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The same heat that causes vehicles to break down can also be dangerous for summer drivers and passengers.
Of course, routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation will help your vehicle to perform as expected. These often-overlooked services should be at the top of your list for summer, too. Except for the jumper cables and fuses that I store elsewhere in the vehicle, everything on the list is pictured here.
With the bin not packed too tightly, I can easily access items without taking everything out. To ease the burden on your vehicle’s air conditioning system and keep passengers more comfortable, pack a windshield sunshade and bring along retractable side window sunshades. Putting together a good summer emergency car kit can not only prepare you for a break-down in the summer heat but also give you peace of mind.
Just like the winter emergency kits you (should) be keeping in your vehicle during the colder months, you should always make sure you’re stocked with summer-specific emergency items. If you’ve got a winter emergency kit, then you should already have most of the items on this list.
Some other items, while not essential, will be nice to have on-hand if your car breaks down. Make sure your car follows its recommended maintenance schedule, including oil changes and tire rotations.

Make sure your seatbelts are in proper working order and that you and your passengers always wear them. I’ll be honest, I would have never thought a summer car emergency kit would be needed, but you make a lot of good points, especially about driving much farther in warm weather. It would be his kids’ first visit to Disney World, a trip funded by hard-earned family savings. Just make sure you have yours, and be sure it’s fully charged before you head out on a long road trip.
They reached their destination safely but had to rent a car and have their vehicle transported home.
Simply put, having a summer emergency kit can prevent a roadside inconvenience from turning into a downright vehicular nightmare. Warmer weather means people are more likely to drive longer distances for vacations, family visits, and the like. Summer weather means more travel congestion and more inexperienced teen drivers, cyclists, bikers, vacationers, construction workers, and drunk drivers sharing the road with you. The others are easy to get, but some will need to be checked or restocked from time to time, so make sure you check your kit regularly, particularly before going on long trips. Not to mention that, in the summer heat, a car can get really hot, really fast and you’ll probably end up having to wait for a tow truck.

But the vacation ended up being more costly than planned when the family car broke down miles from home. But pull out that snow shovel and windshield scraper to make room for everything you need to beat the summer heat. Also check for proper pressure in the vehicle’s spare tire, and be sure the jack and lug wrench are onboard.
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Since you don’t have to worry about digging your car out of the snow or a frozen battery, you probably don’t need to worry about a summer emergency kit for your vehicle, right? Longer trips not only mean more mileage on your car, which increase the likelihood of mechanical failure (especially if you’re driving an older vehicle), but summer temperatures can lead to dead batteries, deflated or exploding tires, overheated engines, or dehydrated drivers.
Don’t forget about trying to navigate through the construction and maintenance work that invariably explodes all over town as soon as spring and summer hits.
And all this is on top of the usual hazards we face year-round, like collisions, mechanical breakdown, or animals running into the road.

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