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The Iran nuclear deal reached in July will have catastrophic consequences for the world, Republican candidate Donald Tump has warned.
In an interview with NBC's Meet the Press today, the billionaire Republican candidate claimed the agreement was a “bad deal” that would give Iran too much strength. He also said secretary of state John Kerry, one of the main figures involved in the negotiations, was “incompetent”.
Under the arrangement, Iran has to curb its uranium enrichment in return for the removal of US and EU economic and financial sanctions.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump had harsh words for the proposed deal with Iran at a press event in New Hampshire Wednesday. Disclosure: we cannot take any kind of responsibility for any animation shown on any of these pages, since they are derived from various funny gif sites. It will now keep its enrichment level below the maximum level of 3.67 per cent and its centrifuges will be limited in number to 5,060. To begin with, he doesn't think Iran should be able to access any of the $150bn sanctions funds that have been unfrozen by the deal.

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