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ARRL Calls for Timely, Visible FCC Amateur Radio EnforcementIn comments filed in response to the FCC's February 14 Report on Process Reform (GN Docket 14-25), the ARRL has called for a more visible, responsive Amateur Radio enforcement program. The ARRL Letter offers a weekly summary of essential news of interest to active amateurs that is available in advance of publication in QST, our official journal. Material from The ARRL Letter may be republished or reproduced in whole or in part in any form without additional permission.
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The ARRL is a member-society and International Secretariat of the International Amateur Radio Union. At the new Lynnwood High School, there are some spots in which the radios of emergency responders won’t work. Last week the Edmonds School District Board approved a project to improve radio reception at the building, which opened in 2009. When the new Lynnwood High School was designed and permitted, it met all code requirements. The project is expected to cost $300,000, which will come out of the building’s original budget. Golf course profitable despite setbacks, Lynnwood Link kicks off (1) Thank you very much for reporting on local issues! Two Lynnwood firefighters presented with Chief's Company Award (1) Everyone of our First Responders should receive an Award. Our policy on reproducing contentLynnwood Today is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Snohomish County emergency management director John Pennington says that doesn’t mean there are 108 injuries or fatalities. Pennington says the slide occurred on a Saturday morning, when more people were likely to be home. At least eight people were killed in the 1-square-mile slide that hit in a rural area about 55 miles northeast of Seattle.
On April 4, 2004, the BICEPP ERT Challenge for community teams was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The CERT teams tested their skills by competing in a number of skill stations that were timed and judged by a panel of experts.
Crews work at the mudslide site Oso, Wash., Saturday, one week after a massive mudslide devastated a small community.
The award honors individuals who have demonstrated unparalleled support of local public health activities or policies in Snohomish County. Since the Health District’s debut on The Takeaway in September 2011, Santos has hosted 47 segments devoted to educating her listeners about public health programs and services to the community. She interviewed Health District staff experts on topics that touched most aspects of community health, communicable disease, environmental health, and public health emergency preparedness.
This entry was posted in Prevention, Public Health and tagged Everett, Everett Washington, KSER, Public Health, Snohomish, Snohomish County, Snohomish County Washington, Snohomish Health District, Sondra Santos, Takeaway on September 20, 2012 by LocalHealthGuide. Seattle Times Health NewsDrug distribution becomes weapon to block competition March 3, 2016WASHINGTON (AP) — The same strategy that Martin Shkreli used to get away with a 5,000-percent price increase on an old drug is used by many other drugmakers to maintain sky-high prices on billions of dollars’ worth of medications.
Evacuation Immediate, and check out Evacuation Immediate on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Evacuation Immediate (SAME CODE: EVI) is a warning created by the National Weather Service meant to replace the issuance of Civil Emergency Messages, Fire Warnings, and other warnings for the purpose of evacuations. WASHINGTONa€”The National Weather Service wants three new event codes added to the Emergency Alert System.
Brier, Edmonds, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo and Woodway. The Lower Elwha Klallam tribe CERT members are trained to assist in case of natural and man made disaters. The form is currently set for a PRIORITY service request quote.This is an inquiry where you need emergency service. The League also said it was concerned that FCC policies for adjudicating certain complaints of interference to radio amateurs, especially those involving electric utilities, provide no incentive for the utilities to resolve them.
If you wish to subscribe via e-mail, simply log on to the ARRL Web site, click on Edit Your Profile at the top, then click on Edit Email Subscriptions. Check the Read All Messages In Plain Text box.  When you open the e-mail, it will be in plain text without images. Since that time, new fire and building codes have gone into effect stipulating that 95 percent of all areas must have signal levels meeting a specific standard. To encourage constructive community dialogue, all commenters must use their real names, first and last.
But he says it’s the consolidated list of reported missing from various sources that authorities are working from. Death toll increased On Sunday, the number of people that have been confirmed dead from the mudslide has been increased from 18 to 21, according to Jason Biermann, program manager at the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management. Before the price hike that made him infamous, the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals had to […] MATTHEW PERRONEWhat kind of eater are you? Evacuations are issued by a public official such as a police office, or county emergency management, and relayed by the NWS with the Emergency Alert System (EAS) tone and SAME heading.
I decided to make my own version of alerts that might be broadcast if something like this where to occur. We create videos showing the Emergency Alert System in both realistic and extreme scenarios.

We continually are searching for new links and verifying existing ones to make sure these pages are as current as we can make them. We are working toward NIMS compliance and several members have completed the IS100 and 700 levels We attempt to meet every month usually on Thursdays but are flexible in this.We plan to deploy for the Emergency Preparedness and Health Fair in August for traffic control and help with flow. The ARRL was further critical of the fact that FCC petitions for rule making and spectrum allocation proceedings often take years to resolve. Check the box next to The ARRL email newsletter, the ARRL Letter and you will receive each weekly issue in HTML format. Officials determined the most cost-effective solution is to install a series of transceivers connected to a rooftop antenna. The Associated Press has more: Fifteen of the victims have been identified by the Snohomish County medical examiner, and six have yet to be identified, Biermann said.
If you have questions or if your group has an upcoming event that you would like us to cover, please let us know by going to our "Contact Us" page and dropping us a note. We plan to conduct another training session for new CERT members and start a youth CERT this year.
But the League confined the bulk of its comments to perceived shortcomings in the Amateur Radio enforcement program. March 2, 2016What tactic helps you stick to a healthful eating plan: planned, but small, treats among the tofu?
Carrie DennettMedications sometime linked to unusual femur fractures February 28, 2016People’s Pharmacy looks at bone issues, lice and heart-stent care. The ARRL said "deterrence based on visibility is a critical component of a successful compliance campaign."The most successful -- and visible -- period of Amateur Radio enforcement in recent years was between 1997 and 2008, the ARRL said.
Our original post continues: Officials say 18 people died in the devastating landslide that hit northeast of Seattle last weekend. According to the League, compliance during that period was a result of "the visibility in the Amateur Radio community of a single member of the Commission's Enforcement Bureau staff at Amateur Radio events" and of keeping the Amateur Radio media fully informed on what was being done to resolve a particular enforcement issue.FCC-imposed constraints in the past few years have had "a devastating effect on the entire philosophy of the program and its success," the League told the Commission. Crews are working to find and identify victims — and to account for people who had been listed as missing. Among other factors, the ARRL pointed to the "extensive approvals" required before the release of enforcement correspondence.
Enforcement actions that are taken, the League continued, are not released to the Amateur Radio media. The list of the missing has continued to shrink since early reports that nearly 200 people were unaccounted for in the aftermath of the massive mudslide. But even as crews recover bodies from the debris, medical examiners are having trouble identifying victims.
Remains of as many as 10 bodies have been recovered that are not yet included in the official total, according to the Seattle Times. That's from a report filed from Arlington, Wash., for our Newscast unit by Chris Lehman of the Northwest News Network.
He also describes how residents are coping: "Steve Schertzinger is a local police who's been working with victims' families. He says regardless of the final tally, he expects the sorrow to hang over this community long after the search is done. As an example it cited the League's 2012 Petition for Rulemaking seeking a new Amateur Radio allocation at 472-479 kHz. They include Forrest Thompson, 18, a logger who the paper says helped convince officials that the locals could help. He was clearly quite engaged."Honaker said the EOC radio room has six radio stations in cubicles, four of them currently monitoring incident traffic. He said ARES DEC George Boswell, K7YHB, has been at the EOC 12 hours a day since last weekend.The March 22 landslide, approximately 3 miles east of Oso -- between Darrington and Arlington -- destroyed some 50 homes or other structures and resulted in 30 deaths, as of April 3. The slide blocked the north fork of the Stillaguamish River and covered about 1 mile of State Route 530, cutting off access to Darrington and disrupting telecommunication services. A second vehicle was moved to the incident command post in Arlington and is being staffed by dispatchers from 911 call centers."Our DEM Director has requested we staff COM1 in Darrington again, and [we] will do so until relieved," Honaker said on April 1. After the initial temblor, the Radio Club de Chile activated in collaboration with ONEMI, the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of Interior and Public Security. The net carried periodic announcements from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach, said ARRL Emergency Coordinator and RACES Coordinator Ron Hashiro, AH6RH.
The tsunami advisory was cancelled about 3 hours later.Thousands of people who had evacuated Chile's low-lying coastal areas returned the morning of April 2, after authorities called off the first tsunami alarm. They retreated again after the second earthquake, but a precautionary tsunami alert along the coast and in neighboring Chile was canceled.The threat may not be over, according to Paul Earle, a seismologist at the US Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center.
He said the Tuesday earthquake was insufficient to release the stress in the vicinity of the undersea seismic gap. The DXpedition began operations on March 29 and had planned to remain on Mellish Reef until April 9. While water flowed into the "break tent" through an open window, the operating tents were dry, and no equipment was damaged."Tomorrow morning we will remove all remaining equipment from the island and head towards Australia," the team said, adding that its immediate destination would depend upon the winds and sea conditions, although the ship eventually would return to its home port of Mackay, Australia. Last activated in 2009, Mellish Reef is number 22 on ClubLog's most recent mixed-mode DXCC Most Wanted List. Colvin Award grants are conferred in support of Amateur Radio projects that promote international goodwill in the field of DX."We are honored to receive this prestigious award," said WRTC-2014 Chair Doug Grant, K1DG.
During 2014 W1AW will be on the air from every state (at least twice) and most US territories, and it will be easy to work all states solely by contacting W1AW portable operations.
The event is open to all, although only ARRL members and appointees, elected officials, HQ staff and W1AW are worth ARRL Centennial QSO Party points.
Log in using your Logbook of The World (LoTW) user name and password, and your position will appear at the top of the leader boards.

Grybauskaite may be the first head of state to send a message via an Amateur Radio satellite, her country's first.Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite [Augustas Didzgalvis photo] Using a handheld radio and the call sign LY5N, she transmitted through the satellite's FM voice transponder.
Her words, "Greetings to all Lithuanians around the world!" were recorded on a memory chip in the satellite and the message was successfully transmitted from space on March 22.Last year Grybauskaite visited the Science Communication and Information Center at Vilnius University and got to see the LituanicaSAT-1 CubeSat, then being readied for its trip into space.
Hundreds of Amateur Radio operators are expected to be among the attendees at the Las Vegas Convention Center. ARRL Pacific Division Director Bob Vallio, W6RGG, will join local ham radio volunteers in staffing the ARRL booth.
NAB Science and Technology Vice President John Marino, KR1O, arranged for the generous donation of booth space from the NAB. All Amateur Radio operators are invited, and there is no charge.Nearly 1700 exhibitors will be at the show.
The ARRL booth will offer convention attendees information on how to get involved in ham radio, how to become an ARRL member, and how to take advantage of League services. Staffing the ARRL booth are members of the Frontier Amateur Radio Society, the Nellis Radio Amateur Club, the Las Vegas Repeater Association, Nevada Amateur Radio Repeaters Inc, and the Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club. After contradictory announcements and reports last December, it appears the international broadcaster has indeed pulled the plug on its HF transmissions. As he reported on his blog, Voice of Russia's Elena Osipova told him, "This is to thank you for your message and confirm the information about the upcoming cancellation of the Voice of Russia's short- and medium wave transmissions as of April 1, 2014." Richard Weil, KW0U, in St Paul, Minnesota, was able to hear the final shortwave broadcast.
From the 1950s through the 1980s, the station, then as Radio Moscow, was an easy catch for budding short-wave listeners (SWLs), many of whom later gravitated to Amateur Radio."I remember when the Voice of Russia and Radio Moscow absolutely dominated the shortwaves, especially in my early years as a radio listener," Witherspoon remarked on his blog.
First licensed in 1973, Monteiro once described making his first ham radio contact with a transmitter he'd made using parts from an old TV set.Tony Monteiro, AA2TX, with a model of the Fox-1 satellite. He retired from industry in 2002 to focus on satellite projects.Monteiro joined AMSAT in 1994. He was a frequent presence at AMSAT events, and he played a significant role in space-based hardware development, including the Fox-1 and Fox-2 satellites.
The family has requested memorial donations to AMSAT, 850 Sligo Ave, Suite 600, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Sponsored by the ARRL and R&L Electronics, the first-prize winner will receive a Grand Prize voucher worth up to $5000 of equipment -- radio, antenna, and accessories -- redeemable for products sold by R&L Electronics. A second-prize winner will receive a $2500 prize voucher for products sold by FlexRadio Systems, also co-sponsored by ARRL. Winners will be drawn from among eligible registrants at the end of the convention on Saturday, July 19, 2014. The winner does not need to be present during the drawings.Three-day convention tickets are $75 and include an all-day training workshop and lunch on Thursday.
After one false start, authorization soon was given for amateurs to operate on 112 MHz for emergency drills and actual emergency operations, as members of the War Emergency Radio Service (WERS).During the war years QST published many articles on WERS equipment suitable for 112 MHz -- especially portable and hand-held gear -- and on club preparedness. Announcements in QST made repeated calls for trained operators to volunteer for the military and for civil service. At one time, the Navy made a call for 5000 men specifically to be trained as radar operators and maintenance personnel -- state-of-the-art work. Many female hams became military radio operators within the US, and others went to work in defense plants building radio equipment, just as their sisters built the aircraft, ships, and vehicles required by modern warfare.Manufacturers' ads in QST started using photos of radio operation during military training maneuvers and even from the battlefield. Early in the war years, manufacturers were unable to keep up with the military's demand, and other ads called for hams to sell or donate their radio gear and components (panel meters were especially needed) for the war effort.
The 2012 enforcement action stemmed from neighbors' complaints of interference to telephones and televisions. Because it was unable to inspect Johnson's station, the FCC prohibited him and family members from transmitting between 8 AM and 11:30 PM, but the complaints continued.
Tickets are $30 and must be purchased online by May 13 on the AMSAT website (click on the "AMSAT Store" tab).
If a request for DXCC credit for this operation has been rejected in a prior application, contact ARRL Awards Branch Manager Bill Moore, NC1L, to be placed on the list for an update to your record. DXCC is Amateur Radio's premier award that hams can earn by confirming on-the-air contacts with 100 DXCC "entities," most of which are countries in the traditional sense. VK7MO set up on Mount Wellington, near Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, to minimize water vapor attenuation of the 24 GHz signal and to take advantage of the Moon's being close to Earth.
The Moon had to be at low elevation, which meant a longer path for the signal through Earth's atmosphere. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the extreme ultraviolet flash on March 29 at 1752 UTC."The Australian government's IPS Radio and Space Services issued a geomagnetic disturbance warning at 0445 UTC on April 3. Possible Active to Minor Storm conditions at higher latitudes on 05 April due to CME arrival. INCREASED GEOMAGNETIC ACTIVITY EXPECTED, DUE TO CORONAL MASS EJECTION FOR 05 APRIL 2014."This weekly "Solar Update" in The ARRL Letter is a preview of the "Propagation Bulletin" issued each Friday. The latest bulletin and an archive of past propagation bulletins is on the ARRL website.In tomorrow's bulletin look for an updated forecast, reports from readers including a 6 meter long-path contact, updated and expanded reports of solar flares, and an update to our 3 month moving average of sunspot numbers.
Published bi-monthly, features articles by top contesters, letters, hints, statistics, scores, NA Sprint and QSO Parties.QEX -- A Forum for Communications Experimenters.
ARRL members and registered guests may subscribe at no cost or unsubscribe by editing their profile.

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