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The graphic attached shows the difference between outlooks, advisories, watches and warnings. This severe weather awareness update is brought to you by Green Geek Electronics Recycling?. Several Travel Warnings for counties in Southern Indiana where heavy snow has led to treacherous conditions.
The UAB Department of Occupational Health & Safety's mission is to ensure that our customers have a safe workplace by providing them with the service and knowledge necessary to protect themselves, the UAB community, and the environment.
Governor Robert Bentley has declared February 15-20th, 2015, as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Alabama. Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama and Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee have proclaimed Alabama and Tennessee's Severe Weather Awareness Week this February to be from Sunday, February 15th through Saturday, February 21st.
To end the week, the State of Alabama will host a sales tax holiday for preparedness items.
Damaging winds from severe thunderstorms are much more frequent than tornadoes in the Tennessee Valley. If you have not done so already, this is the time of the year to check your preparedness plans.

The most active period of severe weather and tornadoes in the Huntsville Forecast Area historically occurs during the months of March through May. Tornado Safety in Schools Brochure (PDF) - Tips and suggestions for keeping students safe in the event of a tornado, including a poster you can fill out with local safety information.
Flash Floods and River Floods - While tornadoes are a big threat to the area, flash flooding kills more people per year than any other weather hazard.
Tennessee Valley Tornado Database (1874 to 2014) - Check out details on the tornadoes that have hit the area since 1874. Mapped Tornado Tracks from 1950 to 2012 - See tornado images of previous tornado tracks on Google Earth here since 1950. Green Geek Recycling was founded to provide government, schools, businesses and individuals with an economical way of disposing of electronics, computers, and other items.
Your National Weather Service, the Alabama and Tennessee Emergency Management Agencies, and other supporting organizations, ask your help in providing your relatives, friends, and neighbors with information about severe weather safety. Check to make sure your emergency kit is complete and use this opportunity to get any missing items. In fact, EF-3 to EF-5 tornadoes (strong to violent) are most typical during these months and a heightened weather awareness is even more important.

With March, April and May typically being busy months across Indiana and Ohio in terms of severe weather and tornadoes, now is a great time to make sure you and your family have a plan and are prepared for severe weather and tornadoes.
Although severe weather outbreaks, along with the potential for strong to violent tornadoes, are more common during March, April and May, severe weather can happen at any time throughout the year here in the Tennessee Valley.
Weather Emergency Messages (WEA) are broadcast through cell phone towers in the warned area and alert directly on your phone. Across the Tennessee Valley, it is important to BE PREPARED for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms throughout the entire year!
The unprecedented tornado outbreak of April 27, 2011 was a grim reminder of how dangerous severe weather can be across the Tennessee Valley.
After they have picked up the items, they will be recycled properly, protecting our environment from any harmful pollution.
So, take time NOW to learn more about severe weather and develop a safety plan of action when severe weather watches or warnings are issued.

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