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As you might be aware, Leeds experienced significant flooding around Christmas and the New Year, which impacted on the NHS Leadership Academy’s offices and the surrounding area. Although there are currently no further weather warnings in place, this situation can change quite quickly. STORMS are expected to pound the south and west coasts from early evening as the unsettled weather of recent weeks shows no signs of abating.
Met Eireann expects gusts of up to 120kph on exposed coastlines with up to 15mm of rain, but said the entire country could expect wet and windy conditions.
And forecaster Joan Blackburn said while there may be some respite on Saturday, more rain and strong winds would return on Sunday.
Flooding is a distinct possibility in the west and south due to a combination of high tides and low pressure. The river Blackwater which burst it’s banks during recent flooding in Mallow town, Co.
Damage to homes, property, vehicles and the loss of revenue from damaged agricultural crops caused by recent floods is expected to run into millions of rand and has already affected many insured South Africans, says short-term insurer Santam.

Santam, which has the largest portfolio of personal, commercial and agricultural insurance clients in South Africa, expects that claims from damage will continue to increase as the country, and in fact the world, experiences among the worst rainfalls recorded in years. According to Santam, only 35% of South African drivers insure their vehicles, which is an alarmingly low number. Medical limbs, medical disqualification and PrDPDo I need to keep the 100 circled sticker on my minibus?
It is hard to turn on the television or go online and not see the horrific videos and photos of Sri Lanka, Australian, and Brazil’s battle with natural disasters.
In Brazil, it is being estimated that around 500 people have been either killed or are missing as raging flood waters and mudslides sweep away homes. Coal, oil, and natural gas all send carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when we burn them, and scientists say that this extreme weather is a direct result of those emissions. If you’re due to participate in one of our programmes, please keep checking this page where we’ll keep you up to date on any developments. Scientists are saying these events prove what they’ve been trying to warn us about for years.

Officials in Sri Lanka say over one million people have been affected by the floods there, and have had to deal with overflowing sewage lines and holding tanks.
The added heat resulted in more moisture in the air, and when all that moisture is released, it can cause massive and devastating flooding in the summer months, and icy winters. So far, 23 people have been reported dead, and a spokesperson for the health ministry in Sri Lanka says they are very concerned about typhoid and other waterborne diseases at this point. And flood waters in Queensland, Australia, have completely destroyed an area reportedly the size of Germany and France put together.

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