter and cold outside so to stay warm I would let the car run for ten minutes every half hour. Not knowing how long I was going to be stuck on the Interstate, I was concerned about running out of gas.
This extended version of the Go-Bag was designed as a covert carry option for the shooters who need a device close by, while still being low profile. This is the perfect system for 17.5" devices and the upper and lower components of a similar dev ice. This is perfect for contractor work where the principal understands the need for such devices, but the situation dictates a low profile signature.
The inside has room for a Cordura® covered foam divider, the SO TECH Go Bag Insert (SGBI), sold separately - for a broken down device, or any other kit your mission dictates.

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