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Ever spent countless hours filming only to discover crucial continuity mistakes, rendering your film a mess? Despite your crew’s professionalism and excellence, your film lacks consistency: there are tons of continuity errors. When every shot, action, and motion is consistent in your film, then you have achieved good continuity. Were there any complaints or special notes from either your DoP (Director of Photography) or director?
The script supervisor’s notes are outlined in a continuity report that is created throughout the shooting process. To further avoid continuity errors, an assistant to the script supervisor is usually a necessity.
Some mistakes can easily be fixed on set, however if overlooked an expensive reshoot may be your only option. Not even the blockbuster studio pictures I worked on had a budget for a script supervisor assistant!
It is a Script Supervisor's job to track of the continuity and logic of a film between scenes and between shots.

At the end of each day a production report is filled in to let any members of production not present on set know what happened that day and what progress has been made. The shooting schedule for a film may continue over a period of a few days, months, or even years. Two sets of eyes are definitely better than one when it comes to catching subtle errors on set. To help avoid that, the assistant can take pictures of each actor’s exact movements, wardrobe, makeup, hair and props. Hiring a trusted script supervisor will ensure that your film will be cut without having to compromise your edit. Camera information allows the camera crew to repeat exact set-ups should they need to match a shot taken later against this one. The lighting is perfect, your camera operator has an amazing shot, excellent audio, and the actors are all delivering. The script supervisor (called the continuity supervisor in the UK) has the extremely important task of maintaining your film’s continuity from shot to shot. This would entail moving the same camera to various angles and changing focal points and camera lenses for the same scene.

To maximize the impact of the assistant, it is important that they have a different vantage point than the script supervisor. This will help immensely if you’re forced to split a scene up by a few hours, days, or even months.
Continuity notes help the actors repeat their actions exactly during further takes whilst descriptions and logging tell the editor exactly what the shot is.
Maintaining continuity despite this movement can become extremely difficult, but is aided by the help of the script supervisor’s notes. Luckily, the Script Supervisor is there specifically to ensure that the editor will be able to make due.Below are some sample notes David B.

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