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Includes brochure to help customize individual emergency preparedness needs and tear-resistant, nylon backpack for grab-and-go access, plus extra room for personal items. Deluxe Germ Guard Personal Protection Pack With Procedural Masks This 30-piece pack contains twice the supplies of the RC-652. This 8-piece pack contains essential supplies to treat and protect eye injuries until help arrives. This 15-piece pack contains basic supplies for treating and protecting a burn injury, including a trauma pad that can be used to hold ice as well as provide compression. Be ready for all potential emergencies at home, in the car, outdoors or on the water with our Emergency First Aid Kits. To come up with our questions, I asked adults in our area (on Facebook) to suggest things that youth should know before they move out on their own. This was used for a 5th Sunday 3rd hour lesson, but you could also use this for mutual, etc.

BE CLEAN BE FRUGAL BE EDUCATED BE HANDY BE RESPONSIBLE BE HEALTHY WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO CLEAN YOUR BATHROOM, EVEN IF YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO USES IT? Feed Items combined mutual activity, knowledge, LDS games, LDS Young Women, life skills, missionary, preparing for missionary service. I taped pieces of paper with the 6 categories on the wall and then taped 24 pieces of paper on the wall under those categories (labeled 1-4).
You can also look for signs like changes in smell or texture, and keep an eye on expiration dates”.
We felt like lecturing them about getting a 1 year supply of food (which is important) would just go in one ear and out the other. To save time, I didn’t write the question on the actual paper on the wall, I just read the question on my sheet that corresponded with the question I picked.
Also, whichever team got the answer right also got a point, so there was an overall winning team (who got the remaining candy at the end).

We did talk briefly about storing food, but our goal was to get the youth participating and thinking about things that are important to them right now- becoming responsible, independent, and gaining skills they will need as they get closer to moving away from home.
If you aren’t sure about a specific answer, you could always replace it with another question.

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