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READY OR NOT, HERE I COME Galatians Chapter Five tells us of the things we need to get rid of before Jesus comes. Cedar Rapids, Iowa police say a suspicious smell coming from a port-a-potty turned out to be leftovers from an illegal meth lab.
Pop king Michael Jackson was arrested in November 2003 in Santa Barbara, California on charges related to child molestation. Jackson posted the $3 million dollar bail, was officially indicted in March 2004, and after a month long trial in 2005, was found not guilty of the ten counts of child molestation and endangerment charges.

A lot of times people want the preacher to excite them, and when their excited they forget more than half of what the preacher has said. As a wife of forty years, mother, grandmother, first lady,and a minister, she has learned how to love and be a great example to everyone she meets.
No, I did not preach this whole book, but I did preach on every subject matter that you will read later on in Galatians chapter 5. After IT reached the number 10, he or she would cry with a loud voice, “ “READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!” Believe me, Jesus will return one day whether you’re ready or not.

1st John 1:9 Here is what the bible says we must put out of our lives if we want to go to heaven when Jesus returns.

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