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A little information that will help you to be ready to act in the case that you are hit with a hurricane will be a powerful tool in your defense. We all watch the news and know that anything can happen at any time that will change our lives.
I looked to the experts and gathered these 10 vital tips for four natural disasters that can happen to any home anywhere that will save you money and your home in the long run.
Flooding is devastating to homes and families as we have sadly seen take place recently in Colorado.
We are now in the peak of hurricane season, but the good news its not too late to be prepared.
3."The first step to protecting your wallet from costly hurricane damage is to review your homeowners policy with your insurance agent to determine whether you have adequate protection," said Mark. 4.Mark also notes that the second critical step is to make a home inventory so that you can easily offer a list of damaged possessions to your insurer in the event that you are impacted by the storm. The peak of wild fire season is now, September - October, but of course fires can happen at anytime. 5.The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) states that the roof is the most vulnerable part of your home. We haven't experienced any major earthquakes in the Los Angeles area for a while (thankfully!) but it's still important to be ready for one. 7.The Earthquake Country Alliance says first and foremost arrange your home for safety to prevent injury and damage. 8.You may need to evacuate quickly after an earthquake, leaving behind important financial documents. 9.Again, it's important to review your homeowners policy with your insurance agent to determine whether you have the right protection.
10.Know where your gas, electric, and water main shutoffs are located and how to turn them off in case the earthquake causes a leak or electrical short.
Children are in their second semester of school, which means summer vacation is getting closer. Snow and ice are beautiful, but they can cause damage if you don’t winterize your home. Record-breaking Hurricane Sandy landed earlier Monday in New Jersey, leaving the east coast with flooded streets and damaged, powerless homes. Water: The recommended amount of water to have stored is one gallon per person for three days.
Generator: Not all hurricanes cause power outages, but it is best to have one just in case.
Non-perishable food: You do not know how long you will need food to last in emergency situations so be sure to have plenty of non-perishable food stocked and ready to eat so you won’t worry about the grocery shelves being empty by the time you get there. Depending on the strength of the hurricane, you may have to keep your blinds closed to stop broken glass from flying in, and always stay away from your windows. Be sure to prune your trees and shrubs to keep any branches from flying off and allow for more wind resistance.
Bring your cars and anything outside that cannot be tied down into your garage to prevent them from flying away or damaging your home. Have any important documents, emergency money and clothes packed, and your vehicles fully gassed in case of evacuation. Even if you do not live in a coastal region where hurricanes land, be sure to have the essential items ready for any disaster. Typically when you buy honeycomb or cellular shades for your windows, you don’t think about the benefits of the shades and what it can do for you and your home. Insulation: The space between the fabrics is so it can insulate your home from harsh climates.

Now that you’ve learned more about honeycomb shades, check out Blinds On Time’s selection of Cellular Shades and insulate, save, protect, and decorate your home!
Protecting your family members and dealing with any kind of emergency situation calls for proper security measures.
In a very short notice there can be winter storms, earthquake, tsunami or hurricane, which can create lots of damages to life. The necessity of keeping discount medical supplies is not just restricted within clinics, hospitals and physicians’ offices, but also in many other places.
If you buy discount medical supply items in bulk quantity then you will be able to avoid spending more money and at the same you can store a number of items in your emergency kits that can be very useful for your family during urgent situations.
Read Also:9 Reason You Should Start Cooking With Cast Iron PanWhile deciding the contents of these emergency kits, it is essential to assess the requirement of the household. You may keep the contents of the kit as per the need of the family members of the household.
In case any member of your household is having severe allergies then you can also keep an epinephrine pen. It is very difficult to say when you will face an emergency situation and what will be the requirement.
Read Also:97 Percent of The Time, Chemotherapy Does Not Work And Continues To Be Used Only For One ReasonWith a little bit of pro activeness you can save lots of life during an emergency. George writes about the importance of having proper supplies of medicines at homes, in order to handle medical emergencies.
Medical Disclaimer Statements on Get Holistic Health about health issues aren't meant to identify, treat, cure, or protect against illness.
There are a few helpful hurricane hints for protecting yourself and your family that will serve you well no matter what area that you are in. Bear in mind, that if the local government calls for evacuation or for a big wave along with the hurricane, then it is best to evacuate. Sometimes it's an unexpected incident during a predicted or planned event and other times it is all sudden and unexpected like a natural disaster. If there is a risk its best to purchase flood insurance as damage from flooding is not covered under a standard homeowner's insurance policy.
Do not dispose of damaged items without prior approval from your insurance claims adjuster. With the right preparation you can significantly reduce the risk of property damage in a storm, saving money and headaches. Be as detailed as possible, listing all personal items and including photos and videos where possible.
I have lived in California all my life, so it has become part of my life to take careful precautions to protect my home from earthquake damage as well as preventing injury. Make sure that bookcases, large file cabinets, flat screen TVs, mirrors and artwork are anchored. Keep your children safe while you’re at work by buying child safety blinds for your home. Now is the perfect time! Some blinds come with looped cords that spark children’s curiosities, and think it is something to play with. The time to prepare for Sandy has passed; however, the time to prepare for the next is now.
Besides battery-operated radios, crank radios are great for emergencies because they operate without batteries. If you are looking for more than just standard insulation, double-celled shades will do the trick.
Their insulating properties help your home keep a stable temperature making your air conditioning units or heaters work less, which means more money in your pocket!
If you buy some of Blinds On Time’s Honeycomb Shades right now, you will get a free upgrade to cordless.

They offer a wide variety of colors from dark colors to pastel, and patterns.  The choices are abundant. You need to ensure that all the necessary precautionary measures are taken to avoid any untoward circumstances. Now, many people realize that we must be a little more prepared to face such emergency situation, which is good for our safety and recovery from such situation. As a matter of fact every household must keep an emergency kit ready in their house in order to meet any kind of eventuality. If one of the members in the family is suffering from certain chronic ailments then the necessary drug may be required so that they can be given proper treatment during any kind of emergency situation.  Today, we are living in the internet age and hence it is easy to find plenty of online stores offering medical supplies at an affordable and discounted price.
You can also include the following medical supplies, which can be useful during any crisis situation.
It is therefore best to prepare yourself against all eventualities and store them in a safe place.
You need to make small amount of investment to purchase these medical supplies and thereby you can have total peace of mind. He also writes about how you can procure discount medical supplies right from the comforts of your home. In most cases you will not be asked to evacuate unless there is serious danger to you, such as excessive winds or a tidal wave or something to go along with it. However, I think we still think, "It won't happen to me." With recent sudden flooding in Colorado, fires in Yosemite, and the peak of hurricane season arriving, we need to change that mindset and be prepared for anything.
CAL FIRE recommends building your roof or re-roof with materials such as composition, metal or tile. And you will find that a fire safe landscape can increase your property value and conserve water while beautifying your home. Create a "grab-and-go" bag with important documents such as identification, emergency credit card, and what you need to file an insurance claim.
Generally speaking, earthquake insurance covers damages to the home or its contents that are caused by earthquake. Learn more about how to be prepared and how to create an earthquake kit at Moving Happiness Home. Not only will it help your home feel cooler during a scorcher, but it will also help your home stay warm when the winter season rolls in.
Also, many other places like offices, schools and in our cars where we need to spend a considerable amount of time must have certain emergency medicines.
You can keep the emergency kits at your office, home and car or at school so that you need not waste your valuable time in looking for them till the doctor arrive at the scene.
Material shown by Get Holistic Health is for educational purposes only and isn't meant to substitute for the recommendation of a doctor and other medical professional.
You can learn more about this "grab-and-go" bag as well as strengthening your property at Earthquake Country Alliance.
Candles are not a safe bet in a hurricane. If you are under a hurricane watch or warning, make sure that you leave your home if you are in a particularly low area.
Your home may be able to be replaced but you will not be replaceable. Once the storm has cleared the area, and you are still in your home.

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