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When I was teaching first grade, I worked hard to accumulate a set of books that my early readers could read on their own. What kind of book is good for early readers who know how to match speech to print, have a small knowledge of sight words, and possess a basic understanding of how words work – yet aren’t proficient at sounding out? I hope I’ve succeeded in creating a book for early readers that meets these criteria. And while I was doing that, I figured I might as well make it an early reader so that I’ll have it when he’s ready! To assemble, I printed the pages on cardstock, cut them in half, and stacked them together. As it turns out, monsters are only monsters because they do not understand how it feels to be loved.
Maybe he has a point…but how does one go about publishing a book without the finances. I love using the Frog Street Sing and Read Number Songs to help kids learn to identify and name numerals. One of the reasons I love the Sing and Read number songs is that they provide opportunities for differentiation in the classroom. The songs provide a supportive structure that helps them feel confident as they learn to identify numbers.

For children who are beyond simple number identification, the spelling of the word is very helpful. I made this printable I Can Count book for you, click on the picture below to download your copy.
Combine their natural love of stickers with a fun activity and you have a great way to practice writing and recognizing numbers as well as one to one correspondence!
Fanny, Fernando and I are looking forward to meeting you at the Frog Street Splash conference this summer; here are ten reasons you don’t want to miss it!
10.Shopping: Get your shopping fix at the booths full of goodies or take a short ride to one of the largest outlet malls in America!
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The student cuts out the pages, staples them together, then writes each word in the tiny book. My son isn’t at the point of learning to read but this would certainly help him learn his numerals. For those children who are just learning about numbers, the songs and books provide them with the repetition that is necessary for the concept to stick in long term memory.

I have had many children who learned the words in the song very quickly in addition to being able to fluently recognize the numbers. To assemble this book, just fold each page with the fold on the right, then staple along the left side- no cutting required! Then, provide them with some small stickers and invite them to place the corresponding number of stickers on each page. She has more than two decades of teaching experience and enjoys helping kids and teachers through her professional development sessions.
The words are: blob, circle, cone, heart, oval, rectangle, square, star, triangle, zigzag, and write another shape word. I have spent more than two decades teaching young children in public programs for at-risk English language learners.
This summer I plan to share lots of free books for emergent readers.)  However, I created this book to reinforce the concept of subtraction. Here at Pre-K Pages, you can find hands-on lessons, themes, activities, and printables for preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten classrooms.

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