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As is stated in the verse, all people, believers and disbelievers, are tested in many ways: sometimes by natural disaster, at other times by something happening in our daily lives, a disease or an accident that befalls us.
Another lesson one draws from disasters is that man, assuming himself to be mighty on earth, realises that he is simply weak and actually does not have the strength to cope with disasters, which happen in a moment by the will of Allah.
If Allah touch you with affliction, none can remove it but He; if He touch you with happiness, He has power over all things. In this chapter, a comprehensive account of types of disasters affecting the earth will be given. An earthquake has no relation with the type of soil that amplifies the effects of seismic waves travelling through it. Do those who plot evil actions feel secure that Allah will not cause the earth to swallow them up or that a punishment will not come upon them from where they least expect?
At this point, it could be beneficial to remember a major earthquake, which took place in the 20th century.
Kobe, Japan's second most densely populated industrialised city and most important port after Tokyo. Today's advanced level of science and technology inspires man with the feeling that he has control over nature.
The public was reassured that modern technology developed to predict major earthquakes would save them from complete destruction. Typhoons, hurricanes, and tornadoes are natural disasters that people frequently experience.
The transformation of winds that are generally experienced as mild breezes into powerful storms capable of moving buildings no doubt forces us to look for the great power making such events happen.
Do you feel secure against Him Who is in heaven causing the earth to swallow you up when suddenly it rocks from side to side? As well as the vibration or shaking of the ground caused by sudden movement or rupture of large masses of rock within the earth's crust or upper mantle, volcanic eruptions are another spectacular form of natural disaster. Some catastrophic eruptions that took place in this century as well as earlier in history made indelible impressions on the human mind. In our own day, however, the dormancy of volcanoes can often end abruptly and they can explode at unexpected times shooting steam and ash thousands of feet into the air. One of history's worst disasters occurred in 1883 when Krakatau, in the East Indies, erupted explosively, generating a sound-wave heard 3,000 miles away and creating tsunamis up to 125 feet high.
Volcanoes are memorable not only for their tragically high death tolls but also because they erupt in extremely destructive ways that cannot be predicted. Allah demonstrates how suddenly man can meet his death by means of such disasters and thereby calls on him to ponder the purpose of his existence on earth. One day the earth will be changed to a different earth, and so will be the heavens, and (men) will be marshalled forth, before Allah, the One, the Irresistable. Seismic sea waves or tidal waves are caused by a sudden uplift or subsidence of the sea floor or by volcanic eruptions.
Do the people of the towns feel secure against the coming of Our wrath by night while they are asleep? Ice falling at close to 100 miles an hour shattered automobile windows in Tampa, Florida, during a 1992 thunderstorm that cost some 25 million dollars in property damage.9 The roof of a house damaged by hailstones.
An arsonist's blaze in the parched canyon above Laguna Beach, California triggered the worst urban wildfire of 1993. History abounds with cases of people relying on technological breakthroughs and totally disregarding the might of Allah.
From what the survivors of Titanic related, the majority of her passengers gathered on the deck to pray when they realised the ship was about to sink. Your Lord is He that made the ship go smoothly for you through the sea, in order that you may seek of his bounty. One might never have experienced such a disaster, yet one should always remember that, at any time, one may find life stripped to its fundamentals. Do they see nothing in the government of the heavens and the earth and all that Allah has created?
What has been discussed so far is intended to remind those who forget their purpose in creation of an important fact: everything on earth owes its existence to Allah, the Creator who has created the entire material universe. Nevertheless, as Allah makes clear in the second part of the verse, the majority of people are not aware of this. Nevertheless, the notion that every day of one's life will be the same is a flawed one. You can read Harun Yahya's book The Truth Of The Life Of This World online, share it on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, download it to your computer, use it in your homework and theses, and publish, copy or reproduce it on your own web sites or blogs without paying any copyright fee, so long as you acknowledge this site as the reference. These key individuals should include management executives, representatives from different departments, IT experts, and other vital staff. The importance of establishing communications with authorities, stakeholders, board members, vendors, and international or remote employees is imperative. Having your data backed up and ready for your sample disaster recovery plan is extremely important to keep your business functioning and productive after disaster.
As your business grows and changes, be sure to adapt your sample disaster recovery plan accordingly. For more information of designing a DR plan that includes crucial system and data backup and recovery, please contact the experts with Invenio IT. The truck was designed to aid in disaster relief efforts with a vehicle mounted water purification treatment system capable of purifying 5,000 gallons of drinking water per day. The International DuraStar MPV is an ideal solution to cover an ample spectrum of relevant needs that includes water purification, fire and sanitary crises as well as mobile medical assistance. Developed with Navistar’s humanitarian partner, Terranova, the International DuraStar MPV is equipped with a U.S. Successful Dealer AwardClick here to read about the award and see the nominees for this year's award.
Websites on the Internet are actually hosted on servers, which are computer terminals, modified specially for this purpose. Microsoft has its unique version of Windows server operating systems, like the Windows 2000 Server edition, the Advanced Server edition and the Windows 2003 Sever edition. However, there is one significant disadvantage if you want to opt for Windows Server hosting options, and that is the pricing of the product.
The disadvantage of Linux based servers is that these require much more expertise on the part of the server administrator.
So, it is apparent that it is not a question about which operating system is superior in terms of facilities, it is more a question of what your website requires, that will help you take a decision. There has been a huge following of XHTML compliance and the codes written for it in the recent times.
There are simple rules that you must keep in mind while making a webpage XHTML compliant.  Firstly the XHTML documents must have an appropriate Namespace and a DOCTYPE.
Compliance of codes on your website makes sure that people using computers of different kinds across the globe can see the material of your website without a technical glitch. XHTML compliance ensures better coding standards while Bounceweb ensures superior web hosting experience! Report generation is one of the most important tasks for a programmer although it is not at all popular among them. JasperReports is in no way a tool made just to help users go open and free instead of buying commercial products, instead it is very much a better reporting tool in most cases! JasperReports is basically written in XML and therefore it follows all the nuances that come with XML also. There are three types of objects present in a JasperReport code that take care of all the operations performed in it. Using and installing JasperReports is also very simple and can be done easily by downloading the application from the JasperReports website and it is completely free! Although HTML5 is in its infant stage when it comes to game development but still it is gaining massive ground very quickly.
3Bored: It is one of the pioneers of the HTML5 gaming industry and the remarkable feature it is known for is its supreme speed!
Sinuous: This game is the new version of the “Snake” game that we all loved to play when we were kids.
Onslaught: A tower saving game that deals with strategising by the user, this game adds a whole new dimension to HTML5 gaming with its 8 bit frame and pixel based graphics.
Space Cannon: One of the first real hits of the HTML5 gaming era, this game pretty much deals with everything that someone expects from a space invader type shoot them up.
Brain Snackers: The best isometric game powered by HTML5 by a long shot, Brain Snackers has got a well-thought out storyline which is complimented by neat graphics and awesome game play. Space Fleet: This game is a classic when it comes to extracting the juice out of HTML5’s canvas technology. Helicopter: This game is known for its simplicity and has been actually incorporated into many social networking sites due to its popularity. Asteroid: Lastly, this vintage HTML5 game is truly a classic remade and many new versions of it are still hitting the market. It is the process of reducing bandwidth congestion by managing, controlling prioritizing and reducing the flow of traffic.
There are various techniques used for efficient traffic management like traffic shaping or packet shaping, bandwidth management, putting quotas, patches. A method which ensures that large downloads don’t get in the way of net access by hogging the entire bandwidth all day long. It is very efficient in improving latency and increasing available bandwidth.  On the basis of certain criteria or priority, some kind of packet data is delayed so as to optimize speed for other packets.
General method of implementation of packet shaping includes delaying of metered traffic, such that each packet has to comply with traffic contract. Another method of controlling and measuring the traffic on a network link so as to avoid filling the capacity of the link and prevent congestion. This is done by Traffic classification- dividing traffic into specific groups on the basis of some criteria such that other tools of traffic shaping may be applied to each individual class.
When the number of packets exceeds the allotted traffic size for a certain bandwidth, the excess packets are either dropped or marked for future transfer. Requests are routed based on the protocol used by the client.  FTP request go to FTP servers, HTTP goes to HTTP etc.
Another way of reducing load on servers , is by limiting the bandwidth, by giving specific quotas of bandwidth to every user, for a specific period of time.
A Peer to Peer network (often shortened to P2P) is a connection process where two or more PCs connected to each other can share resources , peripherals as equals  without the need of a central dedicated server.
The reason for the popularity of a P2P network is that it can be set up anywhere- Homes, offices, online business etc. In a P2P network each node is essentially a client as well as a server, thereby eliminating the need for special high performance machines to act as servers. Due to the inherent characteristic of P2P networks it is the clients who are responsible for providing network resources such as bandwidth, system power, and storage. Due to the decentralized nature of the network, if one peer  ceases to function properly, it does not affect the whole network. Just like any kind of file sharing system, users are vulnerable to malicious attacks from harmful content that may allow remote access to the user’s PC. For one thing, sharing files with random strangers on the internet does call for some sort of caution. P2P networks represent one of the most important issues in the ongoing controversy of network neutrality. But still we can expect this form of networking to only grow and grow more for its pros far outweigh its cons. Today, in the fast running world of web hosting, data security, protection and privacy are of extreme importance.  For a general security – conscious user, Virtual Private Server (VPS) server, is a splendid option, which plays an important role in the data protection and individual privacy.
A VPS can be said as independent space in web which is dedicated exclusively to clients’ website and requirements related to data storage.
The VPS servers generally collect some data and use them for analysis of the users visiting the sites. The grade of security and protection in VPS is customizable, another prominent advantage which makes VPS the perfect hosting choice for the requirement of website. The additional advantage of customization makes the VPS hosting an easy and famous service among the clients of web-based businesses and e-commercial websites. This concept was originated in about 1970, when the process and methods related to arrangement for recovery upon any natural or artificial disaster came into practice, later it came in spotlight as the dependency of organizations increased with more complex computer setups and other company implementations. A natural disaster cannot be prevented but the artificial disaster of the site can be prevented by going through certain strategies and best possible steps.
When a website crashes, it leads to the loss and damage of many important data as well as much confidential information destroying all the commercial and managerial balance of the corporation.
If the data is transferred to a different server or location apart from the present one and can be accessed remotely, then the problem of data destruction can be solved up to much extent. The data can also be saved by those circumstances by clouding the data and information in any secure and trustworthy cloud providing sites.
Before following any of the above steps, the most important step involved in it is “Data Encryption”, which is a critical as well as essential process in the way of data security and conservation. The statistics of World Internet usage reveals that the spider web of Internet is still frequently exploding worldwide at the rate of 400-1000% increment per year. In short, the web hosting companies are indirectly trying to save our mother planet by reducing the amount of carbon emission. While providing the hosting facilities, the Web providers consume a great quantity of energy to data centers and power servers for facilitating 24×7 services. 1)      Harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) which is released in the atmosphere is reduces due to the practice of this green web hosting as well as these companies also earn carbon credits. 2)      The artificial energy sources would be saved and could be used in future, and hence the man work would also be decreased. 3)      The website download time and function delay is minimum in this type of web hosting and unlimited email accounts and memory space are also provided. 5)      The greatest advantage would be the feeling of satisfaction among the people, by living in the greener and healthier environment. The Green web hosting industries may run at busy and complex daily operation costs with respect to many other host providing companies but the thought of making a paperless and eco-friendly company using the renewable sources energy makes the sense of encouragement.
Show your support for a green environment by choosing your green web host: Bounceweb Hosting!

Internet now-a-days has become such a necessity for the general body and hence the use of internet as the result has reached at its pinnacle. A good and basic defense against the general threats on internet is practicing a good antivirus program, or anti-malware software.
The internet has facilitated the common public with shopping, banking and other financial transactions online very conveniently. Before sending any sensitive or financial information online a user must confirm the “https” before the site address, which assures that the information is encrypted. Notice the “security symbol” in the address bar (shown below in Mozilla firefox), which is a verification of a secure website by the browser before any transaction. Find the SSL certificate of the site and look for the “issued for”, “issued to” and “validity”.
Cyber addiction is mushrooming day by day which does not only kills the precious time of the people, especially teenagers but taking many shapes of internet crimes also these are the major sources of data theft. Yet, a disaster always affects only a particular region of the earth, thanks to nature's delicate balance which is a creation of Allah. Furthermore, none of these natural phenomena occur randomly; all have a scientific explanation. They are those on whom (descend) blessings from Allah, and mercy, and they are the ones that receive guidance. Such misfortunes strike individuals as well as societies and cause material loss along with spiritual suffering. No doubt, Allah does not create anything without a purpose; each disaster is a reminder for human beings whose purpose is to save humans from the perversity they are in.
If any desires a reward in this life, We shall give it to him; and if any desires a reward in the hereafter, We shall give it to him. The purpose is to remind people that this world is not a place for which to feel blind affection.
Yet, by the will of Allah, an earthquake affecting the whole planet could happen at any time. An earthquake may still occur even when the natural conditions for an earthquake do not exist.
At 5:46 am on the 17th January 1995, twenty seconds of intense shock waves caused appalling damage. Yet, after the disaster which reduced Kobe to heaps of rubble, it became apparent that no technology had been available to alert people to the danger. That is why appalling damage occurred, leaving 5,200 people dead and another 300,000 injured. City-dwellers, used to leading comfortable lives, were suddenly confronted with many hardships after the disaster. In this phenomenon, powerful storms send waves speeding at hundreds of miles per hour across the ocean against seacoasts. The same rationale discussed in the section on earthquakes is also true for typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes: if Allah willed it so, man would very frequently be confronted by such natural disasters. Or do you feel secure against Him Who is in heaven releasing against you a sudden squall of stones, so that you will know how true My warning was? There are about 1,500 active volcanoes around the world today; 5504 of them exist on land while the remainder are under the oceans. Mount Vesuvius in Italy, for instance, buried Pompeii, a city whose residents led a life of total debauchery, under a storm of hot lava. In the meantime, pyroclastic flows sweep through areas causing irrecoverable damage to whatever they encounter. Or else, do they feel secure against its coming in broad daylight while they play about (carefree)? The total damage all over the world was put at 20 billion dollars.8 (Above) A city affected by El-NiA±o Although water is of great significance for life on earth, devastating floods remain to be a threat.
It is incomprehensible that man witnesses one or two floods every year and still disregards the possibility of experiencing such a calamity himself. That is exactly why many disasters have gone down in history as painful lessons for everyone. The best known is the famous Titanic, a huge ocean liner 55 meters in height and 275 meters in length, which sank nearly ninety years ago.
Together with the ocean liner, all these properties were buried in the depths of the ocean.
In other words, everything's existence is consequent upon the exercise of the will of Allah. They assume, during the course of their lives, that no misfortune whatsoever will befall them, never thinking that they too are vulnerable to any of those devastating disasters.
They forget that life is short and temporary and disregard that they will be judged in the presence of Allah. Allah demonstrates the true nature of this world and encourages man to be prepared for the next life. Natural disasters, severe network and physical security breach, and local emergencies can cause devastating disruption to you vital business processes. It should also include the purpose for the DR plan and different levels of the scope of damage related to disaster.
A Team Leader for Recovery should be assigned to each group and should report to the Disaster Recovery Lead who will keep each group organized and on task. To increase chances of communication, be sure to include mobile and home phone numbers, addresses information, email, and social media contact information such as Facebook and Twitter addresses. This could be virtually anywhere from a bunker to a warehouse off-site of your main facility.
To keep your bottom line above the red, and keep vital processes in motion, be sure to have an effective back up and recovery plan designed by an IT company who specializes in DR. Practice scenarios with staff and continue to train employees on their responsibilities during and after an emergency.
Click here to subscribe to this blog and receive the latest Invenio IT blog content in your inbox or RSS reader! From unplanned, emergency situations to programmed activities such as water supply and medical campaigns, the versatility of the MPV allows for optimal asset utilization and maximized return on investment.
Just like its popular operating system, Microsoft Windows Server editions are known to have intuitive, simple interfaces which allow new users to efficiently administer their websites with minimum hassles.
You will require an investment of around a few thousand dollars to get a Windows Server operated hosting server online. Actually, Linux is not an exclusive operating system, but a common term used to denote a variety of operating system platforms, which actually use the Linux kernel.
Most packages require the administrators to operate the server via a remote shell prompt, similar to DOS. Whenever you are creating any code that has compatibility issues you must understand that the codes are there to aid you and not hinder you.
The tags must be written in lower case.  Numbers or figures which represent some values that are supplied in your code should be written within double quotes.
It has to be kept in mind that there are some tags on HTML that do not require any closing tag however in XHTML all tags must be closed. The more your code is compliant to new environments the better is its accessibility and your site would get more views which in turn would propel you higher on search algorithms. Reporting is basically making the users aware of the certain instances and data present in a program.
For instance it has got all the features that any commercial tool has like generation of dynamic reports, retrieval of data via the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) on top of supporting all the basic programming elements like variables, expressions, constants, parameters, functions etc. It can be categorized mostly into three sections: the first sections where all the parameters passed are to be included, the second section where the query for the processing of the data is to be entered and lastly the section for displaying the report. It can both help people in building a new report for any application from scratch or can add extra functionalities to the existing ones. More and more games that are built using HTML5 are sprouting up day by day and the improvement is marvellous! The game involves swarming around a character with his jet powered propeller and avoids being killed by the enemies. The character is trapped in a lab and has to follow the instructions to escape and get all his powers back. But this game cranks it up a notch by introducing revolving circles and killing blocks here and there.
It has got a great gaming engine which requires quick reflexes and awesome anticipation from the user.
It seems every year four to five spin-offs of this classical game hits the market and all of them go down the drain.
It basically is a strategically controlled space flight game where the user can manage and guide fleets and attack the enemy with it.
Here the helicopter can be only moved up and down to avoid the caves and walls on its path.
Traffic management is more important than any other aspect of website hosting because the smoothness of running of the website depends on how well it is able to handle traffic during peak hours. It is necessary to first measure the total network traffic and identifies the primary causes of network congestion in order to use the above mentioned tools effectively. Peers refer to the workstations connected to the P2P network which are participants in the application and which are all equally able to perform any function necessary for the network.
The only requirement is that all the participants of the network should be using the same or a compatible program, (client), to connect to each other. Accessing files is basically governed by the user setting different sharing permissions on their own machines. This feature is tremendously useful to original content distributors, because it reduces the setup as well as running costs very small.
This leads to a more efficient and stable network owing to lack of a full staff needed to ensure smooth running. It is recommended that you at least have a firewall or an antivirus scanning each of your downloads to protect against potential backdoors and malware. Internet Service Providers have been known to cut off P2P file sharing traffic on account of its high bandwidth usage. The name Virtual Private Server itself signifies that the server is basically centered to the privacy of the information and data security. The hosting services now-a-days have become exceptionally branched out over the few past years. Even though many other VPS servers are executing on the same setup, all of them will run independently. They collect the data also to prevent fraudulent or fake signups, minimize the risk of charge backs and to take the feedback.
The administrator has total control over the security and protection features precisely due to the fact that the software is not dependent on the hosting requirement of other clients. These days, most important corporates reserve a different and separate fraction of their IT budget merely for this disaster recovery. So, with a backup plan, these circumstances can be avoided as the information are “copied” and saved securely and are retrievable if needed in the future, which dramatically reduces the future hassles.
Many web host providers facilitate this feature to reduce the strain and burden of the user, assuring the safety and security of data for the unavoidable circumstances. But the disadvantage in this process is that even the cloud server does not guarantee the protection from those disasters which may happen to them. Data encryption ensures the user that data or files and information are not easily readable and understandable as compared to the plain text, which effectively reduces the possible threats of data leakage, information theft and privacy violation.
And hence, the energy consumption for operating those servers and the relevant infrastructure setups is also day by day increasing. Many other relevant facilities like enhanced security and cooling controls and setups also need a huge amount of electricity, which has a negative effect on the environment. Therefore, a safe and sound implementation of internet must be undergoing so that there must not the violation of privacy destruction and data stealing. It protects the computer from corrupt websites, tainted email attachments, net worm viruses, spyware and many more. Meteor showers, asteroids are only a few of the factors likely to pose threats to the world from space. A significant protection exists on earth for all living things as well as for human beings.
A wealthy man may become bankrupt, a girl with good looks may receive a severe injury on the face, or a city may be reduced to rubble by an earthquake. Only twenty seconds and everything people had toiled their whole lives to possess was destroyed.
Technology is a tool provided by Allah for the service of man and is entirely under His control. During the previous three decades, the Japanese government had invested one billion dollars in academic research to develop warning systems for earthquakes. In a state of shock, they were unable to figure out what to do with their lives,- let alone make plans for the future. These are very strong winds, which can cause great damage to cities, killing and injuring residents, hurling thousands of trees, huts, telephone poles, cars, and even buildings miles away. In such cases, water rises onto the land and heavy rains cause serious floods in delta regions. These volcanoes can erupt at any time in extremely destructive ways that no-one can anticipate in advance. It is striking that 20,000 inhabitants of this prosperous city were asphyxiated mostly by the pyroclastic flows that swept through it on the 24th August 79 CE.
Another adverse effect of eruptions is the harmful clouds of gases and ash carried by winds into populated areas.
What is expected in return from man, who can conceive of his Almighty Creator, is not to indulge distractedly in the affairs of a short life of 50-60 years and neglect the eternal life, the hereafter.
Do they then feel secure against the plan of Allah But no-one can, (unwisely), feel secure from the plan of Allah, except those (doomed) to ruin!
Each one of these events is important in the sense that it reminds man that neither wealth nor power, science nor technology has any power to resist the will of Allah.
In times of serious trouble and danger, man sincerely prays and seeks the help of his Creator.

When distress seizes you at sea, those that you call upon – beside Him – leave you in the lurch!
Certainly, those people who were exposed to various disasters did not know that a natural hazard would throw their life into complete disarray. In this state of heedlessness, they spend their lives in pursuit of vain desires instead of living for the good pleasure of Allah.
Adnan Oktar that are present in our website and in all other Harun Yahya works belong to Global Publication Ltd. In some cases, businesses simply don’t know where to start when devising their DR plan.
For instance, when defining a natural disaster, be sure to include sections on how to deal with various types of loss related to network, data, and personnel; from minor network communication loss to total network collapse. Plan for transportation for key staff to and from these satellite facilities and also have these facilities outfitted with the capability to access networks and data remotely. The vehicle mounted water treatment system physically removes particulate, turbidity, bacteria, virus and cyst from virtually any water source including rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, shallow wells, groundwater under the direct influence of surface water, rain water, unsafe municipal supplies and springs. As we all know, Windows and Linux are two of the most operating system platforms available. Apart from the usual diverse range of Microsoft’s built in software packages, the Windows Server edition also allows Active Server Page execution, which allows the server terminal to execute scripts for dynamic web content. Apart from that, the usual support packages like firewalls, remote administration modules, ASPmail and other features have to be purchased over and above the server operating software.
The kernel is open source, that is, available free of cost for modification; users or developers modify it according to some end usage purposes. The extensible hypertext markup language or XHTML is broadly classified as an extension of the simple static HTML. Strict, Transitional, Frameset are used till today and you must keep in mind that transitional is the better of the lot as it was in use in HTML documents. Moreover, it contains some extra features which are much advanced like sub-reporting, script generation and building your own custom data sources. Each report section is sub-divided into a number of categories called bands and each of them in turn possess a handful of elements for signifying the position, size and magnitude of the instances like variables, fields and parameters.
All of these objects can be either manually defined or can be used directly from their XML templates. Most of all it is an endeavour by the Open Source community to give the members of their community something new and alternative to the widespread commercial product and what better way to do that than helping the Open Source Java Programmers. But with Torus you get a whole new 3D feeling in HTML5 and it even manages to add many new features to Tetris. This is very useful in reducing workload by regulating the number of connections to the server. Data security and privacy are extraordinarily important, especially if the site is of say, central importance for the business of the clients. Even it is possible to undergo a reboot without disturbing the activities of other virtual private servers running parallel to it. Some relevant information which they collect are: Name and contact information, transaction information, visit data and survey data.
The security advantages of a VPS hosting package avails regardless of the selected operating system. In the issues of other hosting options, optimization of server performance is also much easier. To execute a successful and reliable recovery processes are critical even though after a good planning.  Selection of the suitable disaster recovery data center can be called the main aspect of the whole process.
The user must take care that whether the accessibility is provided by the company or not regardless of the location of the user in the world. It is approximated that if the energy consumption due to the web hosting goes on rising at the present rat,  by 2020 the web industry will be one of the most polluting industries in the field of business. As the name implies, the Green web hosting is the hosting solution which is powered by eco-friendly resources. So, if saving the earth comes with some investment and long routed process, then it should not be a big deal to pay, if we are supporting a green and clean environment with the green web hosting companies.
Gone are the days, when the internet safety was concerned about only the protection of computers from malware and viruses.
In the dense traffic of antiviruses in the market, a antivirus software can be used which must protect against fishing sites, viruses, malware and has a good firewall, spam filtering as well as anti-spyware tools with latest updates. As for the seemingly solid earth, the planet's interior has an inner core of molten elements. What is common to all these disasters is that in just moments they can reduce a city, with all its inhabitants, to ruin.
The possibility of a devastating natural disaster always lurks in spite of this protection. These incidents are all clear demonstrations of how, at any moment, events can alter our lives. However, by His mercy, Allah protects man and with such disasters reminds him, now and then, that he has no control whatsoever over his life. The intention is to remind people that their ultimate purpose in life is to be servants of Allah, that they are but impotent against Allah's might and that they will be judged on the day of judgement.
When they erupt, they can kill the residents of nearby cities in addition to destroying crops and covering farmland with ash. These terrifying winds, sometimes about 90 miles per hour, set everything on fire and engulf cities like sun-extinguishing canopies. With disasters, in only a matter of seconds Allah may take back whatever He has granted man. News about disasters, accidents or epidemics surely makes us feel sympathy for the sufferers.
They certainly started that day as an ordinary one, thinking that it would be the same as the preceding ones. These misfortunes are given to people so that they may seek to repent and amend their conduct.
This sample disaster recovery plan outline can help you get started in preserving your business data and processes in the event of disaster. Another advantage that Microsoft offers is the integration with SQL database, which is one of the most advanced as well as efficient database management packages available.
This is a significant disadvantage, especially for small scale businesses and start up businesses. This is the reason that there a variety of Linux based operating systems available in the market – Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu being some of the most popular ones.
Apart from it, the internet inherently connects PCs that are based on different platforms such as MAC, Windows, etc. You may be building a code for a browser which might even change the next day after you publish in your website.
Before there used to be commercial software for all these reporting purposes but now the Open Source community has finally made their own reporting tool for Java called JasperReports and it is a great alternative to commercial reporting tools for Java programmers. Also they can be accessed and used from any piece of code used in JasperReports and this whole filling, compiling and reporting process can be done from the classes present in the JasperReports tool.
E-commerce pages and websites which deal with the private data of clients and visitors require higher rate of information protection and data safety.
Because of the reason, that each Virtual Private Server hosting setup comes with its independent space stands for a minimized chance of security violations and problems. They generally do not share the information for the sake of privacy and security, but in some cases they do share the data of the users, like legal (police) investigation related to criminal activity, court orders, operating with the sister companies, etc.
It all depends upon the degree of data privacy which the operation of website operation needs. Virtual private servers are the most suitable option for the website owners that give security and data protection maximum priority. Avoiding those areas which are prone to disaster is necessary, for instance the Phoenix metropolitan area is said to be one of the safest cities in the US in contrast with it San Francisco and Miami come under the category of “endangered” . The environment of earth has been decaying continuously and we must not be late to save it. These are those hosting providers which are powered by only renewable sources of energy like wind power and solar energy. Today, the internet’s immense range, changes in technologies and growth of social nature constantly have made people more endangered particularly to privacy violation, identity theft and even self-harassment. What is most important, no human being has the power to combat or prevent any of these hazards.
This is to remind people that, at any time, an unexpected incident may place their lives in jeopardy.
As the millennium draws to a close, scientists are still unable to devise systems to issue warnings that could reduce the destructive effects of dangerous seismic events.
After being dormant for 150 years, Nevado Del Ruiz erupted in 1985 melting the snow and ice on its summit.
The ocean liner was a masterpiece of technology with many engineering advances that pushed back the limits of its day. We indeed share their sorrow; however, as disasters recede into memory, we become less concerned and such an attitude proves to be a passing interest for us. However, the fact remains that your choice between these two platforms should be influenced by the requirements of your website and not by what others have to say about it. The principal advantage that Linux has is its compatibility with the PHP language, which is very popular in the programming world. The importance of compliance lies in the fact that the Internet is an open field for everybody. SO if your sites are not machine-independent it would be tough for your website to get a proper viewing response. NAMESPACE is just a collection of the useful attributes that may be used during the coding.
So an XHTML compliant code would allow you to overcome the changes and up gradations made in the modern browsers.
The updates and upgrades which the other clients function keep the virtual hosting space isolated.
The chance seeking hackers always have an eye on  their next victim; many  natural calamity like earthquake and flooding usually malfunction the  availability and  hardware of a site, which may lead a website to crash. Many web industries have taken some action and played their roles in helping by recycling materials and reducing energy consumption. So, some steps must be definitely taken in account in order to rectify the issues of safety.
These outbursts of nature are reminders to all mankind that we have no control whatsoever over the planet. Yet since they often do not hit densely populated areas, they kill few people, if any, and cause little economic loss. Kobe was a recent example, among many others, demonstrating how vulnerable to unexpected patterns of seismic hits a modern industrialised city is. So devastating was the lahar, or river of mud, that flowed down the volcano's slopes and into the Lagunille River valley, that some 20,000 residents in Armero, Colombia perished, entombed in hot mud as they slept. This is a clear demonstration that no place exists on earth that can guarantee man's security. Do you then feel secure that He will not cause you to be swallowed up beneath the earth when you are on land, or that He will not send against you a violent tornado (with showers of stones) so that you shall find no-one to carry out your affairs for you? Once we immerse ourselves in the flow of daily life or face personal problems, we quickly develop a sense of apathy and remain indifferent to those who have been through disaster.
Most probably, it never occurred to them that, on that particular day there would be a drastic change in their lives, which would transform life into a dangerous struggle.
Apart from that, Linux based servers usually have a tight level of security, and are generally believed to be less vulnerable than their Windows based counterparts. Therefore XHTML compliance codes find its importance in any website that comes into display. The data can be backed up easily to provide even greater certainty as well as professional security. The involvement of a large scaled capital and labor  in a website makes the disaster recovery plan so important to be implemented.
Green hosting is a kind of hosting which uses eco-friendly sources of power for their regular functions and activities. Yet, no part of the earth is immune against the effects of atmospheric forces like thunderstorms, storms, or hurricanes.
One particular aspect of this system is important; each incident proceeds in a way such that the human mind can entirely understand it. This event was the worst volcanic disaster since Mount Pelee annihilated St Pierre in 1902. Eventually, a minor failure led to the sinking of the ship and advanced technology could not save the Titanic from her bitter end. Or do you feel secure that He will not send you back a second time to sea and send against you a heavy gale to drown you because of your ingratitude, so that you find no helper therein against Us? And once again, the price factor gives it a major advantage over Windows; almost all the Linux based packages, barring a select few, come free of cost. So in order to maintain a homogenous environment and allow the designers to have access to some protocol which will bind their coding, we fell upon XHTML compliance codes. More than your content if the site is not compliant to new changes you would have your work cut out and new changes would demand new codes written for your page to keep it updated.
These are surely warnings to those that can contemplate the significance of such events and draw lessons from the experience of others.
This includes operating system software, firewalls, Apache, Sendmail and a lot of other features that can be obtained free of cost.
An earthquake, for instance, kills thousands of women, children and young people and leaves many more injured. Let us think for a moment: what would happen if only those who are guilty before Allah died in an earthquake?

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