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So perhaps the most important thing preppers can do is get health insurance, and eat well and exercise. I know, I know, I should have better things to do with my time than to transcribe radio commercials.
I did visit that site, and what I found here was this chart, which illustrates that basically no one in Illinois is now getting what we used to call swine flu -- we saw one hospitalization and no deaths in the state in the week ending April 23. Maybe it's because I already got the H1N1 shot but I find that to be one of the most annoying commercials running right now.
It ranks right up there with the new trend of repeating the phone number to call over and over and over.
There are some 70+ million doses of H1N1 vaccine left over, and they might have to be scrapped. How about instead of a fine, the stations be forced to give up PRIME AIRTIME for these important messages?

And all along there has been a push-pull with H1N1 between people desperately wanting the government to protect and save them, vs. If not, then some politically favored ad agency is raking in state tax money from a broke state. Also the doses of H1 N1 we have in our office are good thru spring of 2011 so I'm not sure if the issue of doses going unused is necessarily an issue here. Contributing editor Jessica Reynolds is a 2012 graduate of Loyola University Chicago and is the coordinator of the Tribune's editorial board.
However, it was the end of April last year when we first saw the novel H1N1 flu, so it’s always difficult to say.
The problem is, flu viruses mutate so fast, would this vaccine protect against new strains that are bound to emerge by next year? There are all kinds of incentives going on here: the agencies and employees who get money and salaries, the contracts for creating the ads and for placing the ads, the money collected from the broadcasters if these ads are actually paid for.

But my wife is a critical care doc who came home shaken after dealing with cases very similar to what's described in the ad--seemingly normal, healthy people crashing without warning. I have gotten more questions and interest in H1N1 vaccines in my office than I have in months. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) continue to encourage people who still have not received their H1N1 vaccination to get it. It has nothing to do with the leftover vaccine--which is ridiculous in its own right--it is that there is still taxpayer money to be sopped up by it. What a ridiculous statement that because last year at this time the flu was circulating, we should spend money now.

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