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Sign-up for our weekly newsletter and get the best of She Does the City in your inbox or follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Toronto Hit List: Hold Tight, Yacht Rock, Reggae In Your Jeggae, A Taste of Holland & more! The Bushbox Set is a stove bundle consisting of the Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove, a grill plate and a heavy-duty black nylon pouch with a belt loop and a velcro closure to keep the kit together and protect your gear from the residue commonly found on outdoor cookware after use. The Bushbox Stove is made in Germany from a lightweight, but rugged 14-gauge stainless steel chosen for its exceptional strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. The parts include two side panels with legs attached, a front panel with a large rectangular access port to provide quick access for adding fuel, a rear panel, a fire grate, an ash pan, grill and two adjustable trivet pot supports. There are a number of air holes strategically placed around the perimeter of the stove and the lower fire grate that allow oxygen to enter and circulate through the firebox providing a more efficient burn. When using cookware that is larger in diameter than the stovetop, it is important to set the trivets so they can elevate the cookware high enough above the top of the stove to provide ample room below keeping the heat from being diverted out the sides of the firebox. To configure the Bushbox for use with a Trangia alcohol burner, simply use at least one of the trivets to link the two sides together instead of the front panel with the access port. If you happen to be using the Bushbox with solid fuel tablets like Esbit and hexamine, the grill can easily be configured as a supporting platform for the fuel tablets allowing the flame to reach the bottom of the pot. With the trivets in place the Bushbox can easily accommodate cookware as small as a 450ml cup or Nalgene bottle all the way up to a 1.5-quart pot. Additional grill plates and trivets can be purchased separately in addition to couplings and other various plates directly from the Bushcraft Essentials website located here. To test the efficiency of the Bushbox Stove, I figured the best test would be to see how long it would take to boil 4 cups of water. Additionally, I like to build the fire using the up-side-down method, where you add your larger tinder at the bottom and your smaller material at the top.
As soon as I had the fire going, I placed a 550ml stainless steel mug with 2-cups of water on top of the stove to let it do its thing. There was a little breeze blowing through so it took a little more than 10 minutes to bring the water to a rolling boil.
The second test would be with the stove already hot so it shouldn’t take near as long to get the water to a rolling boil. The Bushbox Stove cooled rather quickly once it burnt itself out so it wasn’t long before it could be broken down.
To combat the soot residue left on cookware from wood-burning fires, I have found that applying a thin layer of soap prior to using them will make them easier to clean, just as you would when using solid fuel tablets. The Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove from Bushcraft Essentials is made from quality materials, precision cut so everything fits tightly together creating a solid cooking platform.

Overall I was pretty happy with the performance and stability of the kit, and even more so with its compactness. Bushcraft Essentials was founded in 2012 with the vision of the ever-growing Bushcraft-motion (and in general all the people who love in nature are traveling) to give basic and at the same time functional and high-quality equipment at hand. Our stoves are easy and are distinguished by minimal packing, great versatility and high quality workmanship. All products of Bushcraft Essentials are designed for versatility, stability and long life. Some are known to take up a lot of space in your pack, while others can be stored inside a small pot, or further broken down into a small packable kit that can easily fit inside a cargo pocket.
The soot can easily be cleaned from the surface of the stainless steel with a coarse scrub pad or plain old steel wool. For those who follow the leave-no-trace mantra, the ash pan prevents any hot embers from scorching the earth by keeping them far enough away to protect the surface of the ground. It can not only be fueled by wood and other organic combustible materials like coal, pine cones and tree bark.
You start with one side, sliding the two tabs of the rear panel together with the two tabs of side panel until they slide past the locking nib. The front access port provides ample room for small sticks and twigs to be added while the fire is burning and a pot is sitting on top of the stove. This will provide the stability necessary to support your cookware and the weight of a fuel canister inside the firebox.
While larger cookware may be possible, this small Bushbox will become more and more unstable as the size increases. To get things started off, I gathered together a pile of small tinder so that I could continually feed the stove as necessary to keep the fire going long enough to reach a rolling boil.
I quickly refilled the firebox with more tinder before it burnt itself out and placed the mug full of water back up on the stove.
That is the beauty of this kit, it is so compact that you can stow it almost anywhere, even in your back pocket.
Any opinion provided herein is based entirely on our personal experience with the product(s).
All our stove are manufactured exclusively in Germany and manufactured with environmentally friendly processes. This circumstance we owe it that our products are highly valued in humans, which depend on reliability and trust our products their lives: Our stove has accompanied expeditions in the Arctic and in deserts and they are in special forces of several countries in the use. It can also be used with a standard Trangia alcohol burner and solid fuel tablets to provide a fuel stand, pot support and windscreen making it an extremely versatile pack stove.

If you need to use cookware larger than 1.5-quarts, I recommend looking at the XL model instead. With small stoves like this, I typically like to gather enough tinder of various sizes to fill the firebox at least four to five times over. Then it is just a matter of adding combustible material as needed until the water is boiling. As time went on, I added just enough wood through the opening in the front panel to keep the fire roaring, but not blazing. Once the pot reached a boil, I quickly removed it from the stovetop, dumped out the hot water, and refilled it with cold water to run the test again. After a couple refills of the firebox, the water began to boil, and this time it took just shy of 9 minutes to get it there.
It is best to let it air cool, though it is possible to help it along simply by dumping out the embers if you must. The parts fit together so tightly, the stove is a little difficult to disassemble when you are in a hurry.
The cooker of Bushcraft Essentials are today on all continents and in more than 50 countries.
We deliberately refrain from our cookers on surface finishes, as these are often harmful to the environment.
But the Essentials Lounge has rounded up the best of their great A-List gifts and packaged them into two lovely kits to give away to SDTC readers. A Benefit Cosmetics Complexion Kit, Calvin Klein intimates, Elizabeth Grant Skincare, a 10-day supply of vitaminwater, Gourmet Bitches hot sauce, John Frieda Haircare products, Tan on the Run Face Spray, Tealish Stress Buster tea, TUMS freshers, Vitamints, and a Winks Enhance last set.
They also have a titanium model weighing 5.64 ounces less as well as a micro model about one-quarter the size. The little nibs that lock the tabs together do not always want to let go without a little extra fiddling and effort. If you are looking for a compact packable wood-burning stove, the Bushbox Kit is definitely worth a look. We also refrain where possible on plastics and pack our products in paper packaging or cotton bags. The final step is to slide the four tabs on the front panel together with the tabs on each of the two side panels locking all four sides together.

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