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Business Continuity PlanningBusiness Continuity PlanningBusiness Continuity Planning, BCP a term that covers both disaster recovery planning (DRP) and business resumption planning.
It would seem a day does not go by where we don’t hear about the increased need for businesses to develop strong business continuity strategies and actively look to demonstrate disaster recovery plans.
We have seen so many articles and sales literature providing a huge shopping list of considerations which if you implemented would likely run into ?100,000’s just to be “secure”. It is all well and good to highlight where you can be attacked and what could happen but you need to balance that with your budget.
Start With the Worst. Begin the planning with the worst-case situation your organisation can imagine.
If you start at the worst case and work through plans for a devastating situation you will pull together much of the information, and prepare many of the strategies, that will then be put to use in planning for lower-impact issues. The creation of your worst-case plan may result in a list of contacts being formed, information on alternate supply chains being gathered, evacuation plans implemented, and other information. RECOVERY ANALYSIS CONDUCT A BUSINESS IMPACT ANALYSIS A management level analysis that identifies the impacts of losing the entity’s resources. RECOVERY ANALYSIS UNDERSTANDING Business Impact Analysis(BIA cont.) ? Identifies Function’s Interfaces and Interdependencies • Identifies automated or manual transactions from other applications or systems • Internal departmental – external companies (input-output) ? Identifies if written manual procedures exist • Are they tested? Business Continuity Methods Information Media Recovery ? Microfiche • “SHOULD” be backed up and stored OFF-SITE ? Paper Records • Use fire proof filing or fire resistant filing cabinets • Use an imaging system ? Critical stand alone pc’s are they backed up? Business Continuity Testing Plan Exercising – The Plan is Alive Before any recovery plan can be considered complete, it must be validated. Business Continuity Planning Guidelines National Incident Management System (NIMS) ? System recommended by Local, State, Federal Government Officials for managing many types of disasters. Business Continuity Planning Guidelines WHEN PRIVATE PLANS GO PUBLIC ?Many Col ege,Universities and Government agencies have parts of their disaster plans available for ANYONE to see via the internet. Discussion – Thank You Thank YOU for attending this presentation Continuity Solutions, Inc. Organizations must make disaster planning a top priority if they are to prevent data loss and maintain business continuity in times of crisis. Business Impact Analysis (BIA) a€“ A BIA allows you to develop an understanding of how tolerant a business process is in respect to business disruption, the effect of supply to the process, and the ability of resources to deliver on its commitment to support the process during a loss of service.
Technology Strategy a€“ Designing an appropriate network with just right balance of technology, manual human intervention and budget is key to success during this phase.
Documentation a€“ Having documentation that contains not only a business resumption plan at an enterprise level, but one that also contains individual departmental recovery procedures will cut your losses dramatically. Testing a€“ Testing your plan regularly and making adjustments to the documentation and procedures after every test and system change or update are critical to successful execution of your plan during that time of crisis.

Today with so many cyber threats to your business it is critical at all times, your organization can continue to function during a crisis. Our highly-experienced and knowledgeable analysts offer a wide range of business-related experience enabling us to provide your organization with a clear assessment of your risk and insightful recommendations that will help you realize the many benefits of "Business Continuity Management" including process review and redesign, incident response planning and risk management.
Indglobal is a Leading Awarded Software Development Giant headquartered in Bangalore and having its branch at Jaipur. BCP is the preparation and testing of measures that protect business operations and also provide the means for the recovery of technologies in the event of any loss, failure of facilities or damage. This means phone line faults, network hacking, crisis plans, supply stockpiles, communication chains, disaster training, data backups and more must all be a part of your business continuity planning. This could be a permanent disaster which affects your business, supply chain or customer base. When you go to put together a continuity plan to cope with a smaller issue, say, a local power outage, you’ll have all of the essential information already at your fingertips and the plan can come together quickly. This sort of planning is fluid, not a do one and forget about exercise as threats are appearing every day. Put in the time and effort, though, and watch your organisation conquer difficult situations like a well-oiled crisis-fighting machine.
If you interesting in "Business Continuity Planning" powerpoint themes, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template.
Any Situation That Impedes On Day-to-Day Operations ? Natural Disaster • Tornadoes, severe winter storms, earthquakes, fires, dam failure, (floods and water leaks are statistically the number one threat), etc.
Business Continuity Program: An ongoing process supported by senior management and funded to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to identify the impact of potential losses, maintain viable recovery strategies and recovery plans, and ensure continuity of services through personnel training, plan testing, and maintenance. The analysis measures the effect of resource loss and escalating losses over time in order to provide the entity with reliable data upon which to base decisions concerning hazard mitigation, recovery strategies, and continuity planning. Are associates trained to use them?• Is extra staff required for later data input or job function?
Plan testing is a “practice recovery;” it al ows you to validate the strategies, procedures and recovery team structures documented in your recovery plan. This term is traditionally used by the Government and its supporting agencies to describe activities otherwise known as Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Business Resumption, or Contingency Planning. Unfortunately, day-to-day operations too often usurp the time that IT professionals might otherwise devote to critical disaster planning efforts. Business Continuity Planning helps your organization anticipate incidents that may affect mission critical business functions, and ensures that you can respond in a planned and controlled manner that allows minimal loss of business and productivity. Work backwards from there and you’ll start to fill in many of the dangers that can harm your corporation.

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Business Continuity Planning (BCP): Process of developing advance arrangements and procedures that enable an organization to respond to an event in such a manner that critical business functions continue with planned levels of interruption or essential change.
RTO’s are often used as the basis for the development of recovery strategies, and as a determinant as to whether or not to implement the recovery strategies during a disaster situation. Plan testing normal y consists of a mock disaster scenario or moving your critical applications to an alternate facility. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY ANNOUNCES EIGHT PERCENT INCREASE IN FISCAL YEAR 2008 BUDGET REQUEST – State Colleges should apply for grants to accomplish Business Continuity Planning for Equipment and Plans.
Continuity of Government (COG)COG ensures the command and control of response and recovery operations as well as continuance of basic governmental functions. If your organization does not have an existing Business Continuity Policy or an outdated plan, InfoSighta€™s Certified Business Continuity Planners (CBCP) can aid in the development of one. Even your vendors and service e providers need to demonstrate resiliency with respect to cyber threats as mandated in the recently released FFIEC Appendix J.
You’ll also be able to start challenging the worst-case situation and begin to get more inventive with potential impacts – and develop the plan accordingly. CLASSIFY Priorities ? Priority One, Two, Three, Four, Five ? Many organization use terms like Continuous Availability High Availability, Highly recoverable, Less Critical to classify priorities business and computing priorities.? Consider classifying new systems and operations as they evolve, turn BIA into part of the organization’s lifecycle.
Are nightly backups tested?, Offsite storage, NAS (network attached storage, SAN (storage area networks) ? Off-Site storage facility should be used for paper documents, CDs, Tapes, etc.
We recommend that your recovery teams participate fully in the plan rehearsal, to validate team structures and responsibilities.
Key governance functions include legislative activities and the capability for elected officials to convene and operate in a safe location in accordance with local requirements. IT Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP): Process of developing advance arrangements and procedures that enable an IT department respond to an event in such a manner that critical business functions continue with planned levels of interruption or essential change. Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – The maximum amount of data loss an organization can sustain during an event.

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