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When a heavy snowfall hits, it can often be too late to run out and get supplies for your pet. Did you know on the Official Ontario SPCA Facebook Page there’s a new Emergency Preparedness app?
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Emergency Preparedness contests over the past two weeks!
About usThrough its province-wide network of 50 plus Communities, the Ontario SPCA is one of the largest, most responsive animal welfare organizations in the country, providing care and shelter for tens of thousands of animals every year. Even though summer is winding down, wildfire and major storms can still strike without a notice in Colorado’s high country, prompting Hill’s Pet Nutrition to remind pet owners of how they can prepare themselves and their pets in case of an emergency. Ensure your pet can be identified by either a microchip or collar ID tag and that contact information is up-to-date.
Prepare a “Pet Emergency Go Kit” of pet supplies that is readily accessible in an emergency.
Display a pet rescue decal on your front door or window to let first responders know there is a pet in the house. If you need to evacuate, consider taking a pet carrier or crate for transport and safe-keeping.
When disaster does strike, the Hill’s Disaster Relief Network is positioned to quickly respond with shipments of pet food to communities impacted by disaster. Since 2002, the Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love™ program has donated more than $275 million worth of Hill’s Science Diet® brand foods to over 1,000 shelters nationwide and helped more than 7 million pets find new homes. A consumer resource page on disaster preparedness and safety is at the Hill’s website, along with more information on the Disaster Relief Network.
If you are in a natural disaster or emergency & you need to leave your home quickly, you will need a pet survival kit for your 4 legged friends.

This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry.
For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. If you would to print out a paper copy of the 8 week series, you can purchase my “Emergency Preparedness” E-Book below. Pets are entirely dependent on you, every bit as much as children are; one simply cannot assume that they will fend for themselves. Can I purchase a copy of the “EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS” forms for the binder for Microsoft Word so I can fill it out on the computer and then print them out? On the app, you can watch our video on how to put together your very own pet emergency survival kit, take our quick survey, sign-up for Ontario SPCA news, view the #EmergencyPreparedness Twitter feed and more! We hope you learned a lot of valuable information about how to prepare your pets for an emergency. Did you know that Ontario law requires all cats and dogs over the age of three months to be vaccinated against rabies? As a non-profit charitable organization, the Ontario SPCA is unique amongst animal welfare organizations in Ontario: the Ontario SPCA Act mandates the Society to enforce animal cruelty laws and provides Ontario SPCA Community investigators with police powers to do so.
Hill’s established the first-of-its-kind national network in 2013 as an extension of its Food, Shelter & Love™ program that provides discounted Science Diet® pet food to more than 800 shelters. Subscribe to our FREE informational newsletter providing you with with ideas and tips for using your food storage and how to be prepared for disasters.
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A small hygiene kit such as that outlined above will go a long way to easing tensions and making life seem at least somewhat normal after an emergency. Severe winter weather can bring road closures, power outages, water shortages, or leave you snowed in for a few days. Scout hotels and motels with pet-friendly policies and ask relatives or friends if they could house you and your pet. In its first year, the Hill’s network has delivered free pet food to 50 shelters and veterinary clinics across the country in response to 11 major incidents – including floods in Colorado, fires in Idaho and Arizona, tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas, the fertilizer plant explosion in Waco, Texas, and most recently, the mudslide in Washington and tornadoes in the central and south regions of the country.
Through the Disaster Relief Network, Hill’s has increased the reach of its assistance to pets, pet owners and communities during natural disasters and emergencies.
If you are in a natural disaster or emergency & you need to leave your home quickly, you will need a hygiene kit that will serve your needs for at least 72 hours. It would be horrible if they bit someone under stress and were then not allowed to come with you to stay at a hotel, emergency shelter, etc. She needs a cage and a blanket that you can put her in and know she is safe when you are moving.
But you also need to bring a secure harness and leash you can put her in when you want her to stretch her legs. Thank you to everyone who sent us pictures of your beautiful and delicious baking, and for all those who supported National Cupcake Day™ for SPCA's and Humane Societies.

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