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Even before you set off on a lengthy trip around the world it is worth recognising that it will be a challenge to return back home. I remember ordering a coffee shortly after touching down back in the UK, in my head all I could hear was my order in Spanish.
At first you may find it a relief to be back home, seeing your friends and family after such a long period of time. You may find that you feel like there is more distance between you and your friends mainly because you have a different outlook on things. Try staying in touch with the people you’ve met whilst traveling, this can easily be done via the likes of Facebook these days. If you were learning a language on the road you should try to keep up the lessons back home or even if you never quite learnt any how about taking some lessons now?
Finding new hobbies or interests you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to is a great way to get back into life at home.
Bring back the memories from your travels, read back some of your travel blog or organise your photos. Although your traveling experience may change your outlook forever you may find it difficult to re-adjust once you make it back home. My husband and I have had a tough time since returning to the States in mid-2008 after 27 countries and 14 months around the world.
The worst part has been with friends that have fallen off, mostly because they don't seem tolerant to our new minimalism, nor do they even want to understand it, for that matter.
I plan to publish an article I wrote a while back that addresses a similar theme as yours here; stay tuned.
What's amazing is how quickly humans adapt, either to re-entry or to yet a new adventure. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Yes, even though you are returning to your home culture after experiencing many new different cultures, you still will be in some stage of shock. After JoAnna Haugen was gone in the Peace Corps for an extended period of time, she talks about how she combats the shock of being home. It’s important to surround yourself by people who’ve gone through a similar experience and love travel. And be warned…there will be people who aren’t very interested in hearing stories about your travels.
It’s important it is to take time to process the emotions, questions, and concerns that come up after a career break abroad.
This work by Edward Calvert, Blake's follower and a member of 'the Ancients', was engraved on wood, like Blake's illustrations to Robert Thornton's 'Virgil', also displayed on this wall.

If there was ever a case for an airline to drop its exorbitant baggage fees, surely this was the case!A unit of soldiers on their way home had to shell out nearly $3,000 of their own money in excess baggage fees to Delta Air Lines.
As a retired service man and the father of a service man who has spent a tour in Iraq, I'm stunned at Delta doing this. Delta is able to run its corrupt business because these soldiers are over there fighting for their freedom to do so. I can not believe delta would do such a horrible thing to our troops - that is almost as bad as the vietnam troops when they got home the "people" spit on them well delta stole from our troops of today. These are people defending our country while these big corporations make their money under their protection. Maybe the right thing to do is charge only the women just like it is only men who have to register for the draft.How long do you think it would last if only women had to register it is time to contact congress and get things changed.
Risk your life and fight for freedom, then travel in economy for hours on end to get back home? In many cases it can be a bigger culture shock than the one you experienced at your first destination. It was strange to be in a situation where I was speaking English after 8 months in South America.
By keeping in touch when you get home will increase the likelihood you’ll meet again.
There are many hobbies that you just couldn’t do whilst traveling, now is the time to do them. You don’t have to go away for a long time or to far away places but to do some independent travel will help even if it is just to meet some like minded travelers.
I'm Paul, an award winning travel blogger who focuses on solo adventure travel and has a passion for using new technology.
I was so fit I couldn't understand why people would drive just a mile or two, or take an elevator for a few floors. In Luke, the Parable of the Prodigal Son reveals the character of God and his expectation that all sinners may return to a father-son relationship with him. There are a few pieces of advice we can provide you, but until you live it, it’s hard to say how you will feel about returning.
Odds are that the first time you walk back into a grocery store in North America you may be thrilled to be there, but you will also be a bit dazed and confused with all of the choices. And as Paul Milton shares, the experience will certainly change you – for the better. Learn to identify them before you bore them to death and find people who do want to hear them. It shows a weary shepherd returning home after the sun has set; his wife waits for him at the door of their cottage.

The troops, whose orders stated that they could check in up to four bags free of charge, had to pay $200 for every fourth bag after the airline told them that service members not traveling in first class are limited to three bags, CBS News reports.Is it just us or does this sound a bit ridiculous? F that im not even go into deets cause 1,224 other peeps agree wid me so, u get ma point yes? Natch it wouldda been better had there not been a charge in the first place, as a concession gesture of respect towards our returning soldiers.
Its bad enough that they even have to pass security check pionts and in some cases searched.
But don’t get too comfortable because just around the corner are a whole heap of re-entry issues to deal with. I write, take photos and produce videos about travel, food, craft beer, coffee and adventure. Service was required NOW, and even a five-second wait brought out some people's irritation.
In response, they acknowledged their sinful life and came to Jesus for healing and forgiveness, while the Pharisees considered themselves good enough according to God's standards Thus the Parable of the Prodigal Son reveals both God's love for those who were ready to accept it (the prodigal son who returns to his father), and his rejection of the Pharisees' self-centered righteousness (the older son in the parable).
They are still your support group and understand the same struggles that you may face when you return. The scene suggest a pastoral life, though the image of a world-weary shepherd on his donkey invites a comparison with Christ entering Jerusalem. Go defend our country, go fight for freedom, and oh yeah, when you come home, you owe us for your checked luggage.Tsk, tsk Delta.
After so many months in the third world, with limited resources at times, we didn't know what to do with the American opulence, let alone most of the items on the once-familiar menu seemed to foreign. In these four messages by Raul Ries we find that the contrast between the two sons is an important point in the parable.
Calvert later painted this same image in tempera and, in doing so, seems to enter even more into the spirit of Blake's biblical art. Was it triggered by an outcry to emphasize everyone(including companies and organizations) should support our troops in some manner?
Personally I like to think the public is more supportive than it was yesteryear---during NAM---regardless of political persuasion. Whatever the trigger was, or mostly was, the outcome of the message was good: OUR TROOPS deserve our abiding respect and courtesy.

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