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Locate the valve inside the chamber and turn the valve clockwise to close it (detail shown in the picture to the right).  A pair of channel locks will help you grasp the valve. Never turn on a water meter that has been turned off by the city due to non-payment or for safety reasons. Subscribe and never miss an article!Free articles delivered conveniently to your inbox(and no spam, we promise)Enjoy this?
Edward – hard to say given the fact that it sounds like you have serious plumbing problems.
2nd that the valve shut off portion of the wrench be on a Tee type of rod that is adiquitly long enough to reach down a standard depth hole, say 24″ or better, 36 prefered. I need to replace the main water valve in my house so I have to shut off the water at the meter. Recently our water company installed new lines on the street where I have a summer cottage. I can shut it down for the winter using the house valve in the crawl space under the house, However, there is about 1.5 ft of the service line exposed before the valve. I just recieved a letter form the city of minneap[olis minnesota saying the shut off valve for the water service line to the property does not work.
My question: Does the typical water supply enter (in this type of scenario) somewhere close to the Hot Water tank?
Thank you for the simple and quick way to shut off the water at the Main meter…I followed the instructions on our City Water Site and they only had you run a test from the outside main, by the house to see if there was a leak. I had a busted pipe last month with a water consumption of 24000 galons that was repaired now the water company had sent me a statement showing a 35000 galons consumed despite the fact that nobody lived at the house for 3 weeks. Last November ,we started having water pressure issue, I started checkingout the lines and valves in house,the last thing was at kitchen sink where pressure lost got to zero. View full sizeWater service in the 300 block of Jefferson Street is expected to return early Monday afternoon, city officials said. The further north you are located, the deeper the well will be that houses this water cut-off valve. I have done this many times in other duplexes right next door, but when i go out to the street and turn off the main, the water does not turn off. Although some meters may have an adapter from t-head to square nut, in this case you would need a valve key to shut off the meter. They said it is the owner’s responsibility to keep the shut-off valve and the entire service line in working condition.

I would say there is not necessarily any correlation between the location of the hot water tank and where the water enters the building…. I did that, but it was still running, so I looked online quickly to make sure the shut off was done correctly…Thank you. Can I shut off the water meter valve when nobody is living at the house during the weekdays. The general rule is if the leak is on your side of the meter, then it’s your responsibility.
I remember the plumber who turned in off saying there was another value he used because this one was broken have you eveer heard of that? I took it all apart check every thing ,then romoved the fauccete spicket and slowly open valve ,close that side opened other side Hot side.
He came looked and told us would cost X amount to fix if at that point.If had to put newline ,it would be more money.
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All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. This is because plumbing has to be buried deeper in northern climates to avoid freezing in the winter. In order to fix it, the county will have to turn off the water at the next stop, and it could be some time before they get there. This is done for several reasons, one is the extreme cold we have would freeze the water meter and valve assembly. To me this means the city’s valve is broken , i used chanel locks to turn it until it closes or stops. Valve keys are sold at waterworks and plumbing supply stores but usually not hardware stores. In order to perform plumbing service to one side, the water supply must be turned off at the meter! If that is the case, then I should be able to remove sheet-rock and install separate gate valves? You may have some appeals process locally to try and do something about it, but we have seen these types of situations before where the homeowner ends up spending $1,000 on water because they fail to recognize a leak.

You may need a wrench with a long extension to follow the instructions below if you’re in this situation. You could end up in a situation where you are flooding your neighbors’ basements or your own.
I removed the access screw cap, inserted the key down the access pipe onto the tongue on the valve but it, as expected would not turn with considerable force. The valve is similar to the one pictured, although without the meter and in a very narrow pipe. There are also many other security devices and tools I can explain if you have furter questions. I am barely surving with a huge mortage and awaiting surgery for my leg and I don’t have any money to fix a huge expensive problem.
I also have been billed many times for different charges that were’T correct from the city so my next question is how would they know this?
How hard is it to fix myself and how wpuld they know that the shut-off valve isn’t working? Please let me know as I am waiting surgery for my leg and unable to get around well and have very little money to fix this problem. I went out side to front cub and water was streaming down side walk I called the City.They came out shut curb side valveand water stopped Then City man says its yours to fix. However, around here that shut off is off limits, you must call the local water authorities to have it shut off.
I was of the understanding that an isolation valve was required by code in virtually all states? The leak was on city side of a valve that was fullopenend about 4 feet from the valve that city closed off.They had abandoned that valve and put new one in out of and away from side walk. How did we do?"A A "What are your thoughts on these new ways of; 'All-Green', All-Sustainable', and 'All-Climate' Community Living Styles? The valve never felt tight, (closed), so I’m wondering if I am in fact turning the valve at all.

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