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This book focuses on natural disasters: how the normal processes of the Earth concentrate their energies and deal heavy blows to humans and their structures. If you are an instructor, click on your book below to login, register, or request online access. This course investigates geologic aspects of natural hazards that affect people and society.
The course includes a discussion of major events in the geologic and historical record as well as future hazard potential.
This course satisfies GEN ED and, like all Introductory courses in the Geosciences, it has no prerequisites. It is concerned with how the natural world operates and, in so doing, kills and maims humans and destroys their works.

The prof did a good job of associating the lecture back to the textbook, which obviously made this textbook a very worth-while read. Purchase or rent the prior edition(pictured left) and save yourself the enormous and unnecessary expense!
We will focus on the geologic processes that causing floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and other natural hazards.
We look at the risks humans face in different regions, including local hazards, our contribution to geologic hazards, and how we can minimize and cope with future events. The collision between Earth and an asteroid a few kilometers in diameter may release as much energy as several million nuclear weapons detonating. I also learned how to prevent my house from getting destroyed in a forest fire, which is pretty important to know!

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