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The National Association of Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger food drive—which is always held on the second Saturday in May—is the largest one-day food drive in America. Benefiting Feeding America—and now in its 21st year—the event provides relief to millions of Americans struggling to put food on the table. Be sure to use this shopping list to help you shop and realize coupon savings so you save money on your Stamp Out Hunger food item purchases. This entry was posted in feeding america, food banks, nonprofit fundraising, nonprofits, stamp out hunger and tagged commonkindness, feeding america, food banks, food drive, hunger in america, kindness, locate a food bank, mother's day, mother's day 2013, nonprofit fundraising, stamp out hunger, stamping out hunger, volunteerism by CommonKindness. CommonKindness is the new online grocery coupon site that operates on the principle of kindness and aims to benefit consumers, nonprofit organizations, and brands. The Government of Canada is committed to providing Northerners with healthy food choices at affordable prices. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada manages the program and provides funding to Nutrition North Canada to cover part of the cost of purchasing & transporting eligible items. While most subsidized shipments are made to retailers, social institutions (schools, daycare, etc.), restaurants, hotels and individual households are also eligible to receive subsidized shipments, provided that they place their orders with southern suppliers registered with the program. It is not the intent of the NNC program to subsidize the operations of resource companies, construction companies and government establishments in or near eligible communities. Claims for shipments to individuals acting as agents for southern suppliers or for northern businesses and establishments of the types listed above, with the intention of enabling shipments to these kinds of businesses and establishments to occur, will not be accepted under NNC. Direct shipments to, and purchases made in local stores by individuals, organizations, establishments and businesses providing day care services, school breakfast programs, healthcare and similar services to northern residents as well as by tourist operations (hotels, restaurants, outfitters, camps, etc.) will be eligible for a subsidy.

The flat shipping rates that were a feature of the Canada Poste Food Mail program will be replaced by the Nutrition North Canada "subsidy rates" on a per kilogram basis for each category of eligible items, customized to every community to account for differences in transportation and operation costs. All foods have been divided into Eligible Food and Non-Food Items (to view complete list click here). Level 1 applies to items listed under the Higher Subsidy Level in the program's Item Eligibility List.
Level 2 applies to items listed under the Lower Subsidy Level in the program's Item Eligibility List.
What are the costs associated with sending eligible items under the Nutrition North Canada program? MANDATORY - Shippers must provide the receipt from the retail store from where they obtained the groceries in order to be eligible for the Nutrition North Canada subsidy.*Air North Cargo minimal rates apply. Suggestions for non-perishable food - RoadTrip America.We refer to this list on our website when people inquire about where to bring. The objective of the new program is to make nutritious, perishable foods accessible to Canadians living in isolated northern communities. Communities that are isolated only for short periods of time during freeze-up and break-up are not eligible (eg: Inuvik). Residents and retailers of Old Crow, can receive food items shipped via Air North Cargo using the Northern Nutrition Canada subsidy program.

In addition, these kinds of businesses and establishments are not eligible to become NNC program recipients.
Subsidy rates will be re-evaluated periodically by Nutrition North Canada to maintain food prices as equitable as possible across eligible communities and to ensure the program operates within its budget. Does anyone have suggestions for non-perishable food items to take on an 18 day road trip in August? All eligible parcels must be picked up at the Air North Cargo counter located in the Old Crow Airport. Employees and owners of such businesses in or near eligible communities will benefit from the NNC subsidy, as individuals, by purchasing eligible food in local stores or by placing "personal orders" with southern suppliers registered with NNC.
Take a look at this list to see what kind of food our beneficiaries need most, or if you'd prefer to.

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