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Please note that JavaScript and style sheet are used in this website, due to unadaptability of the style sheet with the browser used in your computer, pages may not look as original.Even in such a case, however, the contents can be used safely. NEC's Earthquake & Tsunami Observation System promptly analyzes earthquake and tsunami information and predicts the intensity of the earthquake secondary big wave and the height of the possible tsunami for spontaneous announcement to the public.
NEC's Disaster Information System categorizes and analyses various disaster-related information and data gathered to governmental emergency operation centers and displays the necessary information and data on large screens to assist in decision making by government officials. Tsunami Early Warning Centers become depend on several geodetic techniques to evaluate and estimate the potential of tsunamis and to disseminate correct warnings.
Worldwide landslides are one of the major types of natural hazards killing or injuring a large number of individuals and creating very high costs every year. John Newton's thoughts, ideas and opinions on content management, enterprise software and open source. Tsunami, Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood - everyone’s nightmare disaster can also create the biggest challenges in collaboration and employing information technology. One article I found particularly interesting was The Human and Computer as a Team in Emergency Management Information Systems.
The article talks about the people who are involved in the command, control, and analysis for emergencies that are built on trust of others who also are working in 14-24 hour shifts knowing that mistakes can cost lives and immediate action is essential. This sounds like a typical Silicon Valley start-up or anyone else in a highly competitive field where people enjoy what they are doing. In other articles, there were extending these systems to use community participation using open source and mashup to collect information not just from officials but the public at large.
One of the best values for money I have of any subscription is to the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). Although this list is not quite as deep and profound as Covey’s “Keep the end in mind” and “Sharpen the Saw”, it is an interesting way of looking at the transforming world of technology. WISE controller features IF-THEN-ELSE logic Rule Engine that enables implementing logic configuration via Web Page just a few clicks away, no programming is required.

WISE-7118Z features PoE (Power over Ethernet) that eliminates the requirement for the dedicated electrical outlets and reduces complicated wiring. WISE-7118Z is equipped with AI channels that allow individual inputs of voltage, current, or thermocouple, it also features 240V AC high-voltage protection.
Disaster digital Radio system has become indispensable as a means of communication for disaster prevention, emergency rescue, and disaster recovery. Our products (high-frequency filter, the distributor, and an amplifier) are used in a radio transceiver used in the such base station, the mobile station. Available in five types; Low pass filters, High pass filters, Band pass filters, Band elimination filters and Helical type high pass filters. Available in three series; the SLN and SLB series are low loss types and the BSD series features the Wilkinson micro-stripline format. With its Services, GGOS provides several important technologies to augment traditional tsunami warnings.
In fact, nothing in this article seemed to be limited what is required in a disaster, but what is necessary for coping with daily business pressure and information overload. Those that were prepared for the Tsunami were often ready because they were alerted by mobile phones.
Just as triage methods were invented in time of war and moved on to ordinary civil use, emergency systems can probably help teach us what is important in collaboration and process automation.
The ACM is the premier organization for computer science and the ACM portal is the best place to go for the state of the art in computing.
Modeled after Steven Covey’s 7 Habits series, the article The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Technology Leaders by Stephen Andriole looks at the habits of successful technology leaders gathered through surveys since 2001. I particularly like shifting notion from pain relief, a hang over from the analyst-driven days of ROI, to business pleasure or delight which is espoused in the concepts of Web 2.0. From improper site wiring, lightning strikes, to overrun motors, a wide variety of overheating issues threaten systems and peripherals constantly.

It also enables communication between devices that will initiate immediately actions in response to emergencies. While coastal tide gauges traditionally have contributed, GNSS technologies provide new and exciting opportunities. The Indonesian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina taught the whole planet about the need to invest in preparedness and reaction capabilities regardless of how poor or how rich we are. The primary process of coping with a disaster is Build the Picture, Understand the Picture, and Change the Picture in a Goal-Oriented Fashion. The primary lesson that the Human and Computer as a Team article conveys is that we ignore the human role at our peril and that the computer supports people and helps build trust between people by increasing trust in the information that they are sharing. The Communications of the ACM is the monthly magazine for the latest themes in software and computing.
For example, in response to pre-set critical temperature threshold, the system will take actions such as auto-stop the devices, turn on the temperature reduction devices, and send alarm or email to the related personals. After all, the internet was originally designed to withstand thermo-nuclear war and breakdowns in individual communication links.
I just got my March copy last week, which is a bit late, but is not unusual for a lot of things coming over to Europe. WISE controller also support Modbus TCP interface so that information can be instantly transmitted to the control center and makes response to emergencies and real time monitoring of the overall factory operation more efficiently.
In future, also the development of the GNSS Reflectometry or TEC monitoring may contribute.
However, this issue is full of some very interesting articles around the topic of Emergency Response Systems and Time-Critical Information Systems.

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