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Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. If your phone just gave off a persistent alarm followed by a text message notifying you of a flash flood warning currently under way for the next few hours in Massachusetts, you definitely weren’t alone.
The WEA system comes from a partnership between major wireless carriers, the FCC, and FEMA, and the good news about the technology is that it doesn’t matter if your phone is even registered with a number in the region where the weather event is happening. Those who painstakingly groom unwanted hair with messy wax and unforgiving razors know the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t always hold true.
When another bleak winter ends, Bostonians welcome sunshine, plush lawns and aromatic gardens – from Newbury Street to Newburyport! House of Blues is known for showcasing up-and-coming (and already-there) singers and bands at their legendary clubs around the country.
After dating for three years, Krick Clark and Sue Carcaterra marry to celebrate their love and beautiful life together.

Explore, engage, and enjoy the world of design during Boston Design Week, a 12-day city-wide festival sure to awaken your creative senses.
Quality of Life for Pediatric Brain Cancer Survivors: Does it Depend Upon the Type of Radiation?
Pediatric cancer is fortunately rare, but when a family faces this diagnosis, it is devastating. From menus and music to emcees and floral arrangements, a lot of time and  planning goes into designing, developing and deploying a successful event. Boston magazine partnered with The New England Board of Higher Education to teach readers about the vast educational options in the area. When complete, the program is planned as a "system of systems" forming the country's comprehensive public alert system. Cell phone users can opt out of receiving these alerts by contacting their cell phone provider.

According to the National Weather Service, it’s all part of the new Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), a new system introduced by NWS last year to help notify the public of urgent weather events (think hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards in addition to flash floods). Only instead of tuning in, anyone with a WEA-enabled phone will receive the message if they’re nearby. We reserve the right to remove impersonators or personal attacks, threats, profanity, or flat-out offensive comments. You have to think about size, functionality, location, colors, furniture, appliances, outdoor space and more.

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