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The Statewide Medical and Health Exercise planning team has developed the following documents for the tabletop portion of the exercise.
The Incident Planning Guide is meant to aid healthcare entities in developing and executing an operations-based exercise as part of the broader Statewide Medical and Health Exercise.
The TTX Slide Deck is used to facilitate the Tabletop Discussion, outlining the modules and discussion questions in the same order as the Situation Manual. The Exercise Evaluation Guides provide a consistent tool to direct exercise observation and data collection. The Facilitator Guide is a tool for use in preparing for and conducting the Tabletop Exercise. A template feedback form has been provided for exercise planners to distribute to all exercise players, controllers, evaluators, and facilitators at the conclusion of the exercise.
The Certificate of Participation is offered to those individuals who have participated in the 2015 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise in order to recognize their contribution to emergency preparedness. This document explains to exercise planners how the Tabletop Exercise can be altered to accommodate an alternate scenario.

Exercise planners are welcome to use these powerpoint slides for creating planning meeting powerpoint presentations that are consistent with other SWMHE presentations and materials. Exercise planners are welcome to use this blank agenda template for SWMHE planning meetings and briefings.
Exercise planners are welcome to use this blank report template for creating supplementary SWMHE reports, tools, appendices, or any other documents you can think of.
Documents tailored for the Tabletop Exercise Phase are noted with a green bar across the cover page. Planners should use this document to cross-reference their existing plans and training materials for revision and expansion as needed. This document is to be used by participants during the course of the exercise, and includes instructions, scenario modules, discussion questions for different participating agencies, and informational appendices. This includes exercise guidelines, rules, and evaluation guidelines, as well the Tabletop Exercise scenario and discussion questions. The Facilitator Guide provides facilitators with all the necessary tools to lead and conduct a full Tabletop Exercise.

Please note that the green bar on the cover of this document indicates that this After Action Report is tailored for use in the tabletop exercise. If your group decides to use a different public health emergency, use this document to change Tabletop Exercise materials. The slides include suggested topics for planning meetings, such as agenda, administration, objectives, etc. This format is based off of the SWMHE ExPlan, CE Handbook, SitMan, Facilitator Guide, and After Action Report.
Please note that the green bar on the cover of this document indicates that this CE Handbook is tailored for use in the tabletop exercise. Feel free to use the suggested content, tailored for your own meeting, or to start from scratch.

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