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School councils must inform the Minister and the Departmental Head of known major risks to the effective operation of the school and the risk management systems that it has in place to address these risks (based on Section 81 (1b) of the Public Administration Act 2004).
A critical element of  delivering effective risk management is to apply the standard process in all areas. Schools are to maintain a risk register detailing all risk to school visions objectives and goals as well as risks to governance and any other business activities. The leadership team and school council should regularly review the risk register to ensure controls remain effective, treatments are being implemented and residual risks remain tolerable. A program of risk management training including an element in induction training will enhance risk management application and culture. Important: Risk management is about better planning and decision making to improve educational outcomes.

Kwl table - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A kwl table, or kwl chart, is a graphical organizer designed to help in learning. Problem solving flow chart : dangerous intersection, I ended copy humorous problem solving flow chart 30 years . Local Governments need to prepare for the impacts that climate change may have on human safety, property, infrastructure, services, industry and the local environment.
The Guide for Business and Government has adopted the general methodology from Australian Standards 4360 Risk Management. Risk management maximises the ability to deliver on school objectives, promotes sound decision making, works to safeguard child, student and employee wellbeing and contributes to meeting community and Government expectations for accountable and responsible use of public resources. The online module may assist in getting started, see: Risk Management - Online Risk Module.

Due to the complexity and uncertainty of climate change scenarios, assessing the risks associated with climate change is an essential approach to local planning for climate change. A sample register which can be edited and has automatic tools embedded is available, see: Risk Management in Schools – Risk Register.

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