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This system extends the single redundancy by a second redundant system, to which, in the event of a malfunction (e.g. The Disaster Recovery System is designed as a Warm Standby System and consists of two geographically separated Hot Standby Systems, the Master Control Center and the Disaster Recovery Center, connected together by a high-availability dedicated line. A further characteristic of the Disaster Recovery System is the local archive data retention in the Oracle databases of both Hot Standby Systems. The Disaster Recovery System is an extension of today's SCADA redundancy concept and thus reduces the probability of data loss to a minimum, guarantees faultless operation of the entire system and reduces excessive downtimes. Disaster Recovery ArchitectureIf you see this message, your browser either has disabled or does not support JavaScript. Todaya€™s business scenario requires a robust disaster recovery system in place to protect and backup server infrastructures. Dell Compellent and VMware disaster recovery provides hassle free site synchronization with the help of space-efficient replays that results in real-time data protection. Single point-and-click interface lets you manage remote sites with provisions for test replications.
Dell Compellent is optimized for performance and cost with the help of unique bandwidth simulating devices. VMware disaster recovery software abstracts hardware systems, operating systems and applications to make virtual servers more portable. VMware disaster recovery reduces server and infrastructure needs for both recovery and disaster.
Expensive duplication of the production site infrastructures are no longer required as it used to be for traditional recovery systems. It drastically mitigates IT maintenance costs and provides greater reliability and higher performance in operations. Having a VMware disaster recovery system installed decreases the server deployment time by 70 percent.
Whilst standby servers and scheduled on-site tape backups provide a measure of protection against data loss, they still leave businesses vulnerable to a number of unforeseen issues that occur on-site. Disaster Recovery for Mission Critical DataIf your company cana€™t afford to lose even a few minutes of data should a system failure take place, then you need vStreama„?, a comprehensive, affordable disaster recovery (DR) and data protection solution from Cirrity.

Disaster recovery and data protection have become the most critical challenges in deploying tier-one applications on a virtual infrastructure.
Amanda Enterprise should be on the short list of any IT manager looking for a backup solution. The Zmanda Disaster Recovery Solution provides robust and cost-effective disaster recovery capabilities for your critical data assets. The DR Option for Amanda Enterprise supports all platforms and applications backed up by Amanda Enterprise: filesystem data on systems running Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X as well as application and database data residing in MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS SQL, Oracle and Postgres.
Leverage our Expertise: Zmanda Professional Services engineers have extensive experience creating backup strategies across all supported system types, storage devices, and operating systems. Affordable: The Zmanda Disaster Recovery Solution is available as an annual subscription that includes implementation, through secured remote shell, by Zmanda Professional Services. As businesses operate with increased reliance on Information Technology (IT) systems, the need to protect them from disaster is crucial. Most businesses have some form of offsite backup system, whether it is diligently swapping tapes or USB hard drives every day or utilising a cloud based solution.
Disasters are often unexpected and usually in the form of a fire, flood, theft, malicious damage or as simple as not regularly testing backups are working.
When was the last time your backup system was actually put through the wringer with an attempt to completely restore your system from scratch? At OAS Technology we use an encrypted tunnel via your existing internet connection, we take a mirror image of your system each day and store it off site in our Newcastle based Data Centres. Off site Protection – your information is stored at 2 off site locations to ensure your information is safe and able to be recovered. Automatic and Secure – no need for manual backups, all information is retrieved and stored off site automatically each day.
Up to Date System Restoration – you systems are fully backed up off site 24 hours and incremental snapshots are also taken onsite throughout the day, ensuring a up to date recovery when needed. Schedule Testing – the health of your systems are monitored by thorough routine restoration testing every 4 months. In the normal operating condition, the Master Control Center is permanently connected to the periphery.

To use the full features of this help system, such as searching and the table of contents, your browser must have JavaScript support enabled. To ensure rapid recovery, duplicating the entire production site infrastructure is necessary which doubles the cost. It doesna€™t require similar configuration on each site and thus, can be effectively integrated with multiple remote locations. The vStreama„? Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) platform powered by Zerto is the only solution that combines near-continuous replication with block-level, application-consistent data protection across hosts and storage.
Productivity and revenue are lost, and minutes seem like hours as you try and attempt to recover information. When disaster strikes, you can be confident that your entire system will be recovered quickly and easily. The Disaster Recovery System secures the availability of the installation and data retention, even in the event of a total failure of the Master Control Center. In the event of a total breakdown of the Master Control Center, the geographically separated Disaster Recovery Center automatically takes over all the monitoring and control activities and activates the local periphery drivers of its own accord.
If your browser supports JavaScript, it provides settings that enable or disable JavaScript. In order to secure up-to-date data in both systems, the historical data from both systems, in normal operating mode, are actively written to the specific Oracle database concerned. This allows multiple hosts to run servers with high availability or implement more robust Disaster Recovery solutions with VMwarea€™s Site Recovery Manager.
Deployment with asymmetric topology requires a server at the standby site for each logical server cluster at the production site.
This makes traditional disaster recovery slow, unreliable and expensive for all levels of enterprises.
Combining the software features of VMware with advanced hardware features from Dell Compellent SANs will improve any organizationa€™s recovery time objective (RTO).

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