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We are kicking off the fall season with a sensational September edition of SGNScoops Magazine! The guests on the current edition of Gospel Music Today are John Rulapaugh and Josh Garner of Freedom Trio. Celebrating 39 Years in Gospel Music, Paul Belcher Promotions presents a fantastic night of Gospel Music. Quincy, Illinois, the home of our first recycling facility and our corporate offices, was hit by a huge storm recently. Quincy Recycle responded to the call, sending out a crew led by Quincy plant Operations Manager Tim Wheeler (pictured, with Chris Arteberry and Damon Butler) to help cut down trees, haul debris, and generally help out.

We’re very proud of our team and the hard work they put in helping our neighbors in a time of need. Again this Christmas, some Muslims who participate in the Muslim Soup Kitchen Project, will head to the Front Door at Unity House to prepare and serve Christmas dinner to the regular diners there so the Unity House staff can have the day off to spend with their families. The Feature Group is The Lannings, and Ken and Jean Grady host southern gospel news and concert updates.
The concert is scheduled for March 3, 2012 at the Memorial Auditorium 399 McCallie Ave Chattanooga, TN.
Ken and Jean visit Sara Road Baptist Church, in Yukon, OK, to hear The Melody Boys Quartet sing.

Jean reviews a new CD by 2-R-More, and the show features singing by The Torchmen and The Greesons.

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