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Imagine is all about community and as progress is achieved and results are starting to be seen in the lives of individuals and families, the excitement for imagine is growing.
Join us to offer your insights, opinions or questions to the discussion at! Check out the latest imagine Communication Team short video focused on the scope and impact of the imagine project. A look at the benefits of the new form of collaboration happening through the imagine project. Kristen noted that Licking County’s new service coordinators are jumping right in with enthusiasm, even though they are still learning this new way of doing things. Lois reported good successes using imagine principles to cost out individual support plans in Fairfield County. Tiffany said that people who completed the Exposure training in Washington County were surprisingly receptive to the new concepts.
Aleesa said that Person Centered Thinking coaches in Licking County are reviewing imagine ISPs and providing input.
Molly said it has been exciting to see the reactions and hear feedback from the pre-alpha group that has been testing things out at the Ohio Department of DD. Jane expressed her appreciation to all the Discovery CoE members who attend and participate in the group meetings. The Resource Management members contributed input into the application development when they met in Columbus in July.
Additionally, Resource Management and Planning CoE members met and worked through concerns that arose in the manual pilot. A Community Resource Directory that can be used throughout Region V remains in development.
Please remember to submit feedback around Listening and Learning so we have data for the Centers of Excellence to review in July. A sub-group has created draft ideas on how Service and Support Administrators (SSA) can potentially measure progress related to outcomes. A CoE sub-group is reviewing the multiple Listening and Learning process maps in the hopes of merging some and re-vamping others to simplify things.
Listening and Learning is looking into creating a feedback loop for providers so they can report their progress with the manual pilot. All aspects of the imagine Project were reviewed when the Program Oversight team met on July 10th at the Licking County Board of DD in Newark. Present at this meeting were Nancy Neely (Licking CBDD), Natalie Lupi (Tuscarawas CBDD), Tim Spitzer and Tara Nicodemus (MEORC), Becky Novak (consultant), Debbie Hoffine, Molly Shaw, Kathy Casagrande and Matt Curren, all of the Ohio Department of DD.
The Program Oversight team conducted a phone meeting on July 24th and will meet again in person on August 14th. The first training session for the 75 new Person-Centered Thinking Coaches was held in July. All the trainings have been redesigned based on feedback received from the Phase I counties.

A SSA Process Boot Camp and Provider Process Boot Camp are new and currently being piloted.
Person Centered Thinking Trainers are getting ready to implement the newly-revised Exposure Training, a two-day course of instruction.
The Information Technology (IT) Design Team provides full status reports each week as IT Development continues at a consistent pace. Team members participated in the Program Oversight meeting on July 19th and in the afternoon participated in the imagine training meeting. The scheduled date to roll out the imagine Information Technology for use the first time may need to be rescheduled to ensure the portal application contains Discovery information that allows for collaboration. This fully integrated diploma program will deliver a fully fledge knowledge with comprehensive skills in The Business Environment, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behavior and People Planning & Resourcing.
It will equip the students with an academic training that opens new possibilities in the development of their skills, and will allow them to make firm decisions about their future career development with well qualified lecturers. To develop the knowledge and skills which will give you a better understanding of the world of business management and to be more responsive and effective in your current roles and progress your career.
The course is designed to be student-centered and features a significant amount of group work and case study analysis. As the CEO of BrightWork I thought it would be interesting and important to rate BrightWork alongside the Project Management wishes in this excellent article. We at BrightWork did pretty well on the Project Management wishes list for a Monday morning! Finance Resource Management< Back to section Control of financial resources in Indiain PuneAbout enterpriseN.
In July the imagine Communication Team focused on the growing imagine community, successes and the excitment that is mounting as the scope and impact of the imagine project continues to swell. Wrapping up this months theme of Community & Excitement, Knox DD Superintendent Steve Oster provides the narration of this fun whirlwind of an overview of the connections being built in the state, the commitment to the imagine changes and the ties with national person centered thinking efforts.
This video answers the, 'what's in it for me?' for county board staff, individuals and families when it comes to collaboration. There has been a lot of positive feedback and things to address have been identified as well. The actual costing out of services has proven to be quite a challenge through the manual piloting process.
The information they provided was in relation to cost projecting and the related approval and agreement workflows. The concerns were related to connecting services to outcomes for cost projecting, confirming design aspects, and recommendations for changes. Related work is being done to refine the recommendation from Resource Management that specific activities happen that will cultivate and increase the use of community resources. Information System (IS) development, regional trainings, Center of Excellence activities and the manual pilot were discussed. Topics will include mentoring others and maintaining consistency and value throughout the region.

Service and Support Administrators (SSA) in many of the Phase II counties have begun the demanding SSA Process Training Series.
A An imagine training team has been assembled and the team members are talking about how to train users on the new software. On July 16th, the team led and participated in the IT Show and Tell at the Ohio Department of Agriculture in Reynoldsburg. As a follower, you can ask questions, share imagine related news from your facebook page to ours, and easily share content about the imagine project with your facebook associates and audiences! The meeting was very productive and gave them an opportunity to see first-hand how critical the CoE work is to the development of an application that truly supports the imagine Project. Classifying local services and other local funding-related considerations continue in support of application development. A shout-out is given to Dan Teynor and Steve Long of MEORC (Mid East Ohio Regional Council) for their creativity and work in this area.
The importance of Information System training for staff, providers, families and people supported was pointed out.
It is hard to put the right team together if you do not know who is free and who is committed to other projects and who you could move about. Maybe you start by implementing a simple resource management process. It is hard to expect stakeholders to give and keep giving buy-in unless they feel connected to the project. Senior stakeholders do not like surprises, so keep then updated. If you can get them signed up from the start (see Wish #1 above) and if you can keep them really connected to the projects (see Wish #3 above), then you are onto a winner here! A *like* to our facebook page is a great way for your local providers, and staff and individuals to get engaged, informed and excited about imagine as well. The system may be ready for initial use in Region V this fall and training must be an essential part of that roll-out.
We see organizations battling to do well with Project Management because they have too many project on to go. The BrightWork customers had been asking us to allow them change the way they manage projects on the fly.
People want to be managing the projects instead of spending time on reporting on the projects. They wanted for example to add (or subtract!) Risk Management from 25 projects (each with their own SharePoint site).
At BrightWork I believe (with all the modesty I can muster) that our Project Management Reporting saves our customers so much time and delivers right from the IT genie bottle! When this gets new practice accepted you can evolve to using more sophisticated templates with defined scope, requirements, backlogs, etc. The design sync in BrightWork has really allowed Project Managers be more flexible in the practices they use to manage projects.

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