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Desde hace ya tiempo se habla sobre la seguridad que tienen las centrales nucleares, pero a causa de la crisis nuclear que hay en Japon a raiz del terremoto y posterior tsunami el tema esta mucho mas candente. Para explicar que sucede en la fusion es necesario conocer como funciona la energia nuclear, pero antes de comenzar quiero indicar que no soy fisico e intentare explicarlo de acuerdo a todo lo que he leido en los ultimos dias.
El proceso de la energia nuclear se basa en una colision entre varios elementos dentro del nucleo de la central. De lo que ha sucedido en la central de Fukushima la mayoria estamos al corriente, pero basicamente, con el terremoto los reactores se pararon de forma automatica y a continuacion fallaron los dos sistemas para enfriarlo, primero el electrico y posteriormente los motores Diesel, que fueron afectados por el tsunami. En la memoria de todos esta lo ocurrido en Chernobyl y el gran temor es si en Japon se puede producir una tragedia de este tipo.
En este episodio se describen la industria de las golosinas y su relacion con el mundo de los servicios y el entretenimiento.
Welcome to the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECFMU), a unique “Modern Ukraine” organisation operating in Brussels and internationally as an advocate for enhancing EU-Ukraine relations.
We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details). Since moving into the French Quarter a week prior, my short and fitful spurts of sleep had been punctuated with restless dreams of my truck being towed. I was certain of where I had parked but suspected police would question my memory, so I decided to canvas nearby streets on my bike. Before moving into the French Quarter I had dropped my bike off to have lights installed yet, per my current string of luck, the light attached to the handlebars had slipped from its mount on my very next ride and then quit working; thus, I was left to take my chances darting about sans illumination. Up Canal I went, though, and darting under the dark overpass hardly felt like the best idea but I arrived safely and, after being yelled at for entering the wrong gate, sure enough spotted my truck behind the towering chain link fence. Let’s just say that my critique of parasitic bureaucrats and city government preying on unsuspecting citizens was biting enough to make him flinch demonstratively. I spent Monday morning working on my shortened Robin Barnes article for Offbeat and then went to an interview to volunteer for WWOZ. I forgot to check Google Maps, though, and what a challenge it is navigating without a smart phone—how did Lewis & Clark ever manage?! And perhaps my little foray in the sun was what I needed to turn my luck, for when I returned, good news was finally waiting. When the editor at Offbeat had cut down my feature on Robin Barnes, I’d asked if we could push it back a month to preserve its length. When I returned from my bike ride, though, the editor had emailed to ask if I could expand the article back to feature length. A nuclear power plant uses fission to heat water into steam that, in turn, drives turbines that generate electricity. To become a nuclear engineer, someone must generally receive a bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering and then pursue graduate level coursework. In many cases, a nuclear engineer works for a government, developing defense systems, helping to handle nuclear waste and studying radioactivity.
Among other things, a nuclear engineer may work with nuclear fission, such as that which powers reactors, nuclear fusion in experimental engineering, radioactive materials, weapons, and nuclear fuel. Very little of the research done by nuclear engineers is to find advancements and breakthroughs in nuclear technologies. El riesgo que hay en el pais nipon es evidente, con peligros que van desde emision de radiaciones hasta la fusion del nucleo. Cuando alli el uranio, torio y plutonio reciben un neutron se produce un impacto entre ambos, algo que libera energia creando dos neutrones, que a continuacion impactaran con dos nucleos atomicos que se volveran a multiplicar y asi sucesivamente.
A partir de ahi el reactor se comienza a recalentar y la presion aumenta, por lo que se libera algo de vapor radiactivo al edificio de contencion hermetico.

Por el momento parece que no sera asi y aunque se produzca la fusion del nucleo las consecuencias no tienen por que ser las mismas, ya que la estructura de la central de Fukushima es mas segura que la de Chernobyl. La historia del consumo, como la organizacion de esta actividad industrial, y la interdependencia otras acividades economicas relacionadas.
I was sure I’d sooner or later forget about Tuesday and Thursdays street cleaning, earning a hefty towing bill.
I raced home, sweating profusely and frantically muttering to myself, and quickly Googled the nearest police station (the other end of Royal) before taking off on two wheels.
My truck was nowhere to be found, so I raced to the police station, talking frantically as I rushed up to the officer on duty.
I couldn’t remember my license plate number, though, so they said I’d have to come and look in person.
Somehow I found my way to City Park—a hard target to miss—and though I’m not familiar with the area near the lake, I followed the park to Lakeview Drive and followed the Pontchartrain for a bit before heading back. He said it was a possibility only if she were playing Satchmo Summerfest in August, but when I inquired her publicist said she’d applied but hadn’t been accepted.
Apparently the scheduler for Satchmo Summerfest had been in his office to talk about media coverage and when he found out Offbeat was running a story on Barnes, the scheduler immediately declared he was adding her. I made it to Jacksonville on Wednesday in under eight and a half hours—a personal record—stopping only once to gas up, potty, and grab a sandwich. This field is incredibly diverse, encompassing everything from building high powered weapons to developing new techniques in nuclear medicine with the goal of diagnosing disease. In some cases, someone can work as a technician on a nuclear reactor such as one found in a power plant with only a bachelor's degree, but people who are interested in working with innovative nuclear technology should plan on a master's degree at a minimum.
Others work specifically in the defense industry, or for companies which develop new medical equipment, along with utilities.
In medicine, these engineers study the effect of radiation on the human body, and develop radiological tools for diagnosis and treatment of various conditions.
This branch of physics studies atomic activity at a range of levels, in a controlled laboratory environment where people can observe and experiment with atomic particles. Algunos de vosotros nos habeis pedido que expliquemos lo que sucede en ese momento asi que voy a intentar aclararlo en este articulo.
El vapor transcurre por una serie de turbinas que estan conectadas a un generador y ahi es donde se genera la electricidad que despues podemos usar -el proceso se repite de forma continua-.
Posteriormente se han producido explosiones que han destruido las paredes del edificio del reactor.
La fusion del nucleo se puede producir debido a diferentes causas, principalmente porque la potencia del reactor no pueda ser controlada ya que no se pueda refrigerar correctamente el reactor, ya sea por la perdida de refrigerante o por la imposibilidad de hacer funcionar el sistema. No obstante, espero que no lleguemos a comprobar si es asi o no, ya que eso significara que no se ha producido ninguna fusion del nucleo y que finalmente la situacion se ha podido controlar.
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the government of Norway signed the agreement on November 30, 2012 in Oslo.
Nuclear plants use a certain kind of uranium, Uranium-235, as fuel because its atoms are easily split apart. Because of this paranoia I had circled my truck twice Thursday night and returned Friday morning to ensure I wasn’t in violation of street signs or painted boundaries; thus, as I stood Sunday night around midnight looking at another car parked where I’d left my truck, neither option made sense—towing my legally parked vehicle or stealing my old and battered truck.
He motioned for me to slow and asked for the make and model of my truck, furrowing his brow at my response. The cop gave me directions to take my bike up Canal to Claiborne, turning under the interstate overpass that runs north of Treme. Hell, there was already another car parked there (and has been every time I’ve passed since).

Much like after my post-Mardi Gras illness and run of bad luck, I was feeling beat up and ready to flee back to Florida to recoup. Monday afternoon I’d sent in my shortened piece with a tactful but direct inquiry asking if my recent omissions, reductions, and rejections were merely me ‘paying my dues’ or if it meant I was wasting my time.
By the next afternoon, I was clearing my sinuses in the salt air and recharging my Caribbean Soul in the sand, sun, and sea. Working conditions someone in this position typically include long hours in a laboratory environment and working on teams to solve complex problems. In nations that use nuclear power, nuclear engineers help to keep that power safe, clean, and effective for the nation's citizens. A nuclear engineer also address issues like handling radioactive materials safely, and disposing of spent fuel and other radioactive products. Many nuclear physicists work for educational institutions, pursuing post-graduate work and working with up and comers in the field. I am very interested in particle physics and nuclear engineering, but I just want to ask you whether a particle physicist or a nuclear engineer makes a lot of money? Lo que se busca en las centrales es hacer este proceso de forma controlada, por lo que se aplican diferentes procedimientos, usando un material para diluir el material fusionable y disminuir la velocidad de los neutrones, utilizando un material que comunmente se llama moderador.
Una explicacion de esto algo mas extendida la podeis leer de mano de Arturo Quirantes, profesor de Fisica de la Universidad de Granada.
Los operarios consiguieron hacer funcionar las bombas de refrigeracion, en las que usan agua de mar para refrigerar el reactor junto con acido borico, que retrasa el proceso de la reaccion nuclear. When I protested, the disinterested man behind the Plexiglas told me I was endangering pedestrian lives (as if he cared) and then smugly suggested I learn the parking laws. I had been planning to return for a week in mid-June, anyhow, to visit and pick up some furniture but as I laid in bed unable to sleep (piling anger on top of allergies) I decided to leave as soon as I could tie up loose ends.
I assured him I was willing to patiently wait and work if the former were true, but would prefer his honesty if it was in fact the latter.
The festival suddenly wanted Barnes because the magazine did, and the magazine suddenly wanted her because the festival did. Pay scales in this field vary widely, depending on what type of work a nuclear engineer does and what sort of training he or she has received.
Some also work for government-sponsored research centers, in an attempt to learn more about radiation and how it can be harnessed for useful purposes.
How can I obtain more information on what studies have been conducted and statistics on training rates? Con estos dos procesos se puede controlar lo que ocurre en el proceso, pero para que la central nuclear sea efectiva es necesario sacar la energia, para lo que se usa un liquido refrigerante, que tambien servira para enfriar el reactor. Cuando se sobrepasa la barrera de temperatura anteriormente mencionada tiene lugar la fusion del nucleo, que se produce cuando el material usado, normalmente uranio, pasa de estar en estado solido a liquido.
Fission splits the atom into two or more smaller elements and also releases energy and neutrons. He’d responded that morning to say he really liked the article and encouraged me to be patient and keep trying. As a general rule, most people enter this field out of genuine interest, rather than a desire to make money. Con esto se produciria la destruccion del reactor y lo mas grave, un posible colapso de la estructura del edificio -que es lo que sucedio en Chernobyl debido a algo mucho mas serio, una explosion del reactor- y la posible filtracion del material radiactivo al subsuelo (lo que nunca ha ocurrido todavia).

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