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Chemical technologist Doug Welch holds regular safety meetings with employees at the Gateway Generating Station in Antioch.
ANTIOCH—Doug Welch will never forget the steam explosion that claimed the lives of two co-workers at a now-closed power plant 30 years ago in Martinez. Welch, now a power plant technician at PG&E’s Gateway Generating Station, wasn’t at the plant that day in 1982. It’s a scene he never wants to relive, and it’s one of the reasons he’s so passionate about safety and now is the Power Generation Safety Team chairman and the Gateway plant safety chairman. The 600-megawatt natural gas power plant has exceeded more than 1,000 days without a recordable injury or motor vehicle accident.
The safety achievement is not by accident, said Steve Royall, PG&E’s director of power generation, fossil and solar facilities. The 657-megawatt Colusa Generating Station, which opened in December 2010, has never had an injury or motor vehicle accident. The 160-megawatt Humboldt Bay Generating Station, which opened in November 2010, last had an injury in 2011 when an employee slipped and fell. Another reason for the successful safety record is that procedures are standard at all three plants. The Gateway plant now features 12 wind-directional red socks that will help aid evacuations in the event of an ahydrous ammonia leak.

Employees have suggested many of the plant’s safety improvements, and many are simple fixes. The plant originally had one wind sock, a flag that flies atop the plant, to show which way the wind is blowing in the event of an anhydrous ammonia leak. The commitment to safety didn’t happen overnight and it needs to be constantly reinforced, said Ron Gawer, the plant’s senior manager. Employees at the 600-megawatt natural gas power plant in Antioch recently celebrated a major safety milestone–more than 1,000 days without a recordable injury or motor vehicle accident. The three PG&E plants are fueled by natural gas and run around the clock, reducing to a minimum load at night and ramping up to a maximum load during the day.
PG&E’s safety record at its fossil-generated power plants proves that emphasizing the importance of safety can have a lasting impact. As for that 1982 steam explosion that had such an impact on Welch, the cause was traced to a corroded pipe elbow. THE MOST EXPENSIVE SAFETY EQUIPMENT,YOU CAN BUY IS ONE YOU INSTALL AFTER THE CATASTROPHIC INCIDENT. One of the men had survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and was planning to retire within a year. His commitment to safety, along with his 22 co-workers, has helped the Antioch plant achieve a major safety milestone.

In fact, the only recordable injury ever at the Contra Costa County plant occurred in April 2009, three months after it opened, when an employee tripped and chipped a tooth on a pump. Every task begins with a job-safety analysis known as a JSA, which includes a detailed checklist of every hazard—from ensuring ladders are secured to knowing the proper procedures in case of a fire. There is a daily safety meeting to discuss upcoming tasks and hazards associated with those jobs.
Evacuations are down wind or away from the ammonia, which is used at the plant to chill air for gas turbines to produce more power during hot summer months.
Combined power is more than 1,400 megawatts an hour or enough electricity to power up to 1.4 million homes a year. Jan 19Four Keys to Making Electric Vehicles an Easier SellLast year in California, plug-in electric vehicles made up about 3 percent of new car sales.
There’s also a weekly safety meeting that focuses on near misses or accidents that were avoided. An employee suggested adding more wind socks since one wasn’t visible from everywhere on the plant.

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