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You disaster plan should include insurance, which will protect your equipment, furniture, and office space. Here’s a link to a great list of 6 tools for preparing your law firm for a disaster (and here). Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Any plan is better than no plan at all, and a plan that’s only in your mind is not as good as one that is written down.
Sometimes the assumption or premise to a given plan is only partially fulfilled when it actually occurs.
Even when my daughter had a minor accident when she was 16, she didn’t know what to do, even though it had been drilled into her before she was allowed to drive alone. So I would say that making plan A or plan B must be based on a lot of first hand experience relative to what you are trying to do and where you want to go or want to live.
Although I never got a job from my training in programming Cobol, I did takeaway flowcharting.
I was doing quite well taking a night course in Cobol while there were many jobs available.
About Al Gore, it grieves to right the record, but Al did not claim to have invented the internet. I think you are much more generous and forgiving than the majority of scientifically minded people. At first I considered the idea of incorporating a conditional flowchart box for “gut feeling” as being ludicrous, but maybe not? This really would be an excellent and useful project, a handbook using flowcharting for preparedness.
Making a plan and a checklist is the way to go and I can not stress it enough for the Newbies. Personally I’m not wanting to write a novel on every scenario of what may or may not happen, but to have the basics± covered is well advised. After you list the SHTF categories, then work on specific disasters under those categories.
It is good practice to play these things out in your mind, even better to live a few days without modern conveniences and the food you bought to find what food is abundant in the wild in your area. If you have plans for bug out places, visit them often, and get to know the area well and routes to get there. Getting a plan down is great if it pertains to situations that you can control or have some notion of what will happen.
Unfortunately, when trying to get your head around a plan about the economy (your economy) you may be running in circles.
I wonder of the CO2 police will put pipes at the back end of each of my horses, cows and llamas? I call it my Hurricane Binder and it has been made and used in all the facilities I worked at in the aftermath of wildfires, earthquakes and major storms or large healthcare facilities where the grid goes down. I am considered rude by many of my supervisors but the only thing that saves me from losing my job is when things go wrong and there is no contingency plan outside of my binder and myself.

Each and every situation that could arise, while similar in many ways, quite possibly will call for different reactions.
RDDM is a disaster planning framework in which potential disaster risks are organized in order of likelihood and severity. I keep binders with operational plans on just about everything.I have laminated instruction cards and keep them with tools and equipment.
Below are some useful reference and informational material that will assist you in preparing for a natural or man made threat, the unexpected and the unimaginable. An important facet to Family safety is having a plan and being prepared in case an emergency strikes. It is important so you can increase your personal sense of security and peace of mind and to know you will be ready in case of an emergency. Below are some useful reference and informational material that will assist you in preparing an Emergency Plan.
We all know that we need to take steps to be prepared in an emergency.  But just as we need to have fire alarms, 72 hour kits and a safe place to meet our families in cases of emergencies, we also must have strategies in place to protect our families legally in times of emergencies. With cloud computing services and cloud storage, there is no excuse for not having adequate data backup methods. Many law firms and insurance companies offer help to members in creating their disaster plans.
Living off the land.- Now I am in week 2 of 4 of living off the land eating only what I can hunt and gather. A plan that is not put into action as best as you can before it is needed will present you with a lot of problems when it is actually needed. Towards the end of my last semester I went to put the finishing touches on my final program and found that it had been deleted by the daytime instructor. No different than in my line of work, the same goes true for finances, food storage, evacuation plan, retirement, etc. Whether a plague, forest fire, Yellowstone super volcano, economic, or long term grid-down situation, I have room for adjustments to each situation, depending on the severity.
When you live it, you don’t need pen and paper to write it down when it is ingrained. I picked areas I have been familiar with for many decades, know the land and what it produces.
I believe talking about it & being repetitive with them will plant the seed on how to survive.
Get an idea of what is going on around me from those nearby; or at least, what they think is going on. No matter what… do what will work, what I am capable of, for those people and things of value to me first and foremost. Planning goals are derived from the assigned value per risk, per disaster incident and are matrixed through the continuing disaster events (in order of severity). I have laminated cards with our plans(condensed) in our vehicles glove boxes.That way the wife and I are on the same page in an emergency away from home.
When an emergency strikes, knowing what to do can save time, property and most of all, lives.

Clio, a cloud-based law practice management provider, is hosting a disaster preparedness webinar. The Word version should be completed by business leaders, and reviewed and updated regularly. We often consider the worst-case scenario, but many times the reality of occurrence is somewhere in-between. What I have learned so far is that hunting and then preparing the animal for cooking is the easy part.
I did reproduce it through printouts I saved, but then Control Data coincidentally closed up shop and laid off 6,000 programmers in the Twin Cities and some of them showed up at that night course. It all boils down to a response to an event (basic stimulus-response action) so try to identify the scenarios well and determine your course of action.
I have gone over and over with plans with my family what to do if I am not present when SHTF.
Sorry for offending others but I ve told my 13 & 17 children not to be the hero but be the one that lives to come home.
While of course bugging in is wanted bugging out when necessary will happen and then we will meet there. Planning for events are designed to incorporate the needs and requirements of preceding events as well where the solution for any disaster mitigation may cover several disaster risks, thereby reducing the need for several mitigation techniques for similar disaster requirements. The three main priorities to emergency preparedness are getting an emergency preparedness kit, making a plan, and being informed. Everybody knowing that, my first job offer was about 40% of what I was making as a cabinetmaker.
I know the whole families travel routes to come home, and have them tell me if they plan to do things differently. For example; should the power be lost in a residential area for a medium to long term time frame disaster planners are required to devise a way to pump water from existing water sources to serve the local population. Even a simple water break, roof leak, or break-in, could have catastrophic effects on your own law practice.
You’ll need to register online for the event, but this should be a great way to get started.
It took that kind of a mind in a congressman to have envisioned the potential of an internet.
If the power outage was caused heavy storm activity and power was merely unable to reach the pump house, portable generators may suffice for short term utilization. I hesitated signing up for another marketing gimmick, but after the recent tornadoes, I’m attending. However should the power outage be of a national or widespread variety such as critical infrastructure failure due to EMP, portable generators my not be serviceable.
Any disaster mitigation plan, policy, or product should be viable in any identified disaster where possible.

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