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These images show: a thunderstorm, a radar image of a thunderstorm, activities where people need to take caution because they are in potential danger due to a thunderstorm, and a weather radio.
Shop Windows to the Universe Science Store!The Fall 2009 issue of The Earth Scientist, which includes articles on student research into building design for earthquakes and a classroom lab on the composition of the Earth’s ancient atmosphere, is available in our online store. Remember, YOU are ultimately responsible for your personal safety, and should take appropriate action when threatened by Florida's #1 weather related killer - LIGHTNING. It is recommended that when you hear a clap of thunder, or if thunderclouds are building overhead, you should implement your lightning safety action plan  without delay!
If you see lightning and it takes 10 seconds before you hear the thunder, then the lightning is 2 miles away from you (10 divided by 5 = 2 miles, too close!!).
Designate one of the members to monitor NOAA weather radio (which can be purchased at most electronics stores, such as Radio Shack) or a portable radio. It is recommended that if the time delay between observing a lightning flash and hearing its subsequent thunder is 30 seconds or less, or if thunderclouds are building overhead, the group should implement the lightning safety action plan without delay!
If you see lightning and it takes 10 seconds before you hear the thunder, then the lightning is 2 miles away from you (10 divided by 5 = 2 miles).
Safety organizers should monitor NOAA weather radio (which can be purchased at most electronics stores), or a portable radio or local cable, radio or TV broadcasts.. First, you know that people should already be in safe shelter when lightning is within 6 miles of the event site. With a large group of people, safe sites must be identified beforehand, along with a means to route these people to the safe locations (school buses are excellent lightning shelters and they can be placed at strategic locations, especially if nearby substantial shelters are not available).
NOAA's National Weather Service has discovered that 64 percent of lightning deaths since 2006 occurred while people were participating in leisure activities, with fishing topping the list at 26 deaths. Of the 152 deaths associated with leisure activities, fishing is followed by camping (15 deaths), boating (14 deaths), soccer (12 deaths) and golf (8 deaths).
Jensenius said the large number of fishing, camping and boating lightning deaths may occur because these activities require extra time to get to a safe place.

Prior to the lightning safety campaign, lightning killed an average of 73 people each year in the United States.
The best way for people to protect themselves against lightning injury or death is to monitor the weather and postpone or cancel outdoor activities when thunderstorms are in the forecast. National Weather Service forecast offices throughout the country will promote lightning safety at local events all week. On June 22, the Binghamton, NY, forecast office participated in the Moscow Country Run in Moscow, PA, by announcing the starting commands of the race. On June 28, the National Weather Service will team up with the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park to promote lightning safety awareness at the major league baseball game.
NOAA's mission is to understand and predict changes in the Earth's environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and to conserve and manage our coastal and marine resources. The Website was developed in part with the support of UCAR and NCAR, where it resided from 2000 - 2010. Divide the number of seconds by five (5) to get the distance the lightning is away from you. Make sure the event organizers responsible for safety get a good weather forecast before the event begins. John Jensenius, a lightning safety specialist with the National Weather Service, conducted the study by examining demographic information for 238 deaths attributed to lightning over the last seven years. The remaining 77 people were struck by lightning while participating in a number of other leisure activities like enjoying the beach, swimming, walking and running, riding recreational vehicles, and picnicking or relaxing in their yard.
Lightning can strike from 10 miles away, so if people can hear thunder, they are in danger of being struck by lightning. NOAA experts joined partners from the Lightning Protection Institute, the Colorado Department of Homeland Security, local fire officials, other lightning safety partners and local TV meteorologist Jeff Womack for a public open house safety event at South Metro Fire Station #45. The run was a combination lightning safety event and fundraiser for Jason Penecek, who was struck by lightning while attending the Pocono 400 NASCAR race at Pocono Raceway last August.

Meteorologists from the NWS Boston Forecast Office will host an information booth, and lightning safety information will appear on the video board during the 5th inning of the game against the Toronto Blue Jays. NOAA released these findings on the first day of National Lightning Safety Awareness Week to call attention to the danger of outdoor activities during a thunderstorm. The only safe places to be during a thunderstorm are in a building with four walls and a roof or in a car. After hearing lightning safety education talks, visitors toured the fire station and spoke with lightning experts.
Jason, who lost his best friend of almost 20 years during the storm, continues to struggle with debilitating injuries. A hut, cabana, tent, or other rain shelter will not protect a person from being struck by lightning.
The run consisted of three events: The Lightning Bolt 5k, the One-Mile Shock Walk and the Kids Thunder Run. We provide training for our supervisory and trade personnel, implementing safety policies consistently on all of our projects. Jason’s experience as a lightning strike victim and journey back to health inspired his sister and fellow runner, Kimberly McHale, to create a local Lightning Awareness Group, which visits local schools and community events to promote lightning safety awareness.
All supervisory personnel are required to have a minimum of OSHA 30-hour training and all trade personnel have their OSHA 10-hour training. Most importantly, it has allowed us to ensure every employee returns home safely at the end of every day and that alone is priceless. These storms are the most likely to produce long-lasting tornadoes and baseball-sized hail.

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