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Many weather observers use things such as weather stations and weather radar to help keep a close eye over pending weather storms including thunder.  Interesting though, it has been known for some thunderstorms, can be created on both Venus and Jupiter and not just here on Earth. Help us ImproveWe will appreciate if you send us a notification of any typo or incorrect data you find in our site. Despite their dramatic behavior, thunderstorms are the smallest of the different kinds of storms. They average around 16 km (10 mi) across, but they often occur in lines that can be a few hundred miles long or clusters a couple hundred miles across. Many thunderstorms drench the countryside with heavy rain, so you also have to worry about flash floods—that is, floods that rise very quickly, sometimes running over the banks of normally small streams. If a thunderstorm is strong enough, it can also create hail, or balls of ice that fall from the storm. Downbursts are sometimes concentrated in small areas less than 4 km (2.5 mi) across called microbursts. Imagine how hard is to explain to someone the exact location of all the streets and buildings in your city.
Imagine you are on a ship that crosses the ocean or you go through a desert which has no markings or signs. There are on average approximately 1,800 thunderstorms occurring at any one time around the world, with 100 lightning strikes per second.
Lightning is an atmospheric discharge which usually occurs during a rain storm but also frequently during volcanic eruptions.
You can estimate how far away a bolt of lightning is by timing how many seconds later you hear the thunderclap. Dogs can hear at much greater distances than their human owners so have an early audio warning of an approaching storm. Lightning travels to the earth through the shortest possible path, therefore any tall objects (such as you with an umbrella over your head) might provide that path.
The largest measured hailstone fell in Nebraska in 2003; the diameter was seven inches and the circumference over 18 inches.
Small creatures such as fish and frogs can be sucked up within the strong updrafts of a thunderstorm and carried along before falling back to earth.
The irrational fear of thunder and lightning has various names: Astraphopia, Brontophobia and Keraunophobia to name a few. If lightning strikes a sandy beach, it can turn a small portion of the sand into icicle shaped pieces of glass called fulgurites.
A lightning bolt travels at about 14,000 miles per hour and can heat the surrounding air to temperatures five times hotter than the sun. THUNDERSTORMS FACTSStorms thunderstorm it by the lasts clusters, in and frequent Protection. Hail can occur during a thunderstorm, but not all the hail that forms will always remain intact. When the winds inside a storm cloud begin to circulate, a powerful updraft can pull dust particles, insects or tiny ice crystals up to the cloud's highest levels.
Hail forms when tiny clumps of ice, kept aloft by strong updrafts, get blown through freezing thunderclouds until they are heavy enough to fall to earth. A hailstone begins to form as an ice nucleus, a small cluster of supercooled water droplets or clumps of snow. If the thunderstorm is cold and windy enough, this ice cluster will accumulate layers of ice the way a dipped candle accumulates layers of wax, through a process called accretion. Hail can accrete more layers when the hailstone blows up through layers of the thunderstorm.

Not long ago, while vacationing on the Adriatic coast, in the middle of the night we got severe storm with lightning, thunder and hail. A tornado is a rotating column of air that quickly, arising from clouds or from the bottom cumuliform cloud, and often (not always) looks like a funnel cloud.
Copyright © 2012 Daily World Facts, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Designed by BizarrwebTHUNDERSTORMS FACTSIt warnings any cause mace seasoning a severe times, as thunderstorms radar. Thunderstorms also sometimes create tornadoes in the warm air that’s rising from the ground. Three minutes of exposure can cause damage to the inner-ear resulting in permanent noise-induced hearing loss.
First things first, don't wave any metal rods around or stand under tall objects like trees.
During his 35 year career as a park ranger he survived seven strikes and suffered various injuries, including losing his big-toenail.
Scientists have found that the hourly grass pollen counts recorded during a thunderstorm can be up to 12 times higher than usual. Most large thunderstorms create some hail, but the proper conditions must be present for the hailstones to grow large, freeze solid and then survive until they reach the ground. This center might continue to accumulate ice, melt in the thundercloud and turn to rain or be smashed apart by other clusters. There are official size categories for hail that are useful for gauging the damage that they can cause.
We had one just recently here in fiji and it was really shocking for everyone because it had never happened before.
It really helps when you can find a sight that tells you just what you need, not all sorts of other nonsense.
One of the interesting facts about tornadoes does know is that at about 95% of cases, tornadoes have a counter-clockwise rotation. According to the survey, every year, dozens of people dying from a tornado in the United States.
People from Manikganj District, Bangladesh had to face the deadliest tornado in recorded human history. In August 1771, a Scottish labourer who had been deaf for 20 years was said to be cured when he was struck by lightning. The ideal conditions for hail are tall clouds that reach high into the atmosphere, many swirling updrafts such as in a tornado and cold temperatures within and beneath the storm. If a bug, a piece of dirt, a seed or another small particle gets blown up into the storm cloud, it creates another possible nucleus for a hailstone.
Clear layers have accreted large drops of supercooled water that freeze when they encounter the hailstone.
When the hail falls back through the storm because of gravity, it accretes even more layers, until it is so heavy that it falls as precipitation.
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Hailstones form in most tall, cumulonimbus storm clouds that reach the colder upper atmosphere, but not all hail survives after it is out of the thunderstorm. Narrow end touches the earth and this formation is usually surrounded by a cloud of dust and debris.

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