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Sonoma County Area Agency on AgingInformation about services available to seniors and adults with disabilities, as well as a list of caregivers in Sonoma County. Council on AgingA non-profit organization providing services for older residents in Sonoma County. Senior resource information including a directory of services, agencies, and programs in Sonoma County which assist older persons and people with disabilities. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The information set forth on this page has been furnished by the County and includes information obtained from other sources, which are believed to be reliable. As a way of thanking you for supporting School District 62, we are proud to sponsor the Senior Resources link on our website. We hope that you will volunteer in our schools, join the 62 CORP, and continue to be a part of our successes.

Aposentados, pensionistas e demais segurados da Previdencia Social comecaram a receber nessa segunda-feira, 24, a primeira parcela do decimo terceiro. Os primeiros a receber o decimo terceiro serao os beneficiarios que ganham um salario minimo com cartao de final 1, desconsiderando o digito. Os beneficiarios podem conferir as datas em calendario divulgado pelo Ministerio da Previdencia Social.
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In a community where more than 32.6% percent of residents do not have school-age children, this is indeed proof that Des Plaines supports its schools. Segundo o Ministerio da Previdencia Social, o adiantamento injetara R$ 16 bilhoes na economia.

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