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Some of the most severe occur when a single thunderstorm affects one location for an extended time.
Thunderstorms typically produce heavy rain for a brief period, anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.
Lightning often strikes outside of heavy rain and may occur as far as 10 miles away from any rainfall. Most lightning deaths and injuries occur when people are caught outdoors in the summer months during the afternoon and evening. Your chances of being struck by lightning are estimated to be 1 in 600,000, but could be reduced even further by following safety precautions.

Both the photos by TED are not one photo but a bad photoshop job if you care to look closely. To capture all those bolts of lightning would have required a long shutter speed and hence the foreground with the man in it should have been incredibly overexposed. But what I do find interesting is that the man casts one strong shadow despite multiple light sources – AND multiple close lightning bolts. One thing most all of us have in common worldwide is thunderstorms and the lightning that comes with those storms. The National Weather Service reports more than 3,000 deaths a year from lightning strikes, with 4-5 times many more people injured by lightning.

Some photographers are great at capturing that split second of nature’s zapping fury.

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