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Following a formal kick-off, the project manager creates and oversees the budget and scheduling including phase gates where client sign-off is required before the project proceeds further.
The PM also works closely with the client as well as all studio resources to draft the Project Requirement Document (PRD). Businesses are concerned with having safeguards in place to assure that they will get the customized software they want, when they want it, for the cost they expect.
Mission Critical Software LLC provides high-quality software development consulting services and cloud-based software applications, with a technical focus on Microsoft and Google technologies, and with subject matter focus in government, health care, environmental, and financial applications.
Our senior advisers will meet with you to listen and help you articulate your vision, help you to understand the technology challenges that stand in the way, and provide the resources to help your business successfully realize that vision. We propose an easy-to-use watch that can help the average golf player be more statistically informed.

Current and future employment legislation is continuously blurring the line between contractors and employees.
The risks associated with the administration and payroll of Independent Contractors are primarily driven by the need to ensure compliance with the relevant bodies of tax legislation and employment law.
More than just a plan or a list of deliverables, the PRD serves as an objective yet organic document that can grow and evolve with a project, but remain the standard against which the project is constantly measured.
Our approach is focused on mitigating the risks that can get in the way of accomplishing those objectives.
With the help of a Bluetooth network that can stream information from an external server located in the golf range, the watch will be able to calculate up-to-the-minute statistics.
You would have a competitive advantage over your peers and be well equipped to lower your score on a golf range.

Many companies are unknowingly infringing on these laws putting themselves at risk for large penalties, tax audits, benefit payment assessments, and fines.
The criteria for assessing risk relate to how a company handles payroll deductions and remittance obligations. By anticipating potential problems and setbacks, we can manage them and the loss of valuable time and resources.
This ensures the project stays on course, the budget stays on target and that the final product meets and exceeds expectations.

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