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This site contains the Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity, IT Salary Survey, Job Descriptions, Infrastructure and other tools that the Chief Information Officer - CIO, Chief Technology Officer -CTO, Chief Security Officer - CSO, and Chief Financial Officer - CFO can use. Janco has just released its IT Infrastructure Architecture with the ability to get updates to all of its components for 24 months from the date of its purchase. The version of the the Disaster Recovery Business Continuity and Security Manual Templates are now available. The Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template is a comprehensive tool and set of disaster and business continuity planning resources, including a detail disaster recovery business continuity work plan on how to proceed from evaluating risk factors to retrieving server data.
Besides all the great information included in the Disaster Planning e-book, a PDF version of our Disaster Recovery Planning Template and MS WORD version of the template provide a variety of unique, hands-on planning resources to help ensure your organization's disaster readiness as no other product on the market can. Included with the template are Electronic Forms which have been designed to lower the cost of maintenance of the plan. The policies have just been updated to comply with all mandated requirements and include electronic forms that can be Emailed, filled out completely on the computer, routed and stored electronically -- a total solution.
We have just completed a major update of most of the individual polices and almost all of the electronic forms.
CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle (All of the policies below are included as individual MS Word files and a single PDF file. Electronic Infrastructure Policy Forms - The electronic forms that Janco has developed can be e-mailed to users, completed on the computer, and then stored electronically.
SearchCIO's #CIOChat participants say that preparation is essential for running a proper test of a business disaster recovery plan. Kirvan and Toigo both recommend testing interdependent tasks separately to keep the failure of one test procedure from affecting the entire event. To wow potential employers, cloud app developers should prove in an interview that they're more than just code jockeys. Mobile workers need access to corporate data, and every business must choose a method that meets its users' needs. From compliance to security to app development, mobility adds a new layer of challenge for admins to deal with.
Learn the differences between fast and big data architectures before buying new software and hardware for the data center. The terms "business continuity planning" and "disaster recovery planning" are often used interchangeably, but it is useful to distinguish them. Disaster recovery planning is more focused on information technology issues and involves the down-to-earth details of how to keep your crucial IT operations running, protect your data, and restore full network functionality as quickly as practical. It is still relatively rare for small businesses to have a comprehensive business continuity plan in place, but only businesses with an insatiable appetite for risk should go without a disaster recovery plan. You should assess the worst-case impact of each of these disaster scenarios on your network infrastructure and business processes and prioritize the areas that are most critical for you to protect in order to limit business disruption to an acceptable level. Progent has developed an effective and affordable process for helping small business create a viable disaster recovery plan. The Recovery Point Objective must ensure that the Maximum Tolerable Data Loss for each activity is not exceeded. The Impact and Risk Analysis phase results in the recovery requirements for each critical function. After you complete the Business Impact and Risk Analysis phase, the business and technical plan requirements have to be documented before you can move on to the solution design and implementation phases. The goal of the Solution Design phase is to identify the most cost-effective disaster recovery solution that meets the requirements identified in the Business Impact and Risk Analysis stage. The Implementation phase is the most important part of a disaster recovery plan and features the execution of the design elements identified in the Solution Design phase.
Testing and adjusting recovery plans for specific anticipated scenarios is another critical element of a viable disaster recovery program.
Do the documented work process recovery tasks and supporting disaster recovery infrastructure allow staff to recover within the predetermined recovery time objective? In this phase you resolve any issues or concerns that arose during the Testing and Verification phase.
The first activity in the Handover phase is to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in the written manual and the distribution of the documentation to the client's staff. The second activity is testing and verification of technical solutions established for recovery operations.
The third activity is an all-hands testing and verification of documented organization recovery procedures.
Progent's Cisco-certified network experts can help you build an affordable, high availability Internet configuration architecture that can deliver 24x7 Internet access through a wide range of high availability Internet network solutions including high availability BGP, automatic fail-over, and redundant Internet Service Providers.
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 brought world-class availability and system recovery to Microsoft's failover clustering solution.
The server cluster feature set incorporated into the Datacenter and Enterprise versions of Windows Server 2012 R2 is radically re-engineered to streamline the installation, setup, and administration of server clusters that provide greater levels of system availability, security, performance, and versatility. Progent's Data Center consultants can help you select fault-tolerant data centers that meet the particular requirements of your business.
Progent’s branch office connectivity consultants can help organizations achieve fault tolerant inter-site connectivity via redundant networks featuring transparent failover. Progent's certified Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager engineers can help you to develop a practical workplace recovery plan, implement an affordable zero-downtime IT infrastructure, deploy a System Center Data Protection Manager-based recovery solution, comprehensively validate your system, educate your IT staff or local consultants how to maintain SCDPM, or provide extensive IT outsourcing including off-site hosting of SCDPM machines in Progent's secure data center.
Progent’s affordable Offsite DPM-based Backup Service combines the power of System Center Data Protection Manager with the world-class security and availability features of the Herakles data center to provide continual, non-disruptive backup for as much as 2.5 Terabytes of critical data from one or several of your Windows servers.
Double-Take Software publishes a selection of products designed to provide small and midsize businesses a range of affordable solutions for replicating and restoring business-critical applications such as Exchange Server, SQL Server, RIM Blackberry, and Microsoft SharePoint. The CRISC program was initiated by ISACA to validate a consultant's skills to plan, implement, and maintain information system controls to mitigate risk. Since Progent is a Microsoft Gold Partner and provides specialized application consulting for a broad variety of business applications, Progent can help customers to find comprehensive information technology solutions that optimize the business value of your network.

Documenting test runs of disaster recovery (DR) plans with an after-action review will not only improve future tests, but set your organization up for success when real disaster strikes. Making documentation standard procedure, as Andi Mann suggested, will ensure that your organization is learning what works and what doesn't in its DR plan. 32 page MS Word template and 7 Excel spreadsheets as well as Business Impact Analysis, Damage Assessment Report and Test Report templates.
Disaster Recovery Template: Benefits This Disaster Recovery Plan will help you establish procedures to recover systems following a disruption. BCPInsight™ is a cost-effective, highly flexible solution that delivers the value and performance you need to manage your business continuity planning consistently with regulatory compliance, improved risk management, and better cost performance.
The BCPInsight™ Threat AssessmentMatrix allows you to quickly createscenarios and assign BCP plansassociated with locations and resources. The BCPINSIGHT™ business continuity planning system gives you the ability to quickly build disaster and disruption scenarios to determine where your company is vulnerable to threats and outages. The patent-pending user interface and relational design of this powerful, yet easy-to-use business continuity software means you spend less time worrying, less time maintaining your plans and more time being efficient and productive. Good Disaster recovery planning and business continuity planning relies on knowing exactly what documents, inventory lists, and plans are relevant to each disruption so you can react quickly and effectively. With BCPINSIGHT™ you use technology to your advantage, whether you are running a tabletop exercise or managing a real-life disruption in the online conference room.
Know exactly what was communicated, the documents that were referenced, the duration and the financial impact of your test or event. The business continuity planning system documents the resources each business process is dependent on.
The BCP Document Library in the BCPINSIGHT™ business continuity and Disaster recovery planning system cross references all of your existing documentation to be easily retrieved and indexed to each scenario, event, disruption or test that you run. See instantly what inventory you have, who works at a location, which applications are running, what plans are available to be enacted, and any other reference information you have developed to support your business processes.
A Business Continuity plan will ensure your business stays in top form and a Disaster Recovery plan will assist your team accessing all your business-critical information. We've created quick tutorials on popular subjects in Shield such as exporting reports, uploading documents or adding new sections in your own custom plan.
Keep track of action items, hot spots, contacts and emergency response teams at the easiest access point for your team.
Our software is easy to use and quick to learn, so please take advantage of one of our trials today. We work hard, but as our customers know, we try to make a critical task just a little more enjoyable by having some fun too. Simply put, we help companies protect their information and assets by creating plans which detail how to keep a business safe and how to recover quickly in the event a disaster occurs. KingsBridge's easy-to-use software creates a tailored plan to support your team in an emergency. Our online software offering has all the tools, content and flexibility you need to create a secure plan using any Web browser. Our mobile application provides you with a simple, up-to-date version of your plan and gives you access to crucial data in the palm of your hand when you need it most. Our Beam Notification applications allows you to have the ability to maintain contact with your personnel even when your own systems are down. KingsBridge's combination of consulting, training and software means that not only can we provide you with industry best practices for planning, we can also do it quickly and reliably. KingsBridge develops software, provides consulting and supports your business to create disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Both of these World Class documents have been combined into a single package to provide your organization with the complete solution to business continuity and security compliance. It defines how to supplement a disaster recovery and business continuity back-up solution with the cloud.
Disaster recovery expert Paul Kirvan cautioned that if IT fails to plan, it might as well plan to fail, and subsequently stressed the need for attentive DR test scheduling -- a topic our sister site SearchDisasterRecovery has covered extensively. Failing to align test scheduling in advance and consciously -- or unconsciously -- overlapping tests could prove unproductive and demonstrate false results. If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.
Business continuity planning takes a high-level, holistic view of a business to determine what personnel, physical resources, and operational processes are required to keep an organization running at some minimally acceptable level after a catastrophe and how to restore normal operations efficiently. Progent can provide the services of a certified IT professional who can help you create and implement a disaster recovery plan that utilizes the latest generation of technologies designed to provide a high degree of fault tolerance and recoverability at historically low prices. Disaster recovery planning should address the IT resources needed to maintain a defined level of operational capability and restore full network functionality as quickly as practical. For each scenario, you should develop a recovery strategy that addresses your local and remote workers, customers, vendors, facilities, hardware and software, communication services, support contracts, and lead-times for replacing equipment and services and restoring data. A function is critical if its loss for any significant period of time would result in damage that stakeholders regard as unacceptable. The Recovery Time Objective must ensure that the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD) for each activity is not exceeded. Progent is experienced in generating this vital documentation quickly and can work with your asset management team, if you have one, to identify available and re-allocateable resources you can use for disaster recovery. For your critical IT applications, this means determining how the minimum application and application data requirements can be restored within the target timeframe. The complexity of fault-tolerant networks requires rigorous testing to verify that a recovery plan is feasible and that assigned responsibilities are understood. Any changes in the solution design that come about during this phase should be reflected in the associated disaster recovery documents.
Staff members whose roles are identified as critical for disaster response and recovery are provided training to ensure that they understand what they are expected to do and know how to do it.

Progent can provide Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert engineers to show you how to apply the latest techniques for high availability Internet access to create an economical, completely redundant Internet network with automatic failover and other capabilities to create non-stop Internet availability.
Virtualized servers can be provisioned, updated, replicated, and recovered rapidly and simply, offering a degree of versatility for achieving high-availability impossible to match with physical servers. Windows Server 2012 R2 adds to this foundation and delivers significant enhancements that offer increased scalability, better disk storage availability for server applications, easier management, quicker automatic failover, and additional flexibility for architecting clusters. New or enhanced capabilities include cluster validation, easier configuration and installation, improved cluster management, redesigned cluster infrastructure for maximum uptime, hardened security and quorum structure, fewer failure points, greater storage and memory capacity, and enhancements for geographically dispersed clusters. Non-stop load balancing technologies for which Progent can provide consulting expertise include Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Network Load Balancing Manager, Citrix Metaframe and Presentation Server, Cisco Content Services Switch, Cisco Content Engine and ACNS, and F5 Networks BIG-IP. Fault tolerant Internet Data Centers are especially attractive to small and mid-size organizations due to of their affordability and convenience in comparison to taking a do-it-yourself strategy. Progent’s Cisco-certified CCIE engineers can design and implement ultra-reliable Inter-office connections supported by fault tolerant EIGRP network routers or non-stop OSPF deployment of Cisco routers. Progent's service offering includes all setup, support, and monitoring needed for a comprehensive offsite backup system. Progent’s disaster recovery planning consultants have in-depth backgrounds incorporating Double-Take technology into small company information systems to create an advanced level of availability and disaster recovery readiness at an affordable cost.
Progent can provide the expertise of a CRISC-certified engineer to help your company to develop and execute a business continuity plan based on industry best practices identified by CRISC and crafted to match your company's risk appetite, business objectives, and IT budget. As a Registered Partner with Cisco Systems, Progent offers the expertise of qualified engineers and specialists with expertise in designing, configuring and supporting networking environments based on Cisco Systems technology.
Too many people consider that a 'fix'; but need to document, incorporate into standard procedure. In order to obtain proper documentation, key players must be involved in the DR test and must treat it like a real disaster. It describes the IT framework and procedures to be activated in the event of a disaster occurring. A software-driven plan means threats can be automatically identified and updated, and your plan is never out of date.
Our training sessions show you how to create a thorough plan and manage it without workplace interruption. With offices around the United States and Canada, KingsBridge customers include insurance, communication, transportation and banking institutions across North America and the Carribean.
They come with electronic forms that are easily modifiable to meet your specific unique requirements. Business continuity planning takes into account information technology issues, which are vital to any business, but also addresses areas beyond computing.
The plan should anticipate a broad variety of disaster scenarios such as fires, storms, earthquakes, chemical accidents, flooding, pandemics, loss of key personnel, equipment or system failure, human error, and cyber crime.
Your recovery strategies should include specific action plans, escalation procedures, and data retention and restoration policies. You can't realistically decide that all network functions are critical because you have to consider the probable cost of establishing and maintaining rapid business or technical recovery solutions. Progent's skills as system integrators come into play in this phase and help minimize the time and cost required to roll out a viable solution.
Recovery exercises will show whether backed-up data can be usefully restored, alternative connectivity technology provides adequate performance under realistic loads, fault-tolerant technologies perform failover processes as planned, and IT staff knows what is expected. Progent's experience with disaster recovery solution design and implementation help keep test failures at a minimum and speed up remediation, saving clients time and money. Progent can help your company to plan and deploy a virtualized solution powered by Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, which offers advanced business continuity capabilities such as transparent system backup and live migration. Attempting to build an in-house data center that offers even a basic degree of fault tolerance is too costly for most small businesses.
Progent can demonstrate how redundant connectivity and automatic fail-over offers affordable 24x7 interoffice networking. The depth and breadth of Progent's technical experience and Progent's sensitivity to the requirements of small businesses make Progent the ideal resource for building and maintaining a cost-effective, fault-tolerant network. You also have to take into account that some functions may be dictated by law or contractual obligations. Testing exercises will help you identify weak points in your recovery plan so you can make adjustments before disaster strikes.
Windows Hyper-V can eliminate much of the time required for scheduled service, failing over to emergency backup sites, and restoring business-critical functions. Progent can show you how to reap all the benefits of 24x7 colo sites by offering a complete array of consulting and maintenance services. Progent can help you make informed prioritization decisions by assessing the cost and timing issues associated with various recovery strategies. Progent's expertise with Microsoft and Cisco technology, business application programming and support skills, experience providing Internet data center consulting and network management services, and extensive background helping small business recover from catastrophic network failures ensure that the solutions Progent proposes take full advantage of advanced technology to keep costs down while maximizing the chances of success. Progent's experience with system design and support ensure that the Testing and Verification phase of a disaster recover plan is thorough and meaningful without being unnecessarily protracted and costly. For additional details, visit Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Virtual Server Consulting Services. Do you have an emergency notification system in place to alert workers and other stakeholders? Progent can provide the services of experienced consultants who can help you follow best practices to create and document a high-level business continuity plan that deals with these critical questions and provides a cohesive game plan to follow in case of a disaster.

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