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A nuclear bomb is a massive explosive gadget which derives its caustic force from nuclear reaction of the fission or else from the combination of fusion and fission. The foremost nuclear bomb was produced in the US by a global team that includes a lot if displaced scientists from Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and United States at the time of the World War II as an element of the top-confidential Manhattan Project.
Other than using the nuclear bombs as defensive weapons, the nuclear explosives are tested and used for a lot of non-military uses also. Both the reactions discharge immense amount of energy from comparatively small quantity of matter. The first two nuclear weapons were used in opposition of the two Japanese Cities, Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The synthetic essentials like fermium and einsteinium which was created by the neutron bombardment of plutonium and uranium at the time of the thermonuclear explosions were exposed in the outcome of the foremost hydrogen bomb trial.
The contemporary thermonuclear weapon that weighs a little extra than a ton produces an explosion which is similar to explosion of over a billion kg of conventional high explosive. The opening test of this weapon was done on 16 July in the year 1945 near Alamogordo in New Mexico. The nuclear weapons have become a threat to the nation because of its disastrous effect and more and more weapons in the wrong hands.
The biggest nuclear bomb, Tsar Bomba, had around fifty megatons of the TNT and yet the very small nuclear weapons have the capacity to destroy a city completely.
These two bombings resulted in abrupt deaths of roughly 120 000 citizens from the injuries as a result of the bombings and also because of the radiation sickness.

For the reason of it being a device with great destructive power, the nuclear bomb is considered to be a weapon of mass devastation. The countries who have the nuclear weapons are the Soviet Union, United States, France, the United Kingdom, India, North Korea and Pakistan.
Though many other countries have nuclear weapons but have never admitted that publicly or it has not been verified.

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