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The graphic attached shows the difference between outlooks, advisories, watches and warnings. This severe weather awareness update is brought to you by Green Geek Electronics Recycling?. Several Travel Warnings for counties in Southern Indiana where heavy snow has led to treacherous conditions. Historically, the spring months—especially March, April and May—are the most active for severe weather throughout the Middle Tennessee area. Vanderbilt contracts with a commercial weather monitoring company to warn the university of severe weather approaching Vanderbilt’s main campus and Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks. Electronic sirens on main campus will sound and overhead announcements at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks will notify of the severe weather threat. Vanderbilt’s emergency notification system, AlertVU, would also be activated during a severe weather threat. To register, update an existing account or find out more, visit Vanderbilt’s Emergency Preparedness website. The AlertVU desktop alert program was expanded in late 2013 to include more than 6,300 clinical workstations at the medical center.
If you are not sure if the desktop alert program has been added to your desktop, have questions or would like to request the service, contact VUIT at 343-HELP.
The desktop alert program operates behind the scenes and has no impact on the day-to-day performance of the computer. Move away from windows, lobbies and doors to the most interior portion of the building or area of best refuge. For more information about preparing for severe weather and other types of emergencies, visit the Emergency Preparedness website.
Chopper 10 takes you on an aerial tour of the Doppler 10 radar site, located in Grove City.
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Severe weather season is fast approaching and now is the time to develop a plan to help keep you safe during times of inclement weather. This page will offer basic storm information and statistics but will also serve as a vehicle to provide weather safety recommendations so you know what to do whenever severe weather strikes.
The image to the right depicts the severe weather stats of 2014 compared to both 10-year and 30-year averages. Knowing the recommended safety precautions before severe weather strikes can keep you or your loved ones from becoming one of these statistics.
The National Weather Service in Taunton will feature a different Severe Weather related topic each day during the Awareness Week.
A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is issued by the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma for large portions of the region when the potential exists for severe thunderstorms. NOAA Weather Radios, with warning alarm tones, will alert you when a Severe Thunderstorm Warning is issued. This moisture is needed for cloud formation, growth, and the development of precipitation within the cloud. An unstable atmosphere allows warm, moist air near the ground to rise rapidly to higher levels in the atmosphere where temperatures are below freezing.
In the summertime, listen to the latest forecast and learn to recognize the signs which often precede thunderstorm development.
Avoid any contact with electrical or electronic equipment or cords that are plugged into the electrical system.
Plan outside activities so that you minimize the risk of being caught outside in a thunderstorm. Stay inside a safe shelter for at least 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder was heard. If you are caught outside in a thunderstorm and can't reach a safe shelter, you can only minimize your risk of being struck by lightning.
Remember, when it comes to thunderstorm safety, it's your own actions that will determine your personal risk of being killed or seriously injured by the hazards of a thunderstorm. So, rather than the entire area from southern New England to the Mid-Atlantic states being covered in a Slight risk of severe storms, there might be an Enhanced risk portion just from western MA to Philadelphia, as an example. The categories described above are defined based on the statistical probabilities of a severe storm occurring within 25 miles of a given point for a given meteorological situation.
At approximately 932 AM on the morning of July 28, 2014 an EF2 tornado touched down in Revere, Massachusetts.

We know that tornadoes do occur here, such as the EF3 in Monson and Springfield in 2011, the EF2 in Revere in 2014, and weaker ones in Connecticut and Massachusetts in 2014. Every school should be inspected and tornado shelter areas designated by a registered engineer or architect. Schools should delay assemblies or lunch in large rooms with wide roof spans, such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, and cafeterias.
Students and staff should know the protective position, sitting and facing an interior wall, elbows to knees, and with hands over the back of their heads.
Please remember to make special provisions for faculty and students with disabilities, those with portable classrooms, and those outdoors. While not as notorious or perhaps as spectacular to witness as a tornado, straight-line winds are responsible for most thunderstorm wind damage, especially across southern New England.
A downburst is a strong and relatively small area of rapidly descending air beneath a thunderstorm. Downbursts are classified as either macrobursts or microbursts, depending on the areal extent of the damaging wind swath.
The National Weather Service issues Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for thunderstorms that are expected to produce damaging wind gusts of 58 mph or greater, or hail that is one inch or greater in diameter. It's time to register for the 2016 Chatham County Hurricane Conference, open to local and state emergency managers and their partners. Green Geek Recycling was founded to provide government, schools, businesses and individuals with an economical way of disposing of electronics, computers, and other items.
16-22, is a good time to revisit what to do in the event severe weather threatens the Vanderbilt community. I encourage everyone to review the emergency guides posted there as well as evaluate their individual severe weather plans and procedures,” said Johnny Vanderpool, manager with the Vanderbilt University Police Department’s Emergency Preparedness Unit.
If a tornado is detected and is within 15 minutes of reaching either campus, the Vanderbilt Severe Weather Warning System is activated.
AlertVU is designed to send rapid messages to the delivery points a subscriber chooses—cell phone (voice or text), land line phone or email account – in the event of any type of emergency that poses an imminent threat or danger to the Vanderbilt community.
If you choose to receive text messages, however, your cell phone carrier may charge you to receive them. The program will display full-screen desktop alerts on these workstations and on desktops across the university and medical center on which it is installed any time the AlertVU system is activated. The key to severe weather safety is advanced preparation and knowing where to take shelter. Knowing the severe weather safety recommendations will help keep you and your family (as well as your pets and property) free from harm this spring.
A Severe Thunderstorm Warning is issued by the local National Weather Service Forecast Office, such as in Taunton, when severe thunderstorms are imminent based on radar or already occurring based on spotter observations.
However, they will not sound an alarm for non-severe thunderstorms, which still can produce deadly lightning. An unstable atmosphere also allows air at higher levels in the atmosphere to sink to the ground level rapidly, bringing stronger winds from the higher levels to the ground.
In fact, as the magnitudes of these ingredients increase, so do the chances that a Thunderstorm could become severe. Warm muggy air is a sign that ample low-level moisture is available for thunderstorm development. As a thunderstorm cloud continues to grow, snow and ice begin to form in the higher levels of the cloud where temperatures are below freezing and electrical charges start to build up within the cloud.
Do not wash your hands, do not wash the dishes, do not take a shower, or do not do laundry. If lightning strikes near you, it will most likely strike the tallest object in your immediate vicinity.
It was the first tornado ever confirmed in Suffolk County since records began back in 1950. Numerous houses on Revere Beach Parkway were severely impacted, with one roof completely blown off. These rooms offer little or no protection for tornado-strength winds and the wide span roofs can collapse. Remember that the National Weather Service issues a Tornado Watch when conditions are favorable for tornado development and a Tornado Warning when a tornado has been spotted or indicated by radar. It can result from stronger jet stream winds being transported downward to the surface, or it can result as air within the downburst is cooled significantly as rain evaporates into initially drier air. Speeds have been clocked as high as 175 mph near Morehead City, North Carolina and at 158 mph at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. The Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service are proclaiming February 1st-5th Severe Weather Awareness Week! With March, April and May typically being busy months across Indiana and Ohio in terms of severe weather and tornadoes, now is a great time to make sure you and your family have a plan and are prepared for severe weather and tornadoes. Users will be asked to acknowledge that they have received the notification and to then take action as directed or resume normal activity.

However, two weather phenomena that are routinely overlooked are lightning and flash floods. It is not practical to issue a warning for every thunderstorm, thus we issue Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for those storms that could produce large hail and damaging winds. Negative electrical charges near the middle and base of the cloud cause a positive charge to build up on the ground under and near the thunderstorm. You may have noticed that there is now more detail in the Day 1, 2, and 3 Convective Outlooks. Enhanced risk means that numerous severe storms are possible, and they are more persistent or widespread with a few potentially producing a tornado. They also are more common across the interior than along the coast because the proximity of the ocean often acts as a limiting factor.
If the alarm system of a school relies on electricity, there should be an alternative method to notify teachers and students in case of power failure. For that matter, it would be good practice to delay departure of school buses with severe thunderstorm warnings too, since they can produce large hail and damaging winds without a tornado. Closer to home, 104 mph downburst winds were measured at both Worcester, Massachusetts on May 31, 1998 and Whitman, Massachusetts on May 21, 1996.
After they have picked up the items, they will be recycled properly, protecting our environment from any harmful pollution. AlertVU automatically sends emergency notifications to all Vanderbilt email addresses; however, subscribers can also register their cell phones, land line phones and personal email addresses to expand the ways in which they receive these important alerts. The desktop alert software is available for use on your personal computer while you are using the Vanderbilt network.
While many people think they are aware of the dangers of thunderstorms and lightning, the vast majority are not. Finally, when the difference between these charges becomes to great, a giant atmospheric spark that we call lightning occurs.
In fact, many lightning victims are struck before the rain arrives or after the rain has ended and the storm is moving away.
The prior system had 3 thresholds, Slight, Moderate, and High and the new system gives more definition with 5 thresholds. It is quite unusual for a tornado to occur during the morning hours although it is not completely unprecedented. Schools without basements should use interior rooms and hallways on the lowest floor away from windows. A downburst is differentiated from a common thunderstorm downdraft because the winds it produces have the potential to cause damage on or near the ground. Strong downbursts will definitely cause roaring sounds and people may often refer to a sound like a freight train, terms typically associated with tornadoes.
The small horizontal scale and short time span of a microburst makes it particularly hazardous to aviation.
Even without equipment, you can protect yourself by moving indoors to a place of safety at the first rumble of thunder. Most victims also report that at least a portion of the sky was blue when they were struck. A Marginal category has replaced the See Text section in the previous system and an Enhanced category has now been added to the higher-end Slight and lower-end Moderate situations. It often means that some of the storms could be long-lived and possibly produce a strong tornado. More than 100 homes had damage that ranged from siding torn off to portions of roofs lifted or blown off. Surface damage patterns have shown that whether the winds are straight or a little bit curved, they tend to spread out, or diverge, considerably as they reach the surface.
Although downbursts are not tornadoes, they can cause damage equivalent to that of a small to medium tornado.
The software should not be downloaded to your office PC unless instructed by your desktop team—that will be handled centrally in most areas. If you can hear the thunder, the storm is usually close enough for you to have the potential to be struck by lightning. A High risk is rare but it means that severe storms are expected and will be very widespread, long-lived, and particularly intense.
Conversely, damage patterns resulting from a Tornado generally converge toward a narrow central track.

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