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Firstly limit projectiles, bring in outdoor furniture, barbeques, umbrellas, hanging plants, trash cans, bikes, toys and potted plants. The Red Cross will open rolling shelters as the need arises, but in case yours is not a heavily trafficked route, check with motels.
Download the weather channel apps to your phone to stay current with changing conditions, download the Red Cross hurricane app. Arrange with family and loved ones that you will all register with the Red Cross Safe and Well. Households are advised to maintain a safe room at all times providing shelter in a weather realted emergency.
Do not tape your windows because instead of shattering they will splinter into large, more dangerous shards.

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Do they offer discounts for evacuees, and if your pets are with you, will they accommodate them? This app turns your phone or Android into a flash light, a flashing warning light or a siren. A former coordinator of an inpatient psychiatric program with a Christian program, coordinator of a counseling service supervising 23 psychologists and social workers who 24 x 7 responded to sexual assault cases. Download the new Red Cross First Aid app, it has a function where you can signal that you are in an emergency.
If you do not want to travel with them arrange for them to be boarded with friends or families along the evacuation route but out of harm’s way.

On its present course the outer bands of the storm will bring rain and storms to parts of Georgia. The Weather Channel, FEMA, GEMA and the Red Cross urge households to prepare, to monitor its progress and leave enough time to evacuate if it heads your way.
Include flashlights and fresh batteries, blankets, a battery operated radio, medications and copies of important papers.

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