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Storms developed on a southeast change clipping the Northern Rivers coastline from about 7.30pm Saturday 26 Oct 2013. Michael, are we still going to be concerned about fires or is this the change in conditions we needed. Please support our articlesSydney Hailstorm Repairs contact Morris 0409143422If you had your vehicle damaged in a hailstorm recently including Sydney, we have specialists that can quote the damage under special lights and give an accurate and reasonable quotation. Members can leave comments, upload and share photos in our Wunder Photos section and participate on the WunderBlogs. Why settle for one boring lightning bolt when you can show 70+ bolts in the same photograph? I personally own the Fujifilm X-T10, but I became curious recently: is the new X-Pro2 worth the upgrade, or is the X-T1 enough of an upgrade from the X-T10? Hong Kong is a densely populated city where high-rises are crammed close together and where an estimated 100,000+ people live in 40-square-foot cubicle apartments. If you’re anything like me, your camera bag tells the story of the many lenses that have come and gone. Yesterday evening, I received a troubling email from a student athlete at a Western-Canadian University, who we’re going to call Frank for the purposes of this story. Almost everything I do as a photographer comes back to this challenge: seeing light as a cinematographer would on set. Here's a beautiful 2-minute video by Great Big Story in which photographer Anuar Patjane talks about what it's like to swim with and photograph whales in the ocean. If you’re just starting out in photography and photo editing, you may be confused about that strange chart on your camera and in your software called the histogram.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of travelling, but I always came back to my home country, the Netherlands. When starting out in photography, a lot of beginners are confused about RAW and JPEG formats while shooting. I've had the option of shooting RAW since my Canon 20D over 10 years ago and even though I've never shot JPEG since then, I never actually compared a RAW with JPEG to see the data I would've been losing if I let the camera compress the files itself.
It looks like the future is going to be full of scary-looking weapons that are designed to take down rogue drones. Brandon and Brian Wright, better known as The Brothers Wright, are the identical twins behind the craft film company CineStill Film. A box of super-expired E-6 and C-41 35mm film has been sitting in a box in my closet for years, slowly filling up with random rolls collected from friends, found in old camera bags leftover from internships, and the like. Jason Paterson and I ventured down to Ballina for some lightning and were treated to quite a nice display. The moist air certainly makes it less ideal for bush fires to thrive as they did in previous weeks. Photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos of GreekSky recently shot a severe thunderstorm from Ikaria Island in Greece using a Canon 550D and 50mm 1.8 Mark II. It reduces light to your camera by 15 stops, meaning an ordinary 2-second exposure will take over 17 hours to expose through the filter.
Adobe recently launched "Lightroom Coffee Break," an ongoing series of videos that each contain a helpful Lightroom tip or trick, presented in 1-minute or less.
The company has just released official sample photos showing what the camera is capable of.

But, depending upon your definition, this photograph, a team effort by 9 men, is the most honored picture in U. I was recently reminded of this in conversation with a friend and fellow photographer as I was trying to think of the best advice I could give to someone wanting to step up their lighting game. Wonder no more: photos and specs of the soon-to-be-announced Canon Rebel T6 (AKA 1300D) have leaked.
Being completely ?at, having no mountains, no rocks, no skyscrapers, no good weather (usually), no super dark skies at night because of light pollution, I always feel a bit down when I come back from "spectacular" countries. There are plenty of explanations out there, but with us being photographers, it's easier for us to comprehend a visual reference. Last year, my friend (and project producer) Cale Glendening and I traveled to Mongolia to meet an eagle hunter and spend a week documenting his story. So I’m sharing one of my lighting journals from film school, it was my sort of “ah ha” moment after several semesters of confusion and frustration when it came to lighting. There were unconfirmed reports of hailstones up to golf ball size but suspect the biggest were about 2-3cm.

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