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I decided this would be the perfect gifts for some awesome teachers that have been so wonderful to my boys this year.
My kids have been blessed with amazing teachers, but even amazing teachers have moments where they want to hide under their desks from all the craziness that being alone with that many little bodies in one room for the day can bring. Thanks, Jenni, maybe I will have to make some other tags fitting for other occasions as well! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I’m a primary teacher in France and I wish my pupils would have such a nice present for me to begin the school year !!!

They could totally use a little something special like these Teacher Survival Kits, and the chuckle they bring, to help them get through the day. If you are using a cute jar or tin, this may be as simple as attaching the tag, otherwise you can use scrap booking paper, wrapping, or brown craft paper to cover container. I know the can be adapted for a lot of different emergencies… think of the possibilities, like tucking one in to a baby shower basket as a new mom emergency kit, taking one filled with chocolate to a friend going through a rough breakup for a breakup emergency kit, or giving one to church nursery workers as a nursery survival kit! They truly are a novelty and something to smile about, but I wanted to have the freedom to use different containers of all sizes (jars, and containers with plastic lids like Pringles cans and even gable boxes) because I don’t always buy cans with pull tabs.
I also have cans that look like coffee cans, but come with freeze dried fruit in them and have reusable plastic lids.

They wash up really well and are the perfect size to stash some Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn, Caramel Chex, or cookies in.
With so many options, you are bound to think of a way to create a Teacher Survival Kit that is perfect the teachers in your life.

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