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We provide only the best in professional pet health care, treatments and products, all of which are individually prescribed to suit your pets’ specific breed and needs.
Thought of the DayThe only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. With Peace At Home Pet Care, we can provide medications or specialized care, should your pet require. Peace At Home Pet Care quality standards of excellence reflect the values of veterinarians and animal health professionals.
The caring Pet Loss Care team will guide you through the process of honouring the life shared with your precious companion. Doves - Pigeons ArticlesDoves - Pigeon CareDove and Pigeon Care has bird information for pet pigeons and types of doves. Enter your Freshwater Aquarium Enter parameters for your Freshwater Aquarium to get compatibility information while browsing.Fish FinderSearch our database for compatible pets! Pets can become hypersensitive (allergic) to feeds with too much waste product or additives? All food and food preparation techniques lend certain energies to the food which can lead to hot spots and other illnesses?
Nutritional issues are the number one cause of medical problems in captive birds and reptiles? When we examine your pet, we will evaluate their nutritional status and make specific recommendations regarding proper nutrition for your pet.
When we start your pet on a nutrition program, Doc Truli continues to counsel you on a continuing basis. Look at your pet from the side.  Is there a tummy tuck under the belly?  Or does the belly continue straight across from the chest to the knees? Look at your pet from the top.  Does the waistline, just in front of the hips and the hind legs go in?  Or does it go straight from the ribs to the hips?  Or do the sides bulge out? Our experienced vets will assist you at every step, from Diagnosis to Treatment & from Rehabilitation to Wellness. Bird guide with everything you need to know to take care of your pet bird from bird supplies and food, to exercise, safety and bird health care.Bird Information All About Birds, bird information and bird identification with a list of bird types from pet birds and exotic birds to birds of prey and moreChoosing A Pet Bird What is the right bird for me? We have a variety of prescription diets for each life stage and medical condition that we may be faced with.
Truli Holistic invites you to participate in a private, direct communication system so the doctor knows exactly where you and your pet are in your diet progress.
For more than 70 years Hill's has pledged to enrich and lengthen the special relationships people have with their pets.

Our goal is to deliver effective and best results that will make a real difference in your pets life.
We find this communication prevents mistakes and redundancies in your diet plan and prevents you from quitting just a few days short of success! That way 1 is super skinny-sickly, 2 is a little thin, 3 is just right, 4 is fat, 5 is obese.
If you have any kind of spider kindly contact us , we challengue you nobody will offer much good rate then us . Vriends, a world reknown expert in tropical orthinology and aviculture, gives us some very insightful information about pigeon breeds and types of doves.
These birds have been used for thousands of years for food, sport, and as message carriers.
Will not ship.MelissaI am looking for a reputable breeder in the state of FloridaKatherine Due to failing health I'm looking for a home for my mixture of Ring Neck, white, white wing aviary birds. These birds were selectively bred to intensify these as well as other traits and there were many local strains.
They are often simply recognized as one or the other by the common names given to them over the years. In general the term 'pigeon' is usually applied to the larger species and 'dove' to the smaller species. There is a variety of colors and color patterns, ranging from whites to blue grays and any shade in between, and a variety of uniquely feathered types.
Pigeon and Dove Shape: Doves and pigeons generally fall into one of two body types, those with a long slender body and those that are short and plump. The larger birds are especially characterized by deep-chested bodies and are fairly muscular.
A wide variety of pet doves, as well as pet pigeons and and show pigeons, can be found in the pet industry and through breeders.
The fruit eaters are in the subfamily Treroninae, but are not often seen in captivity probably because feeding them is much more difficult. Greens can include such things as lettuce, endive, chickweed, clover, watercress, and spinach. This is probably because of the addition of molasses, but because of this problem they are not widely used today.
Vitamins: Vitamins can be added to the water or sprinkled on food in a dry form about once a week. Some like to bathe while others prefer a shower, and then there are some who like a dust bath.

A shower can be accomplished with either a hand held sprayer or a hose with a fine spray head and lukewarm water.
During this time the molt starts with the wing feathers first, the body molts throughout the period, and the tail feathers molt last. Unlike the larger birds, many of the small doves have very poor homing instincts and will not do well if released outside.
Because many of these birds spend a good deal of time on the ground, a wire bottom cage should have part of it covered with paper or even grassy sod.
This is not necessary unless the cage will be in an area where the lights will be turned on and off at night.
Orienting the aviary to the south or southwest helps as these birds need good daylight and will avoid dark areas. If they are new to the dovecot, you can put a mesh cover around it until they become familiar with their accommodations.
It is recommended that you feed them sparingly in the morning, providing the bulk of their feed in the evening to encourage them to return. Putting small doves, like the domestic White Dove and Ringneck Dove, in a free flight situation could mean the loss of your pet. The landing board can be about 8" (20 cm) wide and can also serve as a place to put heavy crocks for food and water. This is the ideal pet as it will become quite tame and devoted while wild doves and pigeons generally remain cautious and on their guard. However they will generally take another mate if something happens to permanently remove the chosen mate. Many doves and pigeons are not easily sexed though there are a few species that are dimorphic, having distinctive markings differentiating the male from the female. If the sex is not visually obvious, it can be be determined by either a surgical probe, endoscopy, which can be done by many veterinarians or by a DNA testing, usually a blood sample or a few plucked feathers sent to be diagnosed in a lab.
Many are very cold hardy but they do not handle being in an environment that is wet, cool, and drafty. An ailing dove or pigeon should be taken to a avian veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

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