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Flooding is a natural process,which only becomes a hazard when it has a direct or indirect effect upon the lives of people. Embankments: these are raised banks which makes the river's cross section larger and so it can hold more water. Washlands are sections of the flood plain which are allowed to flood, therefore they are usually left as sports fields and nature parks. Land use zoning is designed to prevent development in areas most prone to flooding and developments is only allowed in 'safe' areas. Warning systems: issued by flood protection agencies to enable people to react to the danger. River Mole catchment one of several SE catchments densely populated with homes at risk Brockham Bridge Dec 24 2013 Burford Bridge, BoxHill DFec 2013 Brockham Dec 2013 Reigate Dec 2013 Low flood discharges can move cars Brockham Bridge Brockham rescue Landlord raised this cottage above 100 year flood risk level: this is a ROAD, not the river!
So, the River Mole is usually well behaved but, like most rivers, it has rare moments of significant flooding. Despite being a small river, flooding along the River Mole has the capacity to cause significant damage and disruption on a local and even national scale due to location of key infrastructure and communications located within the catchment, most notably, Gatwick airport, East Surrey Hospital, the M25 and M23 and the London-Brighton railway. Burford Bridge hotel, Dorking and Ye Olde Six Bells in Horley : amongst other commercial properties were submerged by flooding and closed for extended periods. A severe flood warning was issued by the Environment Agency for one stretch of the Mole during this period, meaning there was a threat to life. Before we investigate the causes and management of floods it is important to understand that there are 4 types of flooding, though the main concern for this post is fluvial (river) flooding. Geology: the solid bedrock of the River Mole drainage basin is predominantly impermeable Wealden Clays and Greensand. River Tees case study Key idea: River use and management Examples of hard engineering solutions on a major UK river Need photocopy of R. This typically happens in the lower course of a river and is why flood plains are created by the river.

Also of importance are factors such as the population density of an area at risk, and issues related to ownership of land in the catchment area.
The Mole and its tributaries flow broadly north, through Crawley, around and under Gatwick airport, before meandering through mostly rural countryside to Dorking. UK Power Networks raised compensation from ?27 to ?75 for customers without power for 48-60 hrs.
Fluvial floods: rivers naturally burst their banks and water naturally spills across flood plains when intensive rainfall (acute fluvial flooding) or prolonged periods of rainfall (chronic flood episodes) cause river levels to rise beyond bankfull stage. Groundwater flooding: Low lying areas, usually in more rural locations with permeable bedrock, are prone to the water table rising in prolonged wet weather causing surface flooding.
These are important wildlife habitats The lower course is much more urbanized and industrialized than the upper sections, with large towns such as Stockton and Middlesbrough and the vast port of Teesside.
Hard management basically means the 'building of something'; where as soft management is to do with 'natural choices'.
Most of the land forms a delta from three main rivers - Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna - and 25 per cent of Bangladesh is less than 1 m above sea level. The Mole Gap at Dorking is one of the defining geomorphological features of the river as it flows through a gap in the North Downs chalk ridge to reach the London Basin where it finally meets the Thames at Hampton Court. This seasonal flooding is beneficial as it provides water for the rice and jute (two main crops in the area) it also helps to keep the soil fertile. The Mole has a catchment of 512km 2 and a mean discharge in its middle course at Sidlow of 2.4 cumecs and a mean discharge at its confluence with the Thames at Esher of 6 cumecs (cubic metres per second). Reigate and Redhill are both identified in the list of 5 highest risk areas for surface water flooding in Surrey.
The A25 between Reigate and Dorking is prone to such groundwater flooding as the water table rises on the scarp slope of the Downs and flows across the road, often at the boundary between chalk and gault clay.
There are several dams in the Mole catchment which are low risk and smaller in scale, for example Tilgate Lake in Crawley.

Shipbuilding has been replaced by oil platform construction and there is a huge modern integrated steelworks (raw materials are converted to finished goods in one factory) at Redcar. Bangladesh also experiences many tropical cyclones [tropical storm: A low pressure system in the tropical latitudes which has high winds and rainfall.
Legislation requires any such dams to be regularly monitored for safety, so the risk of breaching is very low in the Mole Valley, but nevertheless, part of flood risk assessment in this area.
These have better liaison with the Meteorological Office, police and other emergency services. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. However, urban development around Crawley, Gatwick, Horley, Reigate, Dorking, Leatherhead and Cobham have substantial numbers of properties at risk from river floods associated with the Mole, as have tributaries such as Burstow Brook and Gatwick Stream. The land is easily reclaimed and there is a nearby labour supply and good transport: networks.
Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. The worst recorded flooding in the River Mole was in 1968 when a rare 1:200 year storm caused rainfall to exceed 100mm in 24 hours and a staggering discharge over 240 cumecs in the Lower Mole (see extract below).
The port also provides a sheltered harbour for the import of raw materials and the export of finished goods.

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