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HOMELAND SECURITY has recently released this video on Active Shooter response.A  Approximately 4 minute You Tube videoA and you can skip the ad. Two to five persons (Attack Team) should be just inside the door to knock down the weapon and push the shooter to the floor and disarm.
Set a chair or desk by the door to slow the approach and help trip the attacker, then darken the room as much as possible. As the attacker enters, throw something to the opposite side of the room to distract the shooter from the Attack Team's location. Other persons in the room should stay away from the entrance "line of sight" to avoid gunfire. Governor Wildstar battled against the YELLOW FRINGED FLAG court system that has entrapped OUR ENTIRE NATION into slavery! One million people are caught in the Boston city security lockdown as police hunt the surviving marathon bomb suspect.
A manhunt in Valley Springs led to a shelter-in-place order after the death of a 8-year-old child Saturday. During last week’s events in Boston, residents were told to “shelter in place,” which raises the question, would you know what to do if a similar order was issued in Philadelphia?
When a train derailed in Paulsboro late last year spilling a toxic chemical, residents of the town as well as neighboring Greenwich Township, were ordered to “Shelter in Place,” but many local residents were left unsure of what exactly that meant and what they were supposed to do.
The Naval Academy conducts security exercises based on a variety of scenarios throughout the year, said Jenny Erickson, a spokeswoman for the academy.
A massive warehouse fire in east Houston prompted fire officials to order a shelter in place. The active search for the man accused of killing his wife and two young girls in Shingletown, Ca has moved about 200 miles west of the crime scene.
A fire breaks out in Jurupa Valley and prompts a shelter-in-place order at Van Buren Elementary School. A police search for a man suspected of attacking a 21-year old in Fredericksburg prompted the University of Mary Washington to issue a lockdown in the middle of the night. An armed West Whiteland man surrendered after a standoff for several hours with authorities at his Scott Drive residence Friday night, according to the The Chester County Daily Local. An electrical vault fire in downtown San Francisco belched smoke and flames for almost two hours Friday afternoon while fire crews and Pacific Gas and Electric tried in vain to shut it down. According to a police official, police have not found any evidence of shots fired near West Side. Lake Olympia Middle School performed a shelter in place drill yesterday after two students reported at 10 a.m. A package initially deemed suspicious prompted a shelter-in-place order at Del Campo High School on Tuesday. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Of course one would think this would be some terrible event like a massive natural disaster, an unavoidable biological attack, or something to that effect but the truth of the matter is ANYTHING can spark this “order” being put into place! Streets are deserted as authorities warned residents to lock their doors and remain inside as they continue the manhunt for the surviving suspect from the marathon bombing as the entire city of Boston is deserted.

Multiple law enforcement agencies combed the area Saturday afternoon for a man believed to be armed and dangerous, described as a white or Latino male, with long gray hair, 6 feet tall, muscular build, last seen wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and blue pants. In the Emergency Management section of the City of Philadelphia’s website, there are now some guidelines for residents to follow.
In an attempt to educate the two towns’ residents in case of any future instances, there will be two information sessions held this week informing the people of what procedures are expected if they are put under such orders again. Last year, for example, the academy participated in the week-long Solid Curtain, a test of security measures at military facilities around the nation.
A 12-acre vegetation fire on Thursday destroyed multiple structures and prompted an evacuation order at an elementary school in Jurupa Valley, officials said. West Side Elementary School has removed its “shelter in place,” which was enacted this morning after shots were reportedly heard near the campus, according to Jacksonville ISD.
San Juan Unified School District spokesman Trent Allen said the suspicious package was found on the school’s driveway on Dewey Ave. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. The city is being controlled by SWAT teams and an army of police as they try to keep everyone indoors by shutting down the entire public transportation system, closing schools and ordering businesses to remain closed for the day.
Details were scarce, but television station KCRA in Sacramento reported that a 12-year-old boy encountered an intruder in his home.
First and foremost, the city says residents should be prepared to shelter in place for at least three days, which means stocking supplies like medications, food, batteries, drinking water, flashlights and more inside of an emergency kit. The drill, which started with a simulation of shots ringing out at Sampson Hall, was designed to help officials prepare for a terrorist or criminal event. Investigators said the fire began in a small shed, but quickly grew after it was fanned by 18 mile-per-hour gusts of winds, and fed by pallets of scrap paper and cardboard. The blaze was likely sparked by a discarded cigarette, according to Riverside County Fire Department Capt. He said he’d been beaten and tied up by a man that he knew, said police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe. Less than three hours into the standoff, the man was taken into custody, according to the article. The smoke stopped and then started again and within minutes balls of flame were rising 20 feet above the street. According to a statement from the district, Jacksonville ISD, authorities responded and are investigating the reported disturbance. It is important to listen to TV or radio to understand whether the authorities wish you to merely remain indoors or to take additional steps to protect yourself and your family. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority subway and commuter rail system is shut down until further notice as officials try to keep citizens off the streets following the fatal shoot out in Watertown early Friday morning that lead to the death of the first suspect. And if a shelter in place order is issued, you and your family should go indoors immediately with all doors and windows locked and your fireplace damper closed. Academy officials said that within 10 minutes of the first “shot,” emergency text messages and emails had been sent to every faculty member, staff person and midshipman. Around noon, investigators said the fire was sending up a thick, black column of smoke that could be seen for miles.

The victim was covered in blood with a number of lacerations over his head, and was likely struck by something repeatedly, Bledsoe said Sunday morning. The Daily Local said the man was taken to Chester County Hospital for treatment of non life-threatening, self-inflicted injuries.
It’s a report that caused four central Sioux Falls schools to lock the doors and led a dozen police officers to canvass the neighborhood around 38th Street and Phillips Avenue. Marc McCloud, public relations coordinator for the district, said enacting the “safety in place” was a safety precaution and meant no one could go in and out of the school. At one point, firefighters said they worried the smoke drifting over neighborhoods to the north might be toxic. Before being taken to the hospital, the victim provided a name and description of the suspect. Residents in part of the West Whiteland area, a few miles north of West Chester, were ordered to shelter in place during the standoff Friday night. That part of town is right by the Sioux Falls School District headquarters and Robert Frost Elementary School. That room should be above street level, allow room for everyone in your family, have access to bathroom facilities and be equipped with a telephone jack. Erickson said the academy cannot discuss specifics of emergency response, but that the school is prepared to notify the community by way of phone calls, press releases and briefings for the media.
Wednesday afternoon from a citizen saying that he or she had seen Shane Miller’s gold Dodge 2010 pickup truck at the mouth of the Mattole River in Petrolia. A city officer then saw an individual matching that description at the intersection of College Avenue and William Street, but when approached, the man ran onto the UMW campus, Bledsoe said. The sheriff’s department dispatched their Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team who sprayed water on the package before looking inside and discovering a Taco Bell wrapper wrapped in duct tape, Allen said.
Officials also say that you should be prepared to turn off all heating and cooling systems and to cover cracks along doorways and windows with tape, wet rags or towels. In an emergency, officials would coordinate with local agencies, as well as the Naval Criminal Investigation Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Officials with the Riverside County Fire Department said students at Van Buren Elementary School were evacuated to Mira Loma Middle School.
A Stafford officer brought a K-9 to the campus, since there wasn’t a dog available in the city at the time.
Officers greeted parents and students after doors were locked at Robert Frost Elementary and three other schools in the area.
While traveling to the scene, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office began receiving 9-11 calls that the suspect was on the move and driving on the Mattole Rd. The university-issued lockdown was a precautionary measure since the suspect had been seen running onto campus, Bledsoe said. After an extensive search, they located the truck parked and vacant in the 30,000 block of Mattole Rd.

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