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I found a printable and shareable illustrated sets of simple safety tips, produced by GMA News Online.
Comments or suggestions about "Earthquake Safety Tips - Safety, Awareness and Planning" is important to us, you may share it by using the comment box below. It was originally posted on the wall of one of the solid supporters of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Even if the area you live in was not hit by the earthquake this time, you can’t be too careful.
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On 19th June 2012 an earthquake occurred with the epicenter being ten kilometers south west of Moe.
On Friday March 11th, 2011 an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude triggered a tsunami hitting the coastline of Japan destroying everything in its path. After the fresh devastating earthquakes in the ring of fire, many people have been wondering what they should do should they ever be caught in an earthquake. This graphic from Hawaiian Volcano Observatory shows the recommended way to respond to an earthquake.

Scientists at Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, the folks who know a thing or three about earthquakes, are offering tips on how to be safe when the earth begins to move around you.
In its weekly Volcano Watch column, HVO said extensive research has debunked the common perceptions of what to do when caught in an earthquake. And trying to run outside during an earthquake is more dangerous than staying inside a building, they say. Ground movement could result in a loss of balance and fall with the risk of serious injury. Standing in a doorway of an unreinforced adobe (mud-brick) building or older wood-frame house could provide a measure of protection during an earthquake, it said. And if in a country with poorly engineered construction, or if on the ground floor of an unreinforced adobe building that has a heavy ceiling, moving quickly to an outdoor open space could be the best option. HVO said according to emergency managers, safety experts, earthquake rescue teams and researchers, the best plan is to follow the credo: “Drop! Then, protect as much of your body as possible, especially your head and neck, by taking cover under a sturdy table or desk, the column said. HVO scientists say that ideally, the procedure should be practiced, and an earthquake drill to be conducted this fall will be the perfect opportunity.

Started in 2008 in California – another well-known shaky place – the drill last year drew more than 19 milllion participants worldwide. Christchurch was badly damaged by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, which killed 185 people and injured several thousand.
While most are too small to be noticed, a few are large enough to cause damage, sometimes statewide, such as the 6.7-magnitude Kiholo Bay tremor in 2006. Since most Filipinos live in an earthquake danger zone, the sooner you meet with your family to discuss what to do once your home starts to shake, the better your chances of survival. The Richter magnitude scale, is a measurement of the seismic energy released by an earthquake. Officially it was one of more than 10,000 aftershocks of the less destructive magnitude 7.1 earthquake that struck on 4 September 2010.

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