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It’s well past time for President Obama to find a nuclear option to use against obstructionist Senate Republicans.
Russians Claim Nuclear Blast Occurred in IllinoisReports from 3rd Army Headquarters of the Russian Space Command, located in Solnechnogorsk (Moscow oblast), are reporting today that a ‘nuclear fueled’ explosion has occurred in the United States region of Illinois after the downing of an American B-52 Bomber by, presumed, other elements of the US Air Force operating in that region. These reports further state that this was the second attempt by a US B-52 Nuclear Bomber to penetrate the North American Command Air Defenses surrounding the dissident United States Scott Air Force Base, located in Illinois, from which these aircraft seeking to bomb Iranian atomic facilities are based.
On Tuesday, April 15th, American citizens to the Indiana region immediately east of Illinois reported numerous ‘booms’ and ‘flashes’ in their night skies which some attributed to fireball meteorites crashing into the atmosphere, but which the United States Air Force reported was caused by F-16 jet fighters ‘sonic booms’ and their use of ‘military flares’. These reports, however, state that this April 15th incident turned back the first abortive attempt by dissident American Forces to secret their plundered nuclear weapons out of that country for their intended use against Iran. The ‘trigger’ to these latest desperate attempts to embroil the World in Total War arose from the US Defense Secretaries ordering of a full accounting of all American Nuclear Weapons on March 28th after the discovery of that an unspecified number of them were ‘missing’.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman further report that the American War Leaders were warned this past week by the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and by Pope Benedict XVI, both of whom traveled to the United States this week, against the attempts by the US to escalate their conflicts into another World War, but which by these latest events these War Leaders appear not to have listened to. As we have previously reported, the United States believes it has no option other than Total World War as their economy continues imploding while at the same time fuel prices are rising to catastrophic levels and more food riots are being reported the World over, all of which when combined signal the collapse of the American Empire on a scale not seen in since the collapse of the former Soviet Union on June 12, 1990. It remains, without doubt, that the people living within the United States will not be allowed to know the full evidence of these events, and their imminent destruction, except by the means of dissident sources of information such as ours. China has passed controversial new anti-terrorism laws, saying they are needed to combat growing threats. It is not known if the statement was made with official sanction, or if so at what level the sanction came.
This situation has not developed overnight, but the establishment media seem to be acting as if it has. My classics teacher once made a dry comment about the Roman senate debating plans for the invasion and re-occupation of Britannica, while the Visigoths were marching to sack the city. Oh, we’re exceptional all right, but not in any positive way as far as war is concerned. It would end a lot quicker if the Chinese stopped doing business with them, literally using North Korea the same way the rest of the world uses China — as a source of very cheap labor. Anyway, I don’t think anything will happen there until the Chinese elite decide to make something happen. The big shock is when you tell them that Jaguar and Range Rover are now owned by the Indians. My favorite car story of all time is what happened when VW thought they were stealing Rolls-Royce away from BMW. So now you have Rolls-Royce cars being built by BMW (Phantom, Ghost and Wraith) and Bentley cars being built by VW in the old, old, old Vickers facility. Have you explained to her that it’s really a Hyundai, and the Kia design chief -and now president (!)- is Peter Schreyer, a German who used to work for Audi? Who cares about silly NK nukes… obviously, the biggest threat to the US Way Of Lifea„? is bearded brown people with weird beliefs and garage-built pipe bombs reaching my local KFC-slash-Starbucks! The difference is that Iran is a nation with oil wealth, air power and a healthy population. There are so many things fundamentally wrong with that statement, I don’t know where to begin. Yeah then they can outgrow our dying form of Capitalism-trumps-Democracy government and export their jobs to a cheaper, third world labor force over here. The label's first release was a vinyl compilation called "Senseless Death", which featured a plethora of US hardcore bands, including Attitude, Sacred Denial, Impulse Manslaughter, and others. It is not an overstatement, that what has been distilled down and presented here will actually save the lives of many families who study the realities of nuclear explosions, accidents and radiation and then take from it the appropriate measures readily available to protect themselves from it.
Lost or stolen radioactive sources "Based on information available to the NRC, an average of approximately 375 sources or devices of all kinds are reported lost or stolen each year in the U.S.
Many find that improbable today, but the Russians apparently don't, as reported here on July 12, 2010: "Moscow arms against nuclear attack - Nearly 5,000 new emergency bomb shelters will be built in Moscow by 2012 to save people in case of potential attacks. Many variables will determine the nature of the nuclear threat and the level of protection needed at varying distances from ground zero. For instance, for atomic bombs, whether it was a ground burst or air burst will determine whether there is significant fallout or not. Another effect is the thermal pulse or heat flash that can burn exposed people and ignite combustible materials. Also, like any real insurance, it'll be near impossible to quickly figure it all out and implement it after the fact!
Knowledge is King here while a false embrace of nuclear un-survivability myths could be downright deadly.
Half of all the energy released by nuclear explosions is in the form of blast and shock and about 35% is in the form of heat. The following four drawings show what level of blast damage (at different psi overpressure) and fire ignition from the thermal pulse might be expected for different strength nuclear explosions (both ground and air bursts) at different distances from ground zero. Obviously, the bigger the weapon yield the larger the area of overpressure damage from the blast wave. A readily portable terrorist nuclear bomb would likely be only a fraction as powerful as the examples above, but for reference, the Hiroshima nuclear bomb was only a 15KT air burst. For concerns of a future Soviet attack, the current thinking is that with the continuing trend towards more accurate MIRV'ed (multiple, independently targetable, re-entry vehicles) nuclear weapons, they are now mostly smaller than in the past, averaging on the order of 500 KT or less and for submarines only 200 KT.
Again, we are exploring here only the initial direct effects of a nuclear explosion, and specifically, the shock wave and blast effect. All buildings will suffer light damage from the shock wave at even 1 psi peak overpressure--shattered windows, doors damaged or blown off hinges and interior partitions cracked.

It, of course, depends on where you are when it comes charging through, but from a 500 KT blast, 2.2 miles away, it'll be arriving about 8 seconds after the detonation flash.
Like surviving an imminent tornado, utilizing those essential seconds after the initial flash to 'duck & cover' could be the difference between life & death for many. For the man-in-the-open example above, that's 2.2 miles from the detonation of a 500 KT air burst where the shock wave would arrive about 8 seconds after the detonation flash, this sharp body slap would produce a 10-psi overpressure over his body that might perforate his eardrums. Again, though, as in a tornado, prompt protective actions can make a great difference in ones survivability. Unfortunately, most now ridicule 'duck & cover', but for the vast majority, not right at 'ground zero' and already gone, the blast wave will be delayed in arriving after the flash, like lightening & thunder, anywhere from a fraction of a second up to 20, 30, 60 seconds, or more.
Today, without 'duck & cover' training, everyone at work, home, and your children at school, will impulsively rush to the nearest windows to see what that 'bright flash' was, just-in-time to be shredded by the glass imploding inward from that delayed blast wave. Regarding the Thermal Pulse that accompanies the thousand suns brighter flash, that represents 35% of the energy expended in a nuclear explosion, burns caused by this heat energy of the fireball can produce the most far reaching consequence of the immediate weapons effects. However, if there is fog or haze or any kind of opaque material or structure between people and the location of the fireball the effects of the thermal pulse can be greatly reduced. In most places however, besides fog, smog, haze or clouds, there are buildings, trees, hills and other objects that would also block and reduce some portion of the thermal pulse, often completely.
Another way to look at the odds (or risk) of your being in direct line of sight of an airburst fireball's random location at the time right when it goes off is to consider the following; while the airburst fireball could be at anytime and anywhere in the sky, it won't be everywhere, but only in one spot briefly when it happens, like the sun (or the moon at night) is at anytime in only one spot. IOW, if there were 10,000 poor souls, now gone, inside that 2.2 mile lethal zone, there are over 150,000 more outside, still alive, but at grave risk IF they don't know what to do right! If they die or are injuried, most all, as many as 90% or more, will have needlessly, out of ignorance of what to do from that very first second of the flash onward! Bottom Line: The majority of Americans, even in a full-scale all-out nuclear war, would survive the initial blast and thermal effects of nuclear explosions, by having been far enough away, and for those who aren't, most in the affected area could survive, too, IF they knew what to do beforehand!
The nuclear tests performed by North Korea were not entirely successful, and there is no evidence that North Korea has developed a weapon that is small enough to be used as a missile warhead. You see we have this president who stated he wouldn’t drone people citizens of the US within the US.
The only problem is that the North Korean elite (the military and their dumpy little puppet) would be perfectly willing to watch millions of their people die of starvation.
BMW held the option on the rights to the marque: Rolls-Royce and the Spirit of Ectasy that mounts on the hood of every Rolls-Royce! I taught English to a number of their diplomats at their Trade Conciliate in Bangkok for a year, and have rarely encountered a group of people so successfully brainwashed.
We in America really don’t have any moral leg to stand on in rebutting their assertion of rights to preemptively defending themselves. If we’re talking about South Korea, then where will Dell get their widescreen monitors? We should bomb the daylights out of NK so that we can have millions of newly minted cheap workers. What we've discovered, and share below, from the pioneers, engineers and todays leaders of nuclear shelter building, will both dispell the myths and show the practical steps you can take to protect your family today, right now! Nuclear war, accidents, terrorism and radioactive fallout are all much more survivable when you know exactly what you are up against and how to properly defend yourself and your family from its effects. They could be unknowingly and dangerously exposed to it, such as at a subway que, cinema, or sports stadium, etc. Moscow authorities say the measure is urgent as the shelters currently available in the city can house no more that half of its population. Also, the explosive yield of the bomb, which is typically measured in kilotons (KT) or megatons (MT) of an equivalent quantity of TNT, will determine its blast circumference damage area. But, notice that the damage range does not increase in a linear fashion with the more powerful explosions.
Of course, there are now more warheads per missile (4-10) and they are substantially more accurate than during the height of the cold war. Both the overpressure in the blast shock wave and the blast wind are important causes of casualties and damage. Additionally, though, he would experience a blast of wind of about 295 mph for about three seconds that would launch him careening into a probably fatal impact and he would also likely suffer injuries from flying missile fragments of glass and debris. For example, it requires about eight times the blast wind force to move a person who is lying down compared to a standing person. They'd never been taught that even in the open, just laying flat, reduces by eight-fold the chances of being hit by debris from that brief, 3-second, tornado strength blast. For our example above of the man-in-the-open, 2.2 miles from a 500 KT air detonation, fatal blast injuries would have served in most cases to put him out of his misery.
A thermal pulse delivers its heat and light for several seconds-for more than 11 seconds if it is from a 1-megaton surface burst and for approximately 44 seconds if from a 20-megaton surface burst." Quote from page 24 of Nuclear War Survival Skills, Updated and Expanded 1987 Edition, by Cresson H. In fact, the more densely built up an area is then the less likely the inhabitants would be exposed to suffer the full impact of the thermal pulse. Ask yourself, how often are you typically in direct view of the sun in the day or the moon at night?
Even with a large 1 MT (twice the size of our 500 KT example above) explosion and being as few as 8-10 miles away from ground zero, you would likely find that you had survived the initial thermal and blast wave. The statement has raised tensions to the point where the smallest miss-step by either side could be the spark that starts the fire. Rather too little attention has been paid to the increasingly eccentric behavior of North Korea, which has declared nuclear ambitions and has performed actual tests.
Yet here we are, with the entire nation focused on the latest GOP plot to blackmail the President and the country into accepting their latest budget-cutting extravaganza.

As far as all the other makes are concerned, you can’t blame people for not being able to keep up with all the former European brands that are now owned by the Chinese or the Indians.
They don’t even know that Range Rover was, for a few years, part of BMW Group before BMW Group threw in the towel and dumped them, after wasting more than a billion euros trying to fix their broken down manufacturing facilities.
It was an American brand for 10 years or so but then GM went broke and had to unload them, so Spyker owns them now. The only concern is that the latest looney to run the country might toss one of his nuclear whoopie cushions over the border. Japan is now expensive senior citizens, Taiwan the same, China is getting uppity, and it’s not clear if we can keep kicking Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and other cheap labor countries around.
It not only can be done, but even with very limited resources you can raise your families odds of surviving 100 fold simply by reading, learning and applying what's presented here below. In the last 20 years, the area of air-raid defense has been developed little, and the existing shelters have become outdated.
Then, following that, the radiation effects, both the initial radiation and fallout radiation are detailed. As horrific as that is, the surprising revelation here is that over 99% of the residents in the DC area will have just witnessed and survived their first nuclear explosion. As the overpressure increases, so does the blast wind--exceeding hurricane velocities above about 2 psi. Diving into a ditch, depression, basement or anywhere else normally thought of for tornado protection will improve your odds greatly. The thermal pulse, travelling at the speed of light, would have already delivered lethal burns and his clothing would have burst into fire if truly exposed in the open. Of course, though, they may still have to deal with the resultant fires created by the thermal pulse and from any blast damage. In a 24 hour day, with all the time you are typically in houses or inside at work, how often are you both outside with nothing at all shading you, but in the direct sunlight or moonlight?
With any kind of prompt protective action your odds of surviving at even half that distance are quite high. Try telling a Volvo owner that it’s now a Chinese brand and the only reason the Chinese wanted it was so Volvo would build plants in China to make them there. You see, BMW had been supplying the engines for all Rolls-Royce cars since about 1993 and then in 1998 BMW and Vickers had a deal in place that was due to be signed the next morning, but VW show up the night before and offered about $130 million more. Stupid VW actually expected BMW to continue supplying engines for Rolls-Royce cars while they figured out how to do it themselves. Lets not forget that Cheney and Bush dropped about 55 drone strikes, and Obama is well over 300 now.
Moreover, they are located mostly in the city center, which makes densely populated Moscow outskirts especially vulnerable in the event of a nuclear attack.
This is because the reach of blast and fire effects varies as the cube root of the weapon yield ratio and the cube root of 5 is 1.71. In fact, about 50% of those fully exposed to the fireball anywhere in the 2 psi or greater range would eventually die from the severity of their burns.
Also, while it arrives at the speed of light and delivers most of it's energy within the first second, the larger the bomb the longer it'll take to deliver its full compliment of thermal energy, perhaps even several seconds. Another thing to keep in mind here, too, is the example above of a 500 KT bomb was an air burst. Whatever you answered, then that's the rough odds you'd happen to be fully exposed outside in direct line of sight of the fireball wherever and whenever it randomly flashed in the sky. Also, increasing your odds, is that our military installations would be the primary targets and a multitude of thousands of purely civilian concentrations (cities & towns) would be of much less importance strategically to have wasted a nuke on in a first strike. The bickering went back and forth for months until the German chancellor called the heads of both of these German companies to Berlin for a meeting. So, instead of a five-fold increase or 500% we have only about a 70% increase in this comparison.
If it was a ground burst there would be far fewer ever directly in line-of-sight of the thermal pulse.
He literally locked them in a room and told them to work out a deal before they could leave. Hes even worse than Bush and Cheney because of the citizens, the citizens now dont stand up and protest like they did with Bush and Cheney, instead they are just letting it all happen and the only excuse they have is that hes a democrat, not a republican. This is important to keep in mind when you hear people throwing around numbers of how much greater the damage will be from a larger bomb.
Whitlock, Thermal Radiation from Nuclear Detonations in Urban Environments, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, UCRL-TR-231593, June 2007, page 11. Also, remember, with the much, much smaller expected yield and resulting blast damage area of a likely terrorist nuclear weapon, your odds of being in the wrong place at the wrong time are even more remote. The deal was that BMW would continue to supply engines for the Phantom line until such time as BMW could finish building their own state-of-the-art facility (Greenwood), at which time BMW would take over building all Rolls-Royce cars.
Its a really naive sentiment in light of what we can factually see that our own country is doing to other countries at this very moment.

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