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One of the most important things homeowners need to know is how to shut off the water supply to the entire home and also to each individual fixture. In the event of a water leak, pipe break or water heater leak knowing how to shut of the water to your home can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary water damage.
The first shut-off valve is typically located where the water line comes in to the house, usually in the basement or crawl space on an outside wall near the front of the house.
There may also be a third shut-off valve located in a box buried in the ground in front of the water meter, which is usually on the edge of your property near the street. In the event of a leak at a single fixture, each fixture in your home has an individual shut-off for each of the hot and cold water lines.
When the main water line enters your home, it then branches off to smaller lines to each fixture in your home. Homeowners should become familiar with the location of each of the shut-off valves so that in the event of a leak or fixture failure, the water supply can be cut off quickly, drastically reducing the amount water damage that can occur. In addition to checking your waterlines, each individual stop should also be check at least once a year. So we settled for this $34 find at Home Depot, which was pretty much the most affordable option they had. I tell ya, I was convinced throughout this entire project that I was going to break some pipe and a cartoonish explosion of water would erupt from the ground, lifting our home from its foundation like we had just struck oil.
With the new valve attached, I got the old faucet out of the way, scraped away some of the gunk on the sink with a putty knife, attached the new hoses under the sink, and put the new fixture in its place.
When it came time to turn the water back on, I was certain at least one or two of the five new connections I had just made were going to leak (just call me the most pessimistic plumber in the world). She often notices things that change in the house, but I think this is the first time she led with such a strong compliment. Yup, we have this exact one in 2 of our bathrooms, and the one that is used most often is peeling pretty bad. I actually wrote a review on the Home Depot website about them and they sent me a giftcard to buy new faucets once I sent them photos of how bad ours looked!
If you guys still have the steamer you used to remove wallpaper, you might want to try it on your bathroom grout. In addition to the leaking bathroom valve, the ones in the laundry room were really old and one had a handle.
Our house has copper for plumbing so I was able to reuse the existing compression fitting and nut from the old valves. Drain the water from the lines by opening up a faucet until only a slight trickle comes out. No matter how much you let the water drain there will always be some coming out of the pipes when you start removing the valves.
You’ll notice in the picture below that the hose is permanently attached to the water shut off valve for the bathroom faucet. One of the laundry room water shut off valves was really stuck, but a couple shots of WD40 and about 5 minutes later it came off with no problem. I love the 12 inch crescent wrench I have, similar to this Crescent 12-Inch Adjustable Wrench. I left the nut and brass compression ring, also referred to as a ferrule, on the copper pipe. About 10 years ago I had a leaking valve in my house & attempted to do a repair similar to what you have done.
I do have a shut-off valve inside my house, but it is in an area I tend to put things I don’t really want to move like a lathe without a stand and some stacked tires (just reminded me I need to sell those).
Another trick I’ve seen for soldering with water trickling is to jamb some wadded up bread in the pipe. I have tried several shut-off valevs from Nelson,Gilmour,& Sears and while some of them worked OK, none of them had the flow or the robust construction of the Dramm. Since a lot of water main valves don’t shut completely off, when I work on stuff I turn on the basement bathroom sink, so all the dribble goes down that sink while I am working. By Tuesday the stench had continued and after everyone left for school and work, I began my job as CSS (Chief Sneaker Sniffer.) I found the offending pair, or so I thought and threw them in the garage.

You can remove the cover by simply sticking a screwdriver in the hole in the cover and lift up. Now that you know how to shut off your water, it is good practice to shut off the water if you go away for several days. It turns out that polybutylene can break down if you have chlorine in your water (which is used in many water treatment centers to kill harmful bacteria.) Can you guess why plumbers love polybutylene pipes?
In 1995 there were several class action suits against the manufacturers of polybutylene pipes (Dupont, Qest, Vanguard, and Shell.) To my knowledge (and limited research online) all the class action suits have since been closed, the last claims were to be filed by 2008. I had our plumber replace all the polybutylene pipes in our house, which were luckily limited to the laundry room addition. Consider filing a home insurance claim, especially if you think your repairs may exceed your deductible.
Put a pan under your washing machine if you don’t have a drain in the laundry room floor. Check the supply lines under the sinks, behind the toilet and in the laundry room to make sure they are on tight and are not dripping or showing signs of wear and tear. Wow, that is a powerful message about water pipes and leaks, thank you so much for taking the time to share the information when it must be so busy for you now.
Making sure each person who lives in your home understands how to do this simple task can help avoid costly water damage in the event of a leak or line break. If there is a leak on the water line outside your home, you may have to shut the water off at this location. Each of these individual supply lines should have its own shut-off valve, also called a stop.
Sherry lunged for joy (you need to see that in person by the way) when she spotted this $12 find in the pile… only to learn that it was inexplicably missing one handle (we dug around for 20 minutes looking for it to no avail). We figured that it was worth the peace of mind that we no longer had a leak and that Clara could use it more easily. So we whipped out our water meter key to help twist the always stubborn valve out there (these are around $7 and we use ours more than you’d think).
And somewhere between yelling at Sherry to have a plumber on standby and quietly cursing, I forgot to ask her to hand me the camera (which probably would have gotten wet and resulted in too-dark-to-see photos anyway). But surprise – none of that happened, and I was able to get the new hot water valve in without any problem. So I laid some colored construction paper under everything so if something dripped, I’d be able to spot it quickly. And I watched for a good ten minutes – convinced they were just waiting for me to look away.
Your floors look to be in a similar state to ours and we have tile throughout our kitchen, half-bathroom and laundry room. Which I think is just an expensive form of watered down paint with a little sealer mixed in.
Because of this I had to replace the water shut off valve and the hose going from the valve to the faucet. Shortly after they got back the mudroom began to faintly smell like a men’s gym locker room. I strapped on my knee pads grabbed a flashlight and descended into the bowels of our house: the crawlspace. And so my good friends, I sit here and wait for the mold remediation team to pull my ENTIRE kitchen apart. The insurance company will refer you to companies that specialize in disaster restoration and mold remediation.
In your case it probably is good just to have a neighbor have a key and have them check on your house. I can’t even imagine what a mess that was and that could have damaged your home’s foundation too, right?! The boys and I had a headache earlier, but we sealed off the kitchen completely and opened the windows. This will also help prevent them from sticking when you need to use them in the event of a leak.

Then Sherry finally dragged me away from my sink staring-contest and encouraged me to accept the victory like a big boy.
We looked at a few oil-rubbed bronze options (to match things like the doorknob and the light fixture), but all of those were at least $80+ (which felt too expensive for a Phase 1 fix).
In our last master bath we had white tile and what was supposed to be white grout… But it was disgustingly yellowed and gross. As someone about to buy a new place and do a fair bit of renovating (on a major budget!), I love your concept of phase one and two, it makes so much sense and makes things liveable in the meantime! And other silly words, like refrigerator – it used to be the ice box, which was much more descriptive if you ask me.
I recent have been using it for my pool slide as it is extremely fussy to regulate the flow of water with the spigot which is over 30 feet away.
When I went to do laundry, I thought I heard water running in the house (never a good sign in an empty house.) As I pressed my ear to the wall, sure enough I could hear water running, dripping, spraying or something like that in the wall. A very short time later as I was refilling my coffee mug in the kitchen, the smell of mold was intensified. Everything looked okay until I yanked down the stuff that reminds the kids of pink cotton candy. I found the info really good however, if anyone out there is on well water with an automated water softener or treatment system be sure this won’t mess up your system. I had a water leak in the basement of the house i recently moved to and I’ve been noticing a lot of mold or the signs for what I think mold is.
If you know anything about masonite, you likely know that it sucks up and absorbs water very easily and swells when wet.
Still dealing with the aftermath, but hopefully we’ll be able to get back to normal soon. We are currently out of the house until they can get rid of the mold (and subsequently discovered asbestos.) I have been trying to remember that this is only temporary and it really could be a LOT worse. If you find that one of the valves is sticking or leaking, call us to replace it right away. But for an idea of what the installation process looked like, you can check out this well-lit and profanity-free video from Home Depot.
While it is more costly than the previously mention valevs it is also hands down the best made. They were installed in almost 10 million homes at a substantial savings over the conventional copper plumbing pipes. Beneath the insulation, on the underside of the subfloor, was the undeniable sight of dark moist plywood. I am just praying that the kitchen cabinets are okay or my upcoming kitchen project may get a LOT bigger. If you are considering buying a home that has polybutylene pipes ask the sellers to lower the price to reflect the cost you will have to pay to replace them. The clothes in the suitcase we keep in the basement were ruined, some old sheetrock had mold on the inside and the newly installed door in the basement now has some kind of odd green tint on the bottom.
Within 10 years or less, homeowners started witnessing leaking or burst pipes and sometimes catastrophic damage from them. I’m not sure whether it is dirt from the construction or possibly mold from the previous leak. It has held up for the most part, but we’ve slowly had to replace each side of the house. What I like most about this valve is the extra large on-off switch located on the side of the valve, with most shut-off valevs you need two hands to turn it on or off, not so with this Dramm, just using your thumb will accomplish the task.
Luckily it was on an exterior wall and a patch and some new drywall fixed the problem.) My eyes sank to the floor where I saw the undeniable glistening of water along the baseboard.

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