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Questions regarding evacuation plans may be addressed to Kevin McSweeney or call 831-6847. Topics include: AEDs In University Departments, ATTENTION Chemical Waste Generators!, Is Your Training Up To Date? In the course of surveying the site to learn what it would take to put things back in order, Jeremy found that there was no emergency lighting on the top floor of the building, and there never had been. All commercial buildings and multi-family residences are required to establish evacuation procedures to ensure that occupants can get out in a safe, orderly manner under emergency conditions. The first step in creating an emergency plan is to determine safe, efficient routes for building occupants to evacuate a building when necessary. Plan the most efficient routes to the various exits for occupants in each area of the building to avoid over-congestion of any single exit. This sample evacuation floor plan developed by OSHA designates safe routes to primary and secondary emergency exits from various areas on a floor of an office building.
Planning standards require provisions for lighting egress routes designated for emergency evacuation. Exits must be marked by approved signs that are readily visible from any direction of exit access. An exit sign with a directional indicator must be placed in every location where the direction of travel to reach the nearest exit is not apparent. Under most local building and fire codes in force today, emergency fixtures equipped with rechargeable batteries satisfy emergency planning standards.
Most building codes require placement of lighted exit signs at suitable doorways and signs with directional markings along escape routes.
Most local codes require emergency lighting systems to be tested for at least 30 seconds once a month and for a full 90 minutes at least once a year. That’s why I was surprised when Jeremy told me about the missing emergency lights in the building he was working on.
To be sure, regulations prescribing emergency planning are complex — and they vary in specifics from state to state and city to city.

Michael ChotinerMichael Chotiner is a construction expert who has been a general contractor for many years.
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2-Minute Small Business SurveyQuick & anonymous survey to help us provide more of what you need in your business. We have been using Realserve services for over 10 years to prepare base drawings for the building modification and improvements we design.
GormanKelly have had the pleasure of dealing with Realserve for a number of years and have found them to be professionally courteous, consistent in the timely delivery of service and to have always provided thorough and high-quality reports.
Realserve’s Existing Conditions Surveys are an excellent base from which to start a refurbishment project, I can also always be confident in the level of accuracy. REALSERVE provide accurate and compliant evacuation diagrams and fire safety plans showing all fire safety equipment, assembly areas and evacuation points with accuracy.
Realserve bring with them over 10 years of Nationwide Site Measurement experience gained with many of Australia’s premiere national groups, and have learnt the complexities involved in measuring projects ranging from working hospitals and international airports to sensitive due diligence matters.
Please feel free to call me on (08) 8293 5393 for a quote or to discuss any of our services. He’d been asked to carry out repairs on a four-story building with shops on the ground floor and apartments above that had been damaged by an improperly installed fire sprinkler system. A number of national building standards organizations and the federal government have established requirements for emergency planning, and local building code and fire officials have authority to enforce the rules.
The plan helps occupants bypass potentially dangerous routes, including elevators and areas where hazardous materials are stored.
For that reason, lighted exit signs and other types of emergency lighting fixtures must be installed along established evacuation paths. The batteries store energy supplied by the building’s primary electrical system and use it to power lights during a power failure. This model has a battery backup and integral floodlights to provide a safe level of lighting for up to 90 minutes in the event of a power failure.

Most applicable codes require emergency plans to be formalized in writing, distributed to building occupants, reinforced with posters illustrating the floor plan and escape routes, and rehearsed through periodic evacuation drills. Anybody paying attention to the prescribed procedures should have discovered the issue long before Jeremy did. Codes related to emergency systems are sufficiently technical that they should be designed and implemented by professionals who are familiar with local best practices. Michael writes on construction topics for businesses, including emergency lighting, for Home Depot. We have always found the drawing provided as accurate, clearly presented and a cost effective solution for site measurements required to complete our work. Realserve has a clear understanding of what the industry requires and delivers in a highly professional, cost effective and time efficient manner. Their accuracy, detail and prompt responses have assisted us immensely with our projects and clients. Externally and internally illuminated signs must be visible in both the normal and emergency lighting mode. In most cases, emergency fixtures must have the capacity to store at least enough electricity to power lights for up to 90 minutes. Plans must be updated when changes occur — like remodeling that alters floor plans, changes in staffing and the like. You can view a full range of range of emergency and exit lights on the Home Depot website that are available for commercial buildings.

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