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The Calexico Recreation Department offers a wide variety of activities to help children and teenagers keep active and healthy. In many classrooms, teachers with special needs students have to modify lesson plans to meet this need. I couldn’t teach if I didn’t have an appreciation for other cultures, traditions, and ways of thinking. What I do see is that these children have taught me to become a better teacher, a patient person, and an understanding parent.
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Spanish, Math & Science Bilingual Tutorby Spanish4KiddosI am a tutor in Spanish, Math and Science topics. It can also include gifted students, English Language learners (ELL), and physically impaired. The program to help special needs education is called Individual Education Plan or Individual Program plan (IP). Because of lack of understanding, these students often feel isolated, rejected, and lonely.
I couldn’t teach if I didn’t have perseverance to continue to teach, despite those students who don’t want to learn.

It’s hard to see ELL students trying to adapt to the school system while others don’t understand.

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