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When the seven-minute tornado from hell hit Joplin, Mo., on the evening of May 22, John Motazedi was hunkered down in his basement like the rest of the people in the area. Still, Motazedi, the CEO of seven-employee IT outsourcing company SNCSquared, had his business back up and running in less than 24 hours. Many of the companies around Joplin that didn’t have an emergency plan in place are still struggling to get back on their feet, despite a great outpouring of support from the community, said Kirstie Smith, a spokesperson for the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.
Post-disaster struggles like those experienced in Joplin are common in the event of a major disaster. Thomas admitted that it can be overwhelming to begin putting together an emergency-preparedness plan, but she advises other businesspeople that any plan is better than no plan.
A good example: since Thomas and Oxford had a plan in place before the tornado, they already knew how many square feet they’d need for future office space.
As I’m writing this, the UK has just recorded its coldest night of the winter so far, with temperatures as low as -12C recorded and the possibility of even lower temperatures to come. As with every year, the cold is likely to affect people, businesses and infrastructure on both a local and national basis. So you’ve made note of how calls you receive are handled, but what about those you make? Jot the procedures that need to be followed down, so that you can reference them during a disaster situation. Now we know how calls flow in and out of every department, and identified the key members of your team.
Make sure you keep your plan somewhere safe where it can be accessed easily, even if your office isn’t accessible. This is quite possibly the most important step, because now you’ve got a plan to keep your business going through anything unexpected. Any successful business is a product of the time, sweat, and forethought that went into it’s creation . Training of  employees, testing of the possible scenarios, and rehearsal of the response according to the plan. After going through the process of creating a sample plan, the team members  come to see many aspects of their company in a new light.

Outlined in this section are ten key points as to the importance of planning disaster recovery strategies. In the event of a disaster, a disaster plan will allow a company the ability to quickly and efficiently go back to a state of production by providing methodologies to lessen the impact of said disaster and a process to get the company back into a productive normal state. A Disaster Recovery Plan should be able to scale to the event.  Meaning the plan should be able to work with an act of terror to the facility to something as simple as an employee tripping over the power cable and unplugging a few key systems. A Disaster Recovery Plan will put in place a means to safeguard a company’s key information assets. The plan will help companies to meet government regulatory standards.  This is important to maintain compliance with these standards and keep in good standings with other companies.
A Disaster Recovery Plan will show customers that the company is serious about success and give them added confidence about the organizations abilities to overcome any adversity.
Due to the increased dependency of the business over the years on computerized production and research and development,  in creased risk of loss if one of these systems were to go down.  With a well documented Disaster Recovery Plan, its possible to mitigate any damage done to the business due to the loss of one of the said computerized systems.
The Disaster Recovery Plan will allow for concise documentation of polices and procedures for the organization. For employees, the training brought about the Disaster Recovery Planning process will be valuable as it will prepare them to react quickly and intelligently in the event that a disaster occurs.
The plan will provide a means identify key people within the organization to help out in the event of a disaster.  These key people will allow the staff to have someone to “turn to” in the event that something happens to provide guidance and give direction. When he went to investigate the damage to his office, Motazedi found his entire building flattened to its foundation.
Though it may seem overwhelming, there are free online resources available in addition to companies who help small business owners get a plan in place at a reasonable cost, said Boyd, whose company has partnered with the U.S.
They were able to secure a new lease for suitable office space less than a week after the tornado. As we’ve taken the time to find all this out, we need somewhere to write it down so we can refer to it if we need it.
The day to day process of business can be an arduous task involving many resources, and does not often allow those involved to step back and see the big picture of what could happen in a worst case scenario.
Not only did he have a plan in place, but he practiced how he’d respond in just such a situation.

Are you on the 10th story of a 20-story building, or are you in your own single-floor facility? And don’t expect phones to work, plan for text messages and other tactics that require less bandwidth. If your company doesn’t have a secondary facility, seek out a friend’s business or another group in your business association that you can share resources with.
Thankfully, we’ve got 8 simple steps to help you create your own voice DR plan, because it never hurts to plan. Do you have one single number that you give, or do you have a range of numbers that you use for staff direct dials (DDIs) and marketing numbers?
The major steps are all presented and are filled in with a sampling of some of the minor processes and functions that the disaster planning team feel would be appropriate.
For members of a Disaster Recovery Team,  it is vitally important to the company that someone should have this big picture what if point of view.
Set up a vendor number with alternate suppliers of components that are vital to your product, just in case.
What is the point in investing so much time and resource in our company if it could all be turned upside down in an instant by something as simple and commonplace as a summer wildfire? Knowing your environment is this first step, said Boyd, it helps prioritize the essential elements of your plan. When disaster strikes, it creates a new dynamic for the business and all involved to respond to. A complete and functioning Disaster Recovery Plan is a company’s best assurance of continued survival. The best way to respond to a new dynamic is to have a blueprint of what actions to take, and what people to involve.
Disaster recovery planning teams need to plan to survive various types of disaster while keeping the business intact and profitable.

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